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  1. Totally agree. Love the shape of the 1.0PT just couldn’t make it big enough.
  2. Butt diameter is a tough one, they measure it at one spot but especially if you cut it down for a fairway wood you will end up with it smaller, and most graphite shafts will taper in the butt end a bit or some very quickly. I measure all the way down and use masking tape or grip tape to get all my grips the same size. One thing with the CK tensei line was the Kevlar wrap was thicker so the shaft was usually a little smaller above that part then actually got a little thicker when you got down to the Kevlar part.
  3. Yup the Butt diameter difference is not really anything either, most of the ones I have measured are actually closer to .605 i think the biggest one i measured was .608 so nothing really to worry about there either.
  4. They aren't crazy as long as you load the shaft enough, the butt is about 20cpm stiffer than a DG X100 but the tip section is the same. Its an interesting shaft because a lot of players who just don't quite load it enough we find in fitting actually hit it higher and spin it more as they need to chase it and add loft to get it to work. (Rory obviously wouldn't be this case)
  5. Rory used to be 7.0 down to his 9 iron then 6.5 in his PW and rest of his wedges, so yeah X7 all the way down would be a bit of a change for him forsure. but in my experience the X7 even though its super butt stiff it still feels pretty smooth compared to the PX7.0
  6. @QuigleyDU Looks like he made the switch and they are in play today
  7. Im interested if he actually puts them in play or if they were just building them for him to take home and test.
  8. Can be ordered now just not sure when it will actually show up. But should be pretty quick now. Not sure if it will say prototype on it or not.
  9. Tipped the 1K 1/2” more as it was softer freq wise in the tip and butt compared to the orange AV. It made the butt freq the same as my AV orange but the tip was still a bit softer numbers wise.
  10. Hey guys, looking for something in the 100+g range for a 5 wood. Must be 41” raw or more and either know tipping or can give me measurements so I can find out. lower the launch/spin the better. a Fujikura HK Pro 110X would be awesome
  11. White 2.0TX going to be no upcharge from titleist. Not sure if it will say prototype on it as it’s just listed as 2.0TX
  12. Yes the white band is longer than the older Tensei models.
  13. depends on the models you are referring to, the silver shaft is an older one that wasn't the same. the D+ PLUS and the new D Limited ION are the same shaft just different finish, the newer Limited ION comes in more weights and flexes now as well. the D+ plus with the white board Diamana logo on it is really only offered in the heavier stiffer flexes now as thats what guys on tour are using. once they get Tiger to switch to the ION finished one i bet you see it removed and discounted.
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