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  1. I'm in the hunt for a driver shaft. I like a counter balanced driver shaft. In the past I played a Fubuki 70 J series and a Tensei CK Orange. Anyone have any feedback on the Evenflow Riptide CB? I'm a little hesitant as I have not liked the feel of the Project X Hzrdous shafts but the Evenflow are supposed to feel smoother correct?
  2. Can anyone explain the differences in the Mitsubishi Tensei series of shafts. Specifically the orange and the blue. I played a CK Orange in a TM M3 that I liked and had been thinking of getting a new one for my gamer driver. Wondering what I'm missing between the different versions. AV Raw, CK, CK Pro. Same for the Blue as I'm thinking of going to the Blue in my fairway woods. What is the low down on these shafts?!
  3. Hi All, Needs some help. Purchased an adapter for my new Callaway Epic LS head. What order do the pictured washers and rubber o-ring go into the head and shaft? Thanks in advance
  4. I've been a club building hobbyist for 25 years. I'm switching from steel shafts to MMT 125 graphite shafts in my irons this season. I've never shafted irons with graphite so when cutting new shafts I have just used my small cut off saw with a blade that works on steel shafts. If I reshaft anything with graphite its usually just a couple clubs in which I just use a small hand saw with a blade meant to cut graphite. My question is are there any club makers out there that know of a cutt off saw blade I can use on graphite shafts so I'm not having to do the entire set by hand??
  5. Picked up a used Nike Covert 3 wood at Golf Galaxy and want to pick up another shaft to test in it. Looking for an adapter. I've found some to the Covert 2.0 Tour adapters online but nothing for the original Covert. Will the Covert 2.0's work in the older Covert??
  6. Hi All, I currently play Modus3 Tour 130 in my irons. X flex soft stepped once. I'm thinking about switching over to the MMTs. How might the 125 TX play similar if I soft step them as well? I know I should go get fit but I really like to monkey around with this kinda stuff and just give it a try.
  7. Awh Crap! Well there ya go. As soon as I saw that it reminds you of Modus 130x iron shafts. Now I got to try a Red in my TSI3. I soft stepped my Modus 130x iron shafts once. Wonder what flex and tipping or no tipping I should try in the Ventus Red?? The red initially does scare me as I tend to launch it pretty high and struggle with ballooning with the driver but from what I'm reading I shouldn't be as freaked out about it.
  8. I'm a little behind on the Ventus hype so I was not really aware that the stock Ventus in a TM driver is basically a different shaft. That has to be why I felt what I did. Thanks for the heads up. I feel the whole shaft tipping thing has started to really change over the last couple years. I remember when it was thought that tipping a shaft was pretty risky and that even an inch was gonna make the shaft play like rebar. In college I once took a proforce 75 stiff (aging myself with that reference) and tipped the hell out of it. Maxed out the parallel tip section and put it in
  9. Yep, that is me. College golf coach gave me that nickname. Seemed like I came to practice with something different in the bag everyday. I am a Headcase!
  10. UGH! I'm a mess on the driver shaft front now. Have a TSI3 head sitting on my work bench right now. Trying to decide on a shaft for it. Tipped Ventus Red 6X just really sounds interesting. I'm nervous however as the only Ventus I've hit was a stiff blue in a Sim head. It felt a little all over the place to me. Granted I generally play an X flex because I feel that I get better dispersion with them. Its probably just in my head but I just feel more comfortable that way. Man! I really want to try the Ventus Red 6X tipped now!!!
  11. Iron shafts are used for 6 rounds. Great shape. They are X flex soft stepped once. 5 iron shaft length 37 1/4". Like new condition. $175 $150 shipped Tensei Orange CK series used for a season. Stiff flex. Grip is a CP2 Midsize but I can supply one of the grips pictured at no cost. Either send the grip with the shaft or I can install it if needed. $75 $50 shipped
  12. I need something to work on. I got this Dunlop Seve SB1 putter for some pocket change at a yard sale a few years ago. I had never seen one and I thought it was cool being a Seve model. I pulled the old rusty shaft a long time ago and put the head away for a time like this. Its cold and I'm bored. What should I do to it? I'm looking for inspiration. Ideas on shaft, grip, finish, paintfill. I know its not a Scotty or a Lamb, just a project, who knows maybe I'll game it.
  13. Has there has been any interest from tour pros that are not under a Cobra contract asking to give the RAD a go? Any specifics as to what those players and under contract pros are saying about the performance. Thank You!
  14. Hi All, I'm posting this in this forum because its probably the best place to see if anyone has it available. Something a club builder might have laying around. I'm building a lob wedge for my father in law for Christmas. I have a Spinner shaft that I want to put in it but don't have a label. For my personal use I usually chuck the labels or they lay in the bottom of a tool box. Does anyone have a True Temper Spinner shaft label handy? I could reimburse you for it. Let me know, Thanks in advance!
  15. After watching the recent TXG video about playing a second driver in you bag its got me thinking that it might be something I do. I generally hit a fade with every club in the bag and find it difficult to fully turn anything over. Its fine, it works for me. I prefer it but every once in awhile I get a tee shot where a draw would be the better ball flight. Anyone with experience with the OO, any feedback on being able to turn it over easily? Might pick one up to be my draw shot driver.
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