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  1. Price drop to $150 for P760. Will sell head only if interested.
  2. Anyone replace a 7 wood with this club? That’s what my plan is. But now that there is snow on the ground I won’t be able to hit it for a few months outside.
  3. Yes correct. The JPX line was done first so he could easily be playing old standard still.
  4. Just to throw a wrench in here this could be a by product of how Srixon measures differently to Mizuno, they use different rulers and their lengths come out about 1/8" longer than Mizuno and then the post above is correct where the Tour Velvet adds a little more than 1/8" butt cap to the cut length of the club. These probably play very close to standard length End of Grip on the normal Mitchel pin ruler
  5. 2 items for sale, TSi3 15* right hand head only, used a hand full of rounds, crown and sole are mint, face has a slight mark that can't be seen from address, see pics. Has the -4g weight included and headcover. SOLD USD Shipped and paypalled within USA or Canada Tour Issue Tayloramde P760 3 iron, with Project X PXi 7.0 shaft in it, plays 39.5" Tour Velvet Cord 58 Round Tour issue Serial number, sole has some marks but face is in really good shape. will consider selling head only as well. $150 USD Shipped and paypalled within USA or Canada PM me and I can provide more pics if needed
  6. Yup I know, could still be a while from what I've heard
  7. Need a .390 over the hosel for Scotty putters.
  8. New pics going into the off season, irons and Utility Wood haven't seen a course yet
  9. Serial number has BK in it. Wonder if it was originally made for Brooks. Nike/Artisan Mike Taylor tend to use player name/number in the serials.
  10. @MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL new D limited. 80TX there. Same graphics as Gen2 S+. Something new coming?
  11. Have the X Firm just haven't had a chance to try it out yet as my main gamer is an over the hosel flow neck, going to toss this in a NP2 soon and give it a try. Anyone else put this in a silver putter head? how does it look?
  12. Anyone got one of these bent for loft and lie when ordering yet? Seem to be a backorder on the 21* already
  13. Kai'li Orange.....Please, actually ill settle for a Tensei 1K orange
  14. Sorry I didn't order mine from PGA Superstore so not sure if its possible through them
  15. This is correct ordered my 21* bent 1 strong and 1 flat. Just ordered it a couple days ago so no shipping notice yet.
  16. This club is very interesting, would be cool to see someone make one thats adjustable with .335 and .370 adapters so you can really play it any way you want
  17. yup debating trying the 105 or the new 115 when it comes out in the driving iron, they are 112 and 119.5g respectively and same profile as the 125
  18. Don’t tip it. I played the 105 TX (115g) last year and it’s a post. Like PX 7.0 DG X7 stiffness.
  19. Yup but the numbers are skewed slightly because the raw blank of the modus is 1/2” longer so it’s really almost identical in cpm
  20. I hard stepped mine once so same raw length and they are 129.5g vs 130 so pretty similar, Profile is very similar but the freq slope is a little different. They are (125x HS 1x) a couple CPM stiffer in the long irons vs X100 straight in and a couple CPM weaker in the 9 iron Modus 125 HS 1x 4-9 iron freq is 324-354 DG X100 4-9 iron freq is 322-357
  21. Doing some testing on these too. Almost identical to X100 in flight but feel is smoother.
  22. Not sure I would recommend doing this but it does work
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