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  1. That TZ 6 45 M4 is a unicorn. First sub 50 gram shaft that I've tried that doesn't feel like a noodle. Absolutely loving mine. GLWS.
  2. Yeah that's pretty crazy to me. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday go by and you get the money Monday? Not loving that.
  3. How quickly are you shipping after the end of the auction/sale? Just out of curiosity. I think you're right in hinting that it doesn't have to do with shipping at all. Just curious if they sat on your money for 2-3 days.
  4. Yep. I own 11 restaurants. We batch out after lunch and then at closing. So the next morning we're checking bank accounts and making sure everything lines up. 99% of the time it's seamless and seamless. All within 24 hours. Ebay and Paypal have an interesting history. Early on ebay purchased Paypal after seeing how brilliant it was. More recently they sold off Paypal but still maintained a good relationship. My guess is they just wanted to be a bank like Paypal was being. Sitting on Hundreds of Millions for "2-3 days" can yield some pretty sweet interest I'd imagine.
  5. S Tapers and Vokeys are sold. Spinners and Project X Shafts are still available.
  6. Will do and thanks. Facts Given: I like having PayPal money AND having access to it immediately. Opinion Drawn: Dude needs to manage his finances better. Summary: Thoughtless Hot Take. But you do you.
  7. Not at all. There's a lot more to be bothered over. And of course you don't need to know a person or information or facts in order to form an opinion. You're probably just wrong a lot.
  8. Lemme see if I follow that... So because I wish eBay would go back to the days of allowing PayPal to process payments and therefore make the funds available immediately as opposed to 3 business days per their policy and terms, I need to rethink how I manage my cash? Not a stretch at all considering how much you know me.
  9. My mistake. I guess you missed the point that I was trying to make. Once I get paid via Paypal I can use the money immediately but more relevant to the word 'tangible', I could actually go and take my debit card to an atm and withdraw my money so I have something 'tangible.' Can't do that with ebay sitting on it. Follow that?
  10. All shafts are standard stock length. KBS $ Taper 120 S Black PVD 4-PW pulled from set of Cobra King Forged Black. Never used. SOLD Project X 6.0 Iron Shaft Pulls 5-PW. Pulled from a set of X Forged. Grips are Lamkin utx for Callaway and have plenty of life. $109 shipped. 4 Vokey Wedge Shafts pulled from a set of SM7 wedges. Never used. All but one grip are still in the plastic. SOLD 4 Cleveland RTX Zipcore Wedge Pulls, Dynamic Gold Wedge Spinner shafts with grips still in plastic. Never used. $59 shipped.
  11. I'm not sure if anything changed from when this thread began, but I just got informed that I'm no longer allowed to sell unless I update my payment info (aka give them my bank acct info) so that they can take over the payments. This is really a pisser IMO. I really enjoyed having the Paypal money as others have mentioned. Having it immediately was great. To me, it doesn't make a lot of sense shipping an item for which, tangibly speaking, you've received nothing. Going to try and resist ebay for as long as I can. Lame.
  12. For the past 3-4 years I've been an Arm Lock or Broomstick guy and struggled with both partly because of the optics (I just don't love it) and mostly because distance control has been challenging. A month ago I went down the Edel rabbit hole and looked at my own biomechanics and decided to give the claw a try. It's been so liberating. I'm using a modified version that almost is a hybrid of the claw and pencil and have had the best success with a small round ish Superstroke 1.0. This allows me to get my trail hand pinky under the grip for more support. I don't want to completely eliminate the t
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