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  1. i wish companies would stop using FedEx and you’ll get them quicker
  2. Don’t know if I added my results. 8/14 order placed. T100S 4-PW, AMT Tour White S400. Z Cord grips, custom loft/lie. shipped 9/14 to me from my third party. They used FedEx which sucks, but I just got my 1st round in with them yesterday, so about as quoted for lead times and no delays.
  3. dang. I ordered 8/14. T100S… same shafts, but went with S400 AMT whites, Z grips, custom lies, etc. played my first round with them today! hope you get yours soon, they are friggin fantastic! Some of the best irons I’ve hit. I think people understate how forgiving these can be, but the flight is incredible, piercing with a fantastic descent angle.
  4. I used to worry, but eventually you realized your better than like 8/10 you get paired with. I fully expect on vacation or at a resort course to get paired up. If you don’t, you are in denial and can just go ahead and buyout the 4some. ive played with turds, but I’ve met some cool people, with some neat stories. If anyone is dense enough to not pick up on how the other players are, then so be it. Some guys don’t like the “ehh you were so close “, or any critique of their shots, or fair “good jobs”. I stay quiet, offer support when needed, and just keep it light. Talk clubs, talk about your surroundings, talk about a trip to course… it doesn’t need to be constant, quiet is respected by all of us.
  5. Got my T100s in today. They are indeed much nicer looking at address than my 712 AP2s
  6. I too am in the market for new wedges, so piqued my interest when the SM9's come out. I have some SM7s after needing wedges for a while.. Didn't play much for a couple years after having 3 kids close together, but getting back into it. I'm wondering if we don't see discounts, since based on my research last night, the SM8s I would want to build, nothing fancy even, are 3 weeks out of the normal lead time due to raw material inventory, like shafts. High demand, low supply, and unknowns make me feel like you aren't going to get a discount easily on old stock.
  7. you take the picture with a potato or a phone??
  8. I get that- but imagine the scale of the communication too. I emailed about any shortages and asked for my customer order number. Titleist was not receptive to giving me any info so I had to back through who I ordered with. They said based on info from other orders I was in good shape for delays. Titleist was communicating shortages and RM issues to those who asked, and even accommodating changes. I was open to changing most anything outside of clubheads. I can get them bent, and install grips, even pulling shafts from older irons sets to get me close.
  9. Ordered 8/15, just shipped from Titleist today. T100s - 4-PW, tour white S400, 1* flat, z grip, 3 wrap.. not bad, roughly a month from order to shipping.
  10. Super excited to get my irons. Hate they are coming by FedEx but they just shipped so hopefully soon!!!
  11. actually, feel is debatable, but appreciate your opinion and feedback on the subject.
  12. Out of curiosity- Those with standard loft T100s, what wedges are you guys playing? ordered 4-PW, but have 52-56-60 wedges at the moment, wondering if I need to bend what I got- or reconfigure between my PW and gap.
  13. For one, and it may have changed, but order through Titleist or someone to order direct and you’ll be able to get replacement clubs, or order sets based on past orders to your specs. Obviously that changes set to set, but you really don’t save buying them anywhere if “new”. ive always used Discount Dan’s, it’s really easy and all my stuff is factory direct.
  14. Wonder if the TI S400 are in stock. Would pay the premium to keep a shaft I feel performs close to AMT white.
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