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  1. X Forged got a little beat down with the ugly stick. Bummer. Callaway should avoid treading in Mizuno MMC waters. Apex looks stunning.
  2. I like talent but I also like interesting. Bubba Sergio Wolfe/DeChambeau DJ could be in the mix, too.
  3. I have the Fenix 6X Pro Solar and you are correct in that it's pretty amazing. However, I don't use 90% of the features and it's a bit bulky on my small wrists. Plus, the ability to track shots and compile that data is something that the S62 has over the Fenix series which appeals to me. I think I'll end up swapping the 6X for the S62 and then compare shot tracking performance to Arccos if my Caddie Link ever shows up.
  4. It seems like the S62 alongside a reliable Rangefinder might be a good setup if you're into tracking your distances and the Strokes Gained world. Which I guess is where this runs into Arccos.
  5. It's too bad this Financial Backer actually thought he could hold a Minor to a contract/handshake that he made with said minors parents. If the guy is having a hard time recouping his 592K that's not a good look for Finau. Beyond that, it's gold digging at its finest. I say cut him a check for 1MM, thank him, and be done.
  6. It almost looks like Bryson sees something and does a double take for a second. But maybe he's just pausing because he thinks PR is going to hit???
  7. That actually could seal the deal for me. Getting to back every year and compete (even if you've fallen off a bit a la Mike Weir/Trevor Immelman) would be special but that dinner table?!?!? Unbelievably cool.
  8. Yeah. Maybe that could be why I indicated I could have worded the question a bit better.
  9. 100% - I wasn't trying to imply that we should all want to ditch our careers/lives for one of these two guys', but I certainly could have worded the the title/question a little better. It was just a comparison between a couple of 44 year old Professional golfers who have both had great careers but depending on how you measure success you could argue that one has been more successful than the other.
  10. I agree. I think Zach probably ends up in the Hall of Fame on account of the two majors. If we didn't look at majors like we do, I'd take Henrik's career. I think, lol.
  11. A couple of 44 year olds who have both had incredible careers. My guess is that this will go to Zach, but I think it should be closer than most might initially think... Victories Zach - 12 (12 PGA Tour, 1 European) Henrik - 16 (5 PGA Tour, 11 European) Major Championships Zach - 2 (The 2007 Masters, 2015 Open) Henrik - 1 (2016 Open) Team Appearances Zach - 6 Ryder Cup (10-8-2 Overall and 4-1-1 Singles) Henrik - 5 Ryder Cup (10-7-2 Overall and 3-2-0 Singles) Zach - 4 Presidents Cup (10-6-1 Overall and 2-2-0 Singles)
  12. Agreed. I remember that. My memory is of him beating then No 1 Rory McIlroy to win the WGC Match Play at Dove Mountain at a time when Rory was winning everything. The next year he made it all the way to the final again before losing to El Cheapo No Gimme. Despite his infamous botched chip in the 2010 Ryder Cup (that wouldn't have mattered as McDowell was making birdies everywhere), he had a pretty good team record. 10-7-1 (3-1 in singles) in the Presidents Cup and all things considered a decent Ryder Cup record of 4-4-4 (0-1-2 in Singles). The dude could flat golf his
  13. Really? Oakley Flak Jackets are hardly tacky or gaudy in my world. They are world class optics developed for sport and have personally saved me from countless vision induced (chrome glare) migraines on the course. Zach nearly always has his on as well. I would imagine he might also be sensitive to the light.
  14. Agreed. The UST Frequency Filtered Shafts never received any of the buzz the stability shaft and other current flavors did but I still think it's one of the best and absolutely the best in terms of value. That tip heavy section seems to create a feeling of stability.
  15. About 15 years or so, Scott Son designed and released a club for his company Versus Golf (this was after his time at Nakashima and Alpha) that had "Laser Surfacing Technology" on the face. The tech "story" was the following from Scott himself.... *LST Benefits 1. 25% less side spin at impact. 2. practically eliminates an 'ballooning' even with a soft tip shaft. 3. more roll distance after hitting the fairway. 4. ball does not 'slide' up the face of the driver. 5. the laser surface creates a softer feel at impact with the ball. *independent test conducted
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