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  1. Find the driver shaft pretty much the same as the CK Pro model to me, the biggest difference like I have said before id the butt diameter is closer to .600 rather than .620 like the CK kevlar weave parts so grip size is a little easier. profile wise not really much different. Cant wait to test out the White 85TX but that could be a while now with the snow that we have up here.
  2. Shows you the proper aim/speed. Takes the doubt out of practicing wondering if you are compensating your aim for your stroke. That’s the main reason I want to get one and use it.
  3. Looking at picking one of these up as they are on sale right now for Black Friday. Not sure which one to go with: https://theperfectputter.com/ Premium, Compact or Tour Also what accessories make it easier? Thinking the H Alignment aid is a must https://theperfectputter.com/golf-training-aids-product/golf-accesories-the-perfect-putter/the-h-alignement-aid/ And the Laser may be a great addition as well https://theperfectputter.com/golf-training-aids-product/golf-accesories-the-perfect-putter/laser-2/ Any info would be sup
  4. Who is Anthony Cordes and first set of CNCPT irons in play on the PGA Tour!
  5. Just trying something a little lighter. My main gamer is the CK Pro Orange 90TX. Need just a little higher launch which the AV White profile with a slightly stiffer handle and a little less tipping should accomplish. Just not sure I’ll like the weight as I’ve always played 95g + shafts in my 3 wood.
  6. Playing the Orange in the driver and testing the white in the fairway wood this offseason, great shafts in the TX flexes, can't really comment on the non TX flexes other than I know they don't have the same materials
  7. Both spec sheets that have been released from the old Nike tour van and the show they did on the golf channel and the P7TW tiger spec page on taylormade set says it’s 49, the interesting thing is that his PW is the same length as his 9 iron as well
  8. Black and Red Freq pretty stiff and blue may be one of the softest out there, its very very very soft in the handle,
  9. Just got a quote for a customer of mine and they are now saying Christmas for MMC. Think yours are in before they ran out again so you should get them.
  10. A lot of grips do especially putter grips, all the rubber scotty grips are golfpride and say it but they won't comment on those either.
  11. Yes different colour top and not plus2 its the exact same as a Z Cord with no cord
  12. Nope the one he's talking about has a white cap, its made for Titleist for the CNCPT line of irons, likely not going to be released aftermarket
  13. The Z Grip non cord is the stock grip that was made for the CNCPT iron line, its available for any order with a small upcharge and comes in a .580 and .600 option. It is the first grip listed on the retailer ordering portal so likely the person that ordered that driver for your buddy (if it wasn't requeted) just clicked the first option.
  14. Excited to get mine but likely going to be once the season ends up here now or we go into lockdown again
  15. Alignment line looks good to me, hope they have an updated Left Dash with that alignment aid on it and maybe allow you to order custom play numbers on the Left Dash next year
  16. Yup pretty much. Gain of about 7 yards in the air and dispersion was tighter. Can’t ask for much more.
  17. I actually went up 1/2* from the 8.5 to 9.0 to try and keep the spin up a touch. With the weight further back it launches a touch higher so they went down 1/2* in loft from TS which also helps with ball speed. Spin wise I’d say they are pretty close to the same
  18. Was fit yesterday. Gained 2-3 MPH ball speed and about 7 yards carry with my same shaft. Weight movement in the TSi3 models is pretty slick. The shapes look much better and the sound is more muted. Almost like there is more hotmelt in the heads. fairway wood similar shape and seems to go into the turf and able to hit down on it a little more. Easier to get off the turf and little gains in ball speed as well. good line up of shafts as well.
  19. Yeah my thought too, didn't look closely enough but no chance there would be a 70g TX iron shaft lol Love my 105UT would give this a try in a heavier FW weight
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