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  1. ah ok i was wondering what the best way to get it to a certain part of teh head would be also with my 3 wood there was a rattle something moving around int he head but it has seemed to get caught on something, but when i tap the club i can still hear it buzzing, i am not sure where it is caught in the head, how do i make sure the rattle stop catches it?? if it comes loose after a few shots can i put the head in hot water again then shake it up to get the piece stuck in the rattle stop?
  2. it depends onw hat lead tape you have to see how mcuh weight you will add, you need to find a swingweight scale so you can get the correct swingweight, chances are your not going to put enough tape ont eh ead to gie it a bias at all, but if you want it to fade a little put it ont he toe or draw a little on the heel or if you want it neutral but it all on the back or om the sole in the middle its mroe of a mentalthing when puttign it on clubs for fade or draw bias but also to lower flight put it closer to the top line of the irons or raise height lower closer to the sole
  3. Question: With regards to the tour players using V2 shafts in bore thru clubs like Titleist drivers and fairways, how far are those players inserting thier TX flexed shafts in the heads? I would assume it wouldnt be full bore in a bore thru driver but maybe full bore in a fairway bore thru or maybe even tipped 1/2" or so.
  4. its a 904F titleist bore thru so pulling the shaft doesnt reveal the inside of the club it all has to be done thru the small plug hole on the solf of the club from what i understand you have to warm up the rattle stop and then place it int he head, it takes a few hours or so to cool down and it will harden so whatevr angle you leave the club on thats where the rattle stop will harden (doesnt fully harden) so you can creat some sort of bias if you want to lay the sole flat to creat no bias
  5. depends on what lead tape you have my 1/2" tape adds 1 gram per 1" you really need to get a swingweight scale and do it properly
  6. anyone used it, i have talked to one person that has used it and says its a great way to increase swingweight aswell, i think i will pick up a tube tomorrow and give it a try just to be careful not to add too much cause it doesnt come out afterwards
  7. I have a slight rattle in my fairway wood head which i would like to get rid of, there is a peice of something in there but i have no idea what it is and it doesnt seem to me moving around in the head anymore (assume it was caught by some rat glue in there) the problem is that when i tap the club i can still hear it buzz in the head I am thinking of using this product from GolfSmith Golfsmith Rattle Stopper i would also like to add about 3-4grams of weight to the head to get the swingweight up to D4 is this the right product to use? will this work for both of my problems? (swingweight and rattle?) how does this product work? does it stay in one place in the head and just stay sticky? or does it move around? lastly can this product be used for creating a bias in the head? (no big deal if it cant) thanks Matt
  8. S-300's... :) :tongue: ;) Have you seen the guy swing? He hits it HARD and there is no chance he uses anything less than an X-100. thats not true, i know a few guys that shoudl be playing X100 or stiffer that still play S300, one of my buddies in particular can hit it about 330 on average with his driver which is only 43" and he still uses S300 in his irons, he likes the feel of them better, also if they are hardstepped twice they become like X flex but witht he but flex of the S flex
  9. back spin will keep the ball straighter it is when that spin turns into side spin that the accuracy will be off the idea is to get enough spin that the ball stays in the air on a high launch angle but not too much spin that it baloons when launched in teh air
  10. not a problem, when pulling shafts if done with a shaft puller and low heat pulling really doesnt have any effect ont he shaft, you can reuse them a bunch of times as long as you dont hurt the shaft when pulling, really shouldnt get weaker if done properly
  11. i am also using Diaman Blue BOards 103x's in both my fairways and love it, as a very high ball hitter and someone that puts a lot of spin on it this shaft gets the ball in the air easily for me but keeps the spin down, i can hit pure bombs with these things specs: Titleist 904F 15* w/ Diamana Blue 103x Tipped 0.5" Titleist 904F 19* w/ Diamana Blue 103x Tipped 1.0"
  12. correct those are normal S300 sahfts the L stand for LONG not sure why but it means long iron shaft which means .355"Taper tip
  13. Putting arc is a good tool but i have found something slightly better http://www.eyelinegolf.com/pp.php EYE Line Golf has 2 rails and a mirror for alignment, rail is angles to alow for an inside-square-inside stroke or you can buy the straight back straight thru rails
  14. got the headcover off ebay from the Golf Japan Store (Seaport10) don't think he has naymore though, got it about a year and ahalf ago
  15. smooth 55* or 3/4 normal swing 55*
  16. is it a true bore thru?? from the pics its very hard to see the steel tip showing at the sole of the club? any idea if its a .355" taper bore thru or a .335"?? thanks Matt
  17. As of this week he is using: Titleist 906F2 w/ UST V2 96TX
  18. look at my post above all of that i know for sure
  19. waiting aswell, been on here a few times today looking for pics from TPC
  20. Driver: 905R 9.5* w/ UST V2TX 3-Wood: 906F 15* w/ UST V2TX Hybrid: 585.H 19* w/ Dynamic Gold (i would assume DG Tour) Irons: 695.MB 3-PW w/ Dynamic Gold Tour Wedges: Vokey Protos 54* and 60* Putter: Scotty GSS Cami & Co. or sometimes a Circa 62 #3 in a pro plat finish 4* loft 71* lie angle 35"
  21. Updated with pics and I now have a 905R on the way which i will be putting the Diamana 83x Ion into i added 3 pics of my workshop aswell like you asked Kev!
  22. i used the HI660 for a little, wasnt anythign special IMO, id rather play a 5 wood over it, it is pretty close to the 503H but with less offset, feel is ok. depends on what shaft you put in there but i woudl go for the 858 over the 660 as it seems to be the one that more of the pros are using
  23. Diamana 103x in both 3 and 5 woods ever since he put the 5 wood int eh bag he has had the Diamana 103x in there
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