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  1. i don't like the word form because for me it has strong conotations of static positions, i like motion or sequencing or movement better. that being said, i would say 80 % form 20 % strength, you got guys on the champions tour hitting 7 irons like 175 yards and what not so yeh.
  2. [quote name='JaxBeachNole' timestamp='1351536420' post='5863067'] [media=]http://youtu.be/9CZXzsMGJzM[/media] [/quote] =D TURN YOUR HIPS TURNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! =D
  3. i'm pretty sure there's no ONE thing. and i'm pretty sure if he did find the ONE thing it was the ONE thing that worked for HIM. how can you replicate the weight he was feeling in his hands? at every point in the swing? how much presure he was feeling on his feet at different points in the swings? how different his muscles were developed compared to yours? I'm thinking he tried every movement known to man, and then finally found something and then cut away everything else. The golf swing can be dissected club head ascribed postions lines drawn but in the end it's a FEELING. it
  4. because the truth isn't in the words, it's in the ballflight. zen proverb if you've tasted a strawberry and you describe it's flavor with all of the words and descriptions known to man, will the person you are talking to know what a strawberry tastes like?
  5. [quote name='SunkTheBirdie' timestamp='1360529504' post='6401049'] [quote name='mysteriousmaskedman' timestamp='1359353833' post='6312999'] Nice vid from the merch show showing the skypro in action. [url="http://goo.gl/HDCTx"]http://goo.gl/HDCTx[/url] [/quote] Thanks MMM. great video. This looks like a buy to me. [/quote] this video is FANTASTIC. looks sweet.
  6. [quote name='Golf Monkey' timestamp='1405149483' post='9685569'] Hi! Just want to be the first in another 1,000,000 plus thread. Now on to the serious business.... [/quote] lol sorry i'm sure there's a million 9 to 3 threads, but i think this is different enough, i got all my info for free from this site... just felt like sharing.
  7. hi basically slicefixer and his 9 to 3 drill fixed my swing but i had to learn to do the drill correctly. i easily hit my pitching wedge 145 yards now and if i add a little oomph it goes 155 no problem, i used to have to swing out of my socks and was happy when it went 135. i have blades no game improvment extra distance stuff basically it's kind of a shorted version of the 9 to 3. first i recommend using a lob wedge. on the takeaway you keep your club face hooded make sure you have NO wrist c0ck and you go back to the point where the the club shaft is parallel to the ground its ok if
  8. i want to say that i'm self taught, but i had to do a lot of digging thru books and video's and this website. but it's the new ball flight laws and slicefixer's thread that really got me on the right track.
  9. if you blistering up you doing something wrong dude. i used to hit 400-800 balls a day for about 3 months and in the beginning i got blisters but towards the end nothing, AND i don't wear a glove. AND i didn't have crazy callouses
  10. [quote name='Ranger Rick' timestamp='1332840808' post='4590132'] [quote name='360_CS' timestamp='1332836768' post='4590080'] I guess the only bad thing about this is no more miracle shots around trees anymore. Man I loved seeing those shots. [/quote] Depends, I reckon 15 at Augusta was pretty impressive and he was in the fairway then. Once his short irons are dialed in I think we may see some shots stuffed when others are bailing out, that will be better imo than a shot out of the rough over a tree, under a bush, between a spectators legs to the green. Or not, but still gonna be awesome s
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