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  1. Try the Lululemon polos. They’re all tailored perfectly for athletic builds. A little cheaper than the Rhone stuff as well
  2. Check out Duer. Not sure what inseam they offer, but it’s at least 9”, slim fitting (size up one), stretchy comfy like Lululemon but not quite as expensive. I got rid of every other pair of shorts I owned and have 3 pairs of Duers that’s all I wear. Funny, every guy I tell about these days the exact same thing, it’s all they wear now.
  3. Any info on this line of putters or this specific one? Is it coming to retail, and if so when does TM usually do there releases of new gear?
  4. I actually spun the 425 Max less than the LST. It was within 200 RPM but still worth noting. BS was the same but I just preferred the LST. Both 10.5*, and both with the Ventus Blue 6X. That day I was swinging 122-126 for reference. During the same session, I hit the Sim2 Max 9* higher with less spin and at the same speed as the Pings it was carrying 15 yards longer. I know that’s not helpful, but figured I’d mention it. I ended up going with the LST though because it was so straight and I just want to hit more fairways. Sounds silly, but the higher launching lower spinning Sim2 Max fli
  5. Looking for a Sim ti 5 wood with an X shaft or just the head. Thanks!
  6. Anyone have one and can share some feedback? I can’t help but be curious after watching Dew Cooper swing this tool and do what he’s doing with it. sorry if there’s already a topic on this, but I didn’t see it
  7. I’ve stumbled on one of his students, Drew Cooper and can’t help but be intrigued by his teaching methods. Drew has one of the most aesthetically pleasing and impressive swings in the world and where he was before DD coaching to now is astounding! Check out Drew Cooper’s action on YouTube! This guy is unreal with the driver!
  8. Looking for the new Ping Tyne C putter, ideally at 35”. Thanks!
  9. RDX Blue is a CB shaft? Do you happen to know where the balance point is on it? I can’t find a chart with that listed.
  10. Any Aussies here wear Akubra hats on the golf course? I have never seen one in person, but they look great from what I’ve seen.
  11. I see the stock Ping CK Orange shafts have the C in the orange colour. So is this not the pro version if it doesn’t have the boron tip graphics?
  12. I had a fitter tell me that my Pure Jumbo grip being 80 grams will change the flex in the handle of the driver shaft. That seems unlikely, but is that the case?
  13. I’ve heard a few times that if the speed is constant, a heavier head will yield higher ball speeds than a lighter one. That makes sense, but I’m curious to what degree it would be. If I dropped the weight in my G425 by 5 grams to lighten up the swing weight, would I be losing a meaningful amount of ball speed? It’s either this or go to a CB shaft to drop a few SW points, as right now with the 17 gram weight it feels like a sledge hammer.
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