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  1. I'l echo the post above, tour pros see what other pros are playing and want to try it.
  2. interested in this one, would be cool to try something in my CT Roundback if they come out with a 390' adapter
  3. It’s an M grind but with lower bounce. It’s the B grind that just came out limited. Similar bounce to the L grind but has a wider crescent area like the M.
  4. the 65 Proto 2.0 TX is 10CPM softer than the 85 2.0 TX but the tip is a little stiffer as well
  5. Doesn't always but it could, I should have one by next week that I can take some measurements on for you. Fire me a PM next week if you don't see a post from me by then
  6. I would say the X tipped 1" plays similar to the TX 1.0 models but its still going to be softer than the TX 2.0. I have both the 85 TX 1.0 and 2.0 proto and the 2.0 is 15cpm stiffer and a couple grams heavier
  7. Raw CPM of the 2.0 85 TX is 15cpm stiffer than the AV Raw 85 TX White (guess we can call that one the 1.0)
  8. Your feels are correct. Freq wise it’s quite a bit stiffer. Think more along the lines of Speeder Vc 9.2. It’s a beast in the 85TX 2.0
  9. According to the independent S3 profiling data it is quite a bit stiffer. Also seen it in builds when taking CPM.
  10. Ventus red is quite a bit stiffer in the handle than P95 and XT/XTS. It’s almost the same mid and tip though to XT/XTS
  11. Similar profile better materials but the Ventus red plays stiffer.
  12. My old putter!! Was a custom order and only one that only had the insert deep milled. Really cool putter. glws
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