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  1. Scott19, thank you for your response and helpful information. I too did not like the orange whip for full swings, would mess me up before playing. Good to hear that this has a place in pregame warm up. For training protocols, I was thinking of using the superspeed training protocols. I swing at around 100 mph.
  2. This product came through my Instagram feed as I was about to pull the trigger on the Superspeed training sticks. I like the fact that it is one unit. Though I worry about losing the additional pieces. Not a big concern but... I was looking at the shorter model, due to space. Looking at the pictures, the carbon model seems the way to go. does the whippiness help with tempo like the orange whip?
  3. $650 for the 5-P and $225 for the 3&4 iron. Negotiable.
  4. Got another set with the shaft I wanted. What a great iron.
  5. Update sold items. Mizuno’s and Edge Rail are all that is left.
  6. Got another set with the shaft I wanted. What a great iron.
  7. I’m not home - I’d have to check. I got it early 2019.
  8. Got an offer on the MP20 3&4 iron if someone is interested in the 5-P.
  9. I have fixed my putting stroke, won’t need these any more. Eyeline Edge Putting Rail 70 deg. $59.95 on the site. Comes with case as would be from site. This is the plastic version supposedly upgraded to be lighter for transport. Very little use. $45 shipped us cont MyRoll training golf balls - sleeve of 3 $19.95 on site - Sold Michael Breed Putting Sword and Mirror including indoor gate posts. $59.95 on site, let’s do Sold Ball(s) of Steel - $29.95 on site, Sold. Does not include original packaging. Putting Fork - highly rated on Plugged
  10. No MMCs or HMBs - sorry. Looking for a used set. Can’t wait the 5-6 week build time. Thanks.
  11. That is what I am going to do. I really like the white - natural will just be better.
  12. Gweltfgilfer, it seems as if you not grasping my point. I may not have been clear in my original post. I’m looking to make a tee purchase based on the propensity for the driver to mark up. Not the other way around. You’re not going to see my driver in the classifieds because of tee marking.
  13. Yeah me too, as my club has tees in all the carts and at the first tee. I thought of upping my tee game. Lots of nice tees out there from bettinardi and other less expensive sites like western birch. I like the white ones but the natural makes sense to not worry about cleaning I now may get a response to that - such as to what do you care about what tee you use. Just pick up off the ground and hit it. Silly...
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