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  1. Txxxxxx Serial "B" StampI have a "Tour Issue" Taylormade Tour Burner TP for sale. Got it from another member on this forum, in near perfect shape. It is shafted with a Graphite Design YS-6 in X-flex and is 9 degrees. It sits dead square even though it looks a little closed in the pictures. I have hit it on the range about 15 times, amazing feel, just not longer than my gamer. I am asking $225 shipped or best offer. Feel free to PM with any questions or offers.
  2. About the FCM's, I've had S300's ring in at 6.4-6.6 before, there quality control is horrible, unless you go through a batch and match them, you never know what you're getting. So the that could be the issue acquadicce is having with X-100, could just be playing softer. To add to the OP, I currently play X-100 Super Lights, I was afraid they would balloon but to be honest, best shafts I've ever had, mid-trajectory and just bore forever.
  3. On a more serious note.. I wonder if he will be using this VR Driver, which seems to have all but vanished from the USGA site as of late. I believe it said on the face there was a "TW" Media Blast. So I'm guessing something like the Callaway Chevron of the face of their drivers?
  4. This driver is a cannon, beautiful feel, and a classic look to boot. Sign me up!
  5. Looks like they kept the "Surefit". All the 909's now have a w/Surefit model, the hosel looks quite similar to the new Cobra hosels. Which isn't really a surprise. http://www.usga.org/equipment/images/conf_clubs/20080919.JPG
  6. Quite simply.. The sexiest driver I have ever seen! I'd love to hit nasty bombs with this black beauty
  7. Joshfo


    rumors, stuff that you wouldn't believe!So I've been looking at US Patent Database for a couple hours, and found some really neat stuff, so I figured this would be a really cool thread, ill post the link for the site. So go on there and have a look around for some cool golf patents from Taylormade, Acushnet, Nike, all the big names, i think as a whole WRX now has the biggest inside scopes. http://patft.uspto.gov/netahtml/PTO/search-bool.html I was typing in "Acushnet" then "Golf" and found some really cool stuff like a recent patent for non-circular dimples.
  8. Wow, ive been looking at the Patent Database for a while now and there is some crazy stuff, if you want the real "inside" scoop I suggest checking it out. This would be a really cool thread showing what the manufactures' maybe doing in the future.
  9. Just got an idea, is the black area composite. Like for moving the weight around, ie Trajectory. Or maybe its tungsten or something. Just a thought, definitly replacing my 980f.
  10. So the R5 can be modded, Ive had one for most of this year and always wondered if you could change the weights if you had the wrech and weight set. So you can? If a try should I be worried about anything?
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