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  1. I have done it. I trimmed mine down to 39 so I could use as either a belly (short guy) or almost belly. It worked great but the putter ho in me will be finding it a new home.
  2. I have a speeder 6.2TS as well in mine and I love it.
  3. So you just put cotton balls in the head thru the hosel or somewhere else? Forgive my ignorance.
  4. I have used the Fubuki Alpha 60x, Rip Alpha 70S and currently am using a 6.2 Speeder TS. As far as cheaper goes,you can get RIP pulls pretty cheap now.
  5. [quote name='bloodred393' timestamp='1365093210' post='6760283'] TM needs to release their own 3 wood like this. Ballz Deep. [/quote] Favorite post ever. LOL
  6. Not sure about on Pandora but I love Mitch Hedberg(RIP).
  7. I wish my belly experiment went this well. I purchased a Golo Mid and had it cut down to 39 inches, threw on a super stroke grip and can't make a thing with it. Went back to my SS7 and my putting is back. Glad to hear it worked for you as my experiment is over and the putter will be living somewhere else soon.
  8. While I'm younger than you, I have Ping G15 irons and also Mizuno MP 58's and I can switch between both and have never had a problem hitting the 58's. I am a 10 HC.
  9. Love the Studio Stock 7 [list] [*][size="2"]Weight: 345 grams [/size] [*][size="2"]Material: Soft Carbon Steel [/size] [*][size="2"]Finish: Borealis Black [/size] [*][size="2"]Headcover: Bettinardi Red [/size] [*][size="2"]Grip: Red Winn (Standard or Midsize) [/size] [/list]
  10. I just played my first round with my Speeder 6.2TS in My 9.5 Super LS and I can highly recommend that shaft if you want low spin and low launch. My swing numbers are almost exactly the same as yours.
  11. I've used the 60 out of the sand a few times and it worked well. The sand I play mostly around here is rather hard and compact. They aren't in the bag anymore simply because I went back to my non conforming groove wedges.
  12. I think they are made specifically for Dick's. Sorry I can't speak to their performance as I have never hit them.
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