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  1. From one fitter to another, thanks for saying what I was thinking but not really able to convey, lol!
  2. My main point is that I actually don't think companies are just going for faster ball speeds across the face... because of what I said earlier. The further away you get from horizontal cg the more spin so I believe they're going for 'optimal' ball speeds across the face. Which is where the AI mapping Callaway is doing is probably pretty relevant The other underlying point that I'm admittedly not explaining very well is that when these companies make the claim "our fastest driver ever" or "we've increased ball speeds" they never explain more or attempt to quantify it. They wouldn't need to explain it were there not an explicit restriction being imposed by the governing bodies, but there is. So how and where exactly are they achieving higher speeds (AI and carbon wood, recycled Inverted Cone Tech, etc)? How are they measuring it and from what to what? This stuff should be important to some people who actually think they're going to see performance gains over their current driver as they drop $600. Some people (myself) won't care because I know the performance is as good as my current driver, I just want a new toy and happen to think the new Rogue looks and sounds filthy good. But it's not doing anything meaningful in terms of performance that my Mavrik isn't already doing. Hope I explained my line of thinking better.
  3. It has to be something else. You marginally improve 1 out of 4 areas at the sacrifice of the other 3??? You're increasing spin below the vertical CG (as you indicated) but you're also doing it on both sides of the horizontal CG. I get very much that bulge and roll help mitigate these to a point but if manufacturers continue to increase ball speeds on off center hits there will definitely be diminishing returns. I suppose that's why Callaway uses "AI Tech" to map the face. They probably don't want it hot all over the place - especially away from the CG's. All of this sorta explains why guys like Oostehuizen are playing drivers that are nearly 5 years old.
  4. That's what they tell you but they don't tell you how every millimeter off center (or away from the true cg) increases spin which saps distance. So if they're increasing speeds on off center, it might actually be worse for people who can't find the middle to begin with because of the increased spin generated. I remember several years ago kzg produced a driver called the Gemini. It had "twin face" technology. The theory was that the face behind face stabilized off center hits. That makes a lot more sense to me and maybe even to physics than increasing ball speeds away from the cg.
  5. LAB Putters both sold. Dropped the Epic Flash to my lowest at $149. If nobody wants in the next few days, I'll give to a High Schooler so all good. Thanks!
  6. Yes, but COR/CT has been limited for over a decade so the majority of what manufacturers work on is Marketing and a good story to tell and aesthetics. Yes, we see incremental improvements in ball speeds on off center hits and certainly the ability to fine tune launch angles and such can make a difference, but your assertion is correct. Which is why some tour players who get stuff for free, still play drivers that are several years old...but obviously have the latest headcover on for show.
  7. 1. LAB 2.1 Directed Force Red 33" and 70° lie angle. Press OG grip. $SOLD 2. LAB B.2 Blade Putter 35" and 71° Lee angle. Press II grip. $SOLD 3. Epic Flash Head Only. 9°. SOLD
  8. Thread resurrection. Just had my left knee scoped and a cyst removed 3 days ago. My symptoms were occasional buckling but mostly just fluid buildup and swelling and pain. I had been managing it with draining the fluid and cortisone shots but both my doctors told me that meniscus tears don't fix themselves so I might as well get it taken care of. Slightly frustrated that they didn't do my right knee which needs it as well, at the same time but it's snow here for the next 4-5 months anyway. Everything feels fine so far. Going on walks around the neighborhood is a breeze. The knee and the surrounding area still feels swollen and tight but I'm hoping with time and some physical therapy that will go away. I can definitely lift my knee past 90° without much problem. I like to walk when I play most of the time and my home course is extremely hilly with lots of elevation changes so I'm really hoping for the best. Similar to what a few other posts alluded to my surgeon wanted to be very conservative with what he carved out. He indicated that he wanted to leave as much meniscus as possible. I will follow up when I get my right leg or my trail leg done in the next 3 or 4 weeks or so. I'm definitely starting to understand the challenges that come with mentally trusting the surgery because when I think of a full driver and finishing on the left side I get a bit uneasy
  9. I think Wilson cares about as much as they do putting out a driver that would make it compelling for any of their staffers to use. In other words, not very much. Play our irons (wedges if you can) and carry our bag and we're happy.
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