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  1. Interesting stat. I’ll have to test that to see if my nine with weld necks perform that much better than the three that don’t.
  2. Is the weld neck done for a specific reason or simply cosmetic? Thanks!
  3. Can’t get all my session photos to load but here are my last two from Sunday and today. I usually hit between 10-15 and take best 5 for average. I felt really good on Sunday and just couldn’t quite increase it today. Today I decided to just keep going and hit 50 and took out my worst five. Top was 154 ball speed and I was able to get 150+ on 16 of 45. Not too bad for feeling a bit sluggish.
  4. Just started speed training with a set of homemade sticks eight days ago and thought I’d share my results. I do not have a radar but what I have been doing is hitting 12 drives on my SkyTrak after training and keeping my 5 fastest ball speeds. I have had my SkyTrak just a bit over two years and my fastest all speed had been 152 mph that was in March 2019. At 45 years old, I fear that I’m going the wrong direction so I’m trying to dedicate myself this year to see if I can turn back the clock a bit. I am truly shocked how much I’ve increased in 4 sessions. I will say disregard the dispersion as
  5. So I did another session comparing the KSig V1, prior gen ZStar, and KSig V2. Did the largest sample with the PW, just did another 7 iron comp to verify, and only got two solid drives with each. Sorry for the way I did the drivers but I ran out of club comparisons for the one session, so I just kept what I felt was a solid drive, then went to the next ball. I was pretty much gassed by the time I hit the drivers and didn’t feel like there was much difference in what I was getting so I stopped there. My conclusion with indoor testing is that it is definitely a different ball than the
  6. Okay, I understand now as far as sampling different clubs. As for the peak height, that could be a byproduct of the photometric indoor testing vs outdoor radar testing. Could be lack of ball speed affecting the height as well .
  7. I can try to hit some full wedges in the next day or two and possibly some divers as well. As for sample size, I’ve found 5-10 like strikes to be plenty when testing. I do typically get a few more in the sample but try to eliminate any that look to be at the fringe of ball speed samples or even launch angles that are out of my normal range. Hope that makes sense...
  8. Didn’t think to post the averages on the 7 irons. The order on this list was z star, v2, v1. It was a 5 shot average on each, and strikes were all similar. As I stated before, the v1 always felt sluggish and it was hard to get similar speeds without having to step on it a bit more. I know SkyTrak isn’t a GCQuad or trackman but I find my iron numbers have always been spot on to what I get on course so I think they are pretty reliable for me. Many people would say my spin is a bit low on the z star but I don’t have trouble holding greens and I do know that fiberbuilt mats can cause spin to read
  9. Here are comparisons of the same 3 balls on a 10 yd chip and a 30 yd pitch. The order listed was z star, v1, v2. They were both done with a 58°, I just used 56° to distinguish the type of shot. The chips were a 10 shot average and the pitch was 5 shot average. I kept similar strikes within a 1-2 yd carry range. Not a ton in the spin numbers but a couple hundred rpm could definitely allow for an extra couple feet of run out I’m sure,
  10. I bought the v2 last week just to test vs v1 on my SkyTrak. For me, the v1 was always a club short vs balls like TP5 and Z star. The culprit was always more spin and ball speed was 1-2 mph slower. Did a quick 7 iron comp with a v1, v2, and z star. My 7 iron spin average was ~5500 with z star, ~6200 v2, and 6600 v1. Ball speeds were pretty much the same on z star and v2 and again v1 was 1-2 mph slower on similar strikes. Distance was 4 yds shorter than z star with the v2. The v1 was 11 yds shorter. I absolutely couldn’t play the v1 due to the spin but I’ll give the v2 a shot. I was glad to see
  11. Found some original pics...
  12. So I live about two hours west of Byron since he’s moved to Georgia and have gotten to know both Byron and Sally. Very nice folks and glad to call them friends. Made a trip over a couple days ago to play a little golf and bring home these two beauties. B17 is new to the stable and the designed by is a hand made I had acquired a couple years ago and put it on a 20 gram diet and a classic refinish. I had stripped the original finish and was going to do my on plum brown but didn’t realize it was carbon body and stainless neck. I’ll see if I can locate any pictures of the original finish.
  13. From what I’ve heard, Doug has several new irons in the fire right now and maintaining PT wasn’t high on his priority list at the moment.
  14. I had one of those for a couple of years. It was in really good shape but not new. I sold it to help with a down payment on a condo in Hilton Head. I haven’t regretted selling that one. ?
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