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  1. JDM product. Been around for years, however this is the first time I've seen the "Tune". Looks pretty nice. https://www.prgr-golf.com/en/product/irons/16-tune-iron.html
  2. Its kind of hard to see but it looks as though one of the heads has a plug down deep in the hosel. Maybe a weight of some kind?? Should the other have same plug?? Any feedback as to what this is would be greatly appreciated. Thanks WRXrs!
  3. So I've never really played with a lot of hybrids. I've carried a 2 hybrid for years basically to use off the tee. I'm revamping my bag now by going to a 3 and 4 hybrid. I'm having some issues deciding what shafts I should try in a couple of Cobra F9 hybrids. I've played the Modus 130X soft stepped once in my irons for a couple years now and I love them. Has anyone ever used their prefered steel iron shaft in hybrids replacing irons? Not looking for distance gains just want something more forgiving and still hit distances I need. I'm really concerned with the ligh
  4. Wanting to take some MCC Plus 4's standard and get them to something between a standard and midsize thickness. Shafts have a .600 butt dia. Anyone have any suggestions for the number of layers of build up tape to achieve this? Thanks,
  5. Hey Guys! Just got some used JPX 900 Tour heads and since have heard that there maybe two different head weights on these. I believe an A and B head Does anyone have an info on how one can tell which heads I have? I don't see anything on the heads other then the serial number. Thanks, Headcase
  6. I'm also intrigued by by the ES21. I'm not as concerned with the different cosmetics, especially when it looks like you aren't going to see anything out of the ordinary at address. The tech makes sense and I'm looking forward to gaming it!
  7. Hey Gang, I've admired Mizuno equipment for a long time. I haven't gamed any Mizuno stuff since the T-Zoid days however. I want to do a little project involving some Mizuno blades in the 7-PW and shafting them up in some Mitsubishi MMT graphite shafts. Do I go for the more recent MP-20s or do I go with some older Mizunos, maybe have them refinished and regrooved if needed. In your opinion am I missing out on better clubs if I don't go with the MP-20s. Just curious to see what the forums thoughts are. Sitting here daydreaming about a all Mizuno bag for the future.
  8. Still available I would be willing to split the head and the shaft up. Open to some Mizuno iron heads in trade. Let me know what you got curious to see what might be out there Open to pretty much any driver in trade as well. Again let me see what's out there.
  9. Listing updated have had it sold a couple times but deals fell through just want to get rid of it ugh. TaylorMade M3 440 Tour Issue with Stiff Flex Tensei Orange CK series Matrix RUL70 shaft plays at 45 inches. No head cover For Sale Price $250 $200 $175 shipped. Willing to trade for a TM Spider putter with short slant or flow neck. TM Ardmore 3 or I'm also looking for some for Cobra F9 3 and 4 hybrids
  10. That was a pretty sick GIR performance by Abe this weekend. I've been thinking about the MMT shafts for weeks and now I'm really hyped. That being said I'm curious to know what length he's playing them at? While watching this weekend it looked like maybe they were a little longer than normal. Wouldn't be surprised if they were.
  11. West Lafayette, IN10M3 440 Tour 10 deg. (actual loft 11.5 deg.) set to 10.5 deg. - Matrix Ozik Rul 70 stiff tipped 1"I'm just not really comfortable with it yet. Just picked it up this season. Last couple years I played an M1 with a Fubuki J x5ct 70. I played well with it. Think I may be a counterbalance kind of guy now and need to go back to something like that.My first choice would be the Orange. As I mentioned above I think I may be a counterbalance guy. Second would be the White. I'm looking to hit a fade so anything that is to easy to turn over freaks me out a little.I'm in brah!Tha
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