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  1. It’s obviously been established it’s fake, but if it were still in question, could one contact TM with the serial number to have it confirmed? I’ve done it with Ping and they were helpful, but not sure about TM.
  2. Anyone own this shaft and could take the time to get a measurement for me?
  3. I want to know how much the Fuji Tour Spec Pro 2.0 has been tipped. For anyone who’s got a new one or knows their exact tipping, can you give me a measurement from tip to a specific point? Thanks for the help
  4. 34.5”, 70* lie, 3* loft. Great shape, only a few hairline scratches on the sole. Face and top are perfect. New USA superstroke tour 3.0 grip. $250
  5. I’d trade for a Sim2 or Sim2 Max 9 head or shafted with an X flex shaft. That’s all I’m looking for. Only tee marks, no blemishes. 15 gram back weight, but don’t know the actual head weight. 45” with a GP Tour Velvet jumbo grip. $450
  6. Open to Sim2 Max as well, either in 9 and with an X shaft or head only. Thanks
  7. They look like they got pretty good tread, but I’m wondering about the support. Has anyone used these as golf shoes?
  8. Quality seems as good as anything I’ve tried. Fit is slim/athletic cut for sure. I’m a L in RLX and Nike and this is slightly more fitted. They are however, quite short in the body. Something to keep in mind if you’re a tall guy.
  9. Has anyone owned any of these? They look amazing and sound like serious quality shoes. I’m pretty tempted but have never heard of them or any first hand accounts.
  10. Your question is the answer to the OP. You get what you pay for. You figuring clothes wear down and are replaceable that quickly is because you buy bargain basement stuff. It’s not a negative or a positive, it’s just subjective. I’d rather pay more for quality clothing that fits better and lasts longer, but that’s just me.
  11. Just checked out the site. I’ll be ordering a couple of those for sure! I was going to come and recommend the Lululemon Evolution polo, but the Twillory polos look even better.
  12. Those are two pretty opposite profile shafts are they not? I play the LST and the Tensei Pro Blue 60TX but have a chance to pick up a Ventus Red 6X and am pretty tempted
  13. Funny seeing other reviews that confirm my frustrations with them. Seems like the knit poly material shirts are boxier, and the cotton style are slimmer fitting from the ones I own. I’ve got several XL’s and the only looser fits are in the synthetic fibres.
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