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  1. Or a 16 looking for new clubs, because even though he was fit for the new clubs, they didn't work on the golf course.
  2. Might make you twice as good if you point it correctly.
  3. I changed to that same set up 3 years ago. I eliminated a 56 and 60 and swapped with a 58. It didn't take long to make the adjustment. I use the 64 for bunkers, front pins and short sided shots. I never try to hit it more than about 3/4. Harder than that doesn't necessarily go any longer, just mostly higher.
  4. They aren't trying to make the normal forged awesomeness with that iron. It's a hollow body club to compete with G425,P790 etc. type clubs. Looks fine for what it is. But, I would never put that type of club in my bag either.
  5. Ping and Mizuno are the two flattest adjustable heads. Wishon ordered 4 degrees flat can get down to 54 degrees.
  6. No. I think what they really mean is what they said. You disagree with that. Which is ok. But, I think Ian may have more data to back up his position.
  7. Someone will start a thread asking if they should use 5 or 6 wedges. And whether they should be forgiving or not.
  8. The answer to question 3 is probably yes.
  9. vmann

    Golf Inventory

    Just get a house with an extra room for your golf stuff. Problem solved.
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