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  1. I have the triple play combo with the DCB’s in 4-5, regular apex in 6-9, and Pros in PW-AW. I had the 2019 in regular apex and still have the apex pro 2016 model. I prefer the pro model profiles but really like the triple play setup. Really like the DCBs in the long irons. I haven’t had a 4 iron in the bag in 10-15 years but the DCB is so easy to hit. I agree the regular apex 2021 seems to play a bit more like pros in the older models.
  2. Yeah I know and it’s funny because I think David is a lefty. I guess being a lefty doesn’t necessarily make you make more LH putters though. Still gotta pay the bills. Lol
  3. So, here are the pics of the Mills that were requested. The one b in black ox has never seen the course. More of a wall hanger since you don’t see lefty one b’s much. The soft tail was one I picked up at a really good price. Finish was worn but not much chatter so I did my own plum brown refinish. Pardon the paint fill as I never really finished the restoration. It is a pretty unique handmade as I haven’t seen that hosel on other iterations.
  4. I’ll get a couple tomorrow evening or Thursday. Finishing up a short stay in Hilton Head with a couple of good friends that I got several of my flatsticks from.
  5. Handmade One b and handmade soft tail...
  6. Looks like 35 is the number... By brand 16 Byron’s (3 RH) 5 DH89 2 DaKine 3 Channel Island 1 B-17 1 handmade 8802 1 RH handmade DaKine style 3 John Byron (2 RH DH10.5 and 1 LH Mid broom) 4 Ping Heppler piper arm lock Redwood Anser Anser copper and nickel 4 Cameron Newport TeI3 gen 1 Mil Spec Newport gen 2 34” 340 Newport 2 Special Select RH Studio Design 3.5 3 Tad Moore 2 Odyssey/Toulon 2 TP Mills handmades 1 each Evnroll, Bobby Grace, Xenon, Ray Cook Blue Goose (Cameron designed) I have and will game most of the Byron’s. The SC Mil Spec, Evnroll, and Bobby Grace all rotate in from time to time. The Heppler needs to be put in the BST, and the rest are just part of the collection for now...
  7. Yes, I’d love to see them make a limited run of 50 lh and 50 rh for his record setting age of the all milled putter. Most likely back in the closet. Never rolled a ball and only been out of the plastic for a few photos. I probably should see about having a custom display made to put it and a few others in.
  8. So, in honor of Phil’s historic win I thought I’d get this out and allow it a minute or two of sunlight. Been in the box in the closet for 10+ years. Enjoy...
  9. To be honest, I can’t remember...
  10. While I’m at it, here’s an all original first gen Scotty TeI3. Not quite mint but there’s no way I’m refinishing one this close to it.
  11. I’ll see your original Redwood and raise you a bead blasted one with a frequency filtered ust shaft . Would also agree that it’s the best milled ping putter produced.
  12. Not sure what it was? All still available and I do have a Graphite Design AD DI 6 if it is preferred over the Pro Blue.
  13. Like new 10.5° Epic Max LS driver head -27 holes plus indoor simulator session in the head - $375 shipped to CONUS east of Mississippi River, add $5/$10 (head/combo) west of Mississippi River. SOLD Thanks for looking!
  14. Two Callaway drivers that I actually have a trade in set up to Callaway Pre-Owned but thought I’d see if someone wanted them on here first. Prices are pretty firm since I don’t have to pay but $5 shipping to Callaway or any PayPal fees. Shipped to CONUS. Not looking for trades right now. First to buy gets the matching head cover. Will sell head only or with either shaft. Evenflow green add $25. Both shafts have RH adapter and 6.0 flex and 60 series weight. Standard Callaway length. Wrenches included if club/shaft combo purchased. Due to Labrum surgery on my left shoulder Tuesday, I’d like to get these shipped tomorrow, or at least boxed up. Only price drops I’ll make. If they don’t sell they will be off to Callaway. Still will sell head only or with the shaft of choice. 10.5° Standard Mavrik- Was graded “like new” by CPO and is pretty close. I probably played 5-7 rounds with it. Nice fairway finder and awesome (not loud) sound. Head only $210... $195 SOLD! 9° Mavrik Sub Zero- Was graded “like new” but I’d call it more “very good” as it has a bit of superficial scratching on the top. Sole and face would be closer to like new though. Scratches not noticeable at address. I used less than 5 rounds. It is definitely a little more fade bias and has the low spin bomber in it. Head only $200... $185 or $210 with EF green shaft SOLD!
  15. Interesting stat. I’ll have to test that to see if my nine with weld necks perform that much better than the three that don’t.
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