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  1. Ordered on September 27th from Tourstriker Canada and received an email that it was shipped yesterday.
  2. When this arrives this month (seriously people relax) I am trying to come up with a plan to get the most benefit from the Planemate (currently a 8 index but wildly inconsistent) . I have 3 months to practice before the courses open up here in my area. I have a area setup in the basement where I can do 9 to 3 drills but the ceiling is too low for anything else. I might be able to do slow full swings upstairs, guessing maybe up to a 7 iron. I have a mirror and a way to record myself. The worry I have is that I am quick at the top and where I believe I need the most help. With my current setup that is the part that will get the least amount of reps at speed. Should a guy do one week with each protocol. Work myself through a all 7 in a week and repeat each week. How would do it? Thanks
  3. Make sure you take a moment or two and absorb the experience. Have fun and play well !!!!!
  4. I learned a long time ago not to line up my putt from over the ball. I always crouch behind the ball to find my line. The problem is the line I think I am aiming for isn't where I am actually aiming. Because of that I have changed my putting stroke to compensate. Once I had my instructor line up my putts and he identified my stroke issues I started holing or coming much closer than before. I had the same issue where you get over the ball and it doesn't look right so I would change my stroke to compensate, sometimes unconsciously. Now when I get over the ball all I do it square myself to my spot, quickly look at the hole for distance and then putt. I NEVER look at the line because I know it won't look right and it will screw up my stroke.
  5. Go to the practice green and find a straight 10 foot putt. Standing behind putt put a ball mark 6 inches in front of the ball inline with the hole, have a buddy confirm that its correct. Now line up over the putt, does it look correct? For me it looked like I was aiming way left. I now don't look for the line while over the ball just my spot and the hole for distance.
  6. How do you deal with import duties and taxes when ordering from DD? Or do you just pay them? I just paid them, they were expected. Once I knew they used USPS I had a ballpark figure (other carriers get $$$ and tricky). Once I paid for the club, exchange rate, shipping, duty and taxes it was about $55 cheaper than going through Golftown. This was for a factory custom with a extra weight that was requested at time of order, I had the Pro Orange cut down to 44.5 and I needed help with the head weight, still might need some lead tape but that's next years problem as we are shut down to the season :( edit: sorry, think I misunderstood. I paid the post office the duty/taxes on pick up
  7. Ordered my orange stiff Sept 12 from DD and it was shipped yesterday. Probably will take to early next week to get here in Canada. My course closes Sunday. $#@$%^&
  8. Were you able to order the extra weight off the site when you custom ordered the driver? I was persuading the site and didn’t see anywhere you could ask for custom swingweight. I can’t control any driver consistently over 44.75” I ordered through a site sponsor (DD) with the instructions I wanted a heavier weight since I was cutting 3/4 off. I hope the 10 is enough and don't have to get the 12 or add lead tape.
  9. After saying I would never buy a driver without a fittng I pull the trigger on the 785. 10.5 degree, -3/4 inch Tensei pro orange, golf pride CP2 grip and 10G weight in head. Now the hard part, waiting :(
  10. I so want to pull the trigger on one of these with the pro orange 70. Swinging a RIP Phenom 70 in my 913 D2. Swing speed of 95, quick tempo and lite shafts and me dont get along. Also play at 44.5. Ball flight medium and always had high spin numbers in every shaft I've ever tested. I would order through DD and get it delivered up here in Canada which by the time I get the season could be over so the 60 days dont help. Dam these 1st world problems. (Any advice would be great)
  11. I'm still playing the J40DPC which I bought new when they were released (2011?). Great clubs
  12. How I fixed my putting, your mileage may vary :) I read this somewhere or maybe it was a YouTube video, I can't remember. Probably a combination from a few sources. I had hit thousands of putts indoor over the last two years but it didn't help, what did help was: 1. Draw a line on a ball and line up a 10 foot straight putt from behind the ball. Have a bubby check your line. 2. Stand over the ball and check to see if the line on the ball is aimed at the hole. When I did this I swore I was aiming a foot left of the hole. Even when I tried to putt and said just hit it square on the line its on I would pull it to where I thought I was aimed. 3. Adjust your stance so the line looks like it's lined up to the hole. Move you head forward, back, in, out, open close your stance. I ended up opening my stance to 45 degrees. It felt strange but I could see the line. You got to be able to see the line and feel confident that where you are aiming is correct. For short putts hit 20 putts from a foot. All you are worried about is putting the putter head over the hole. Once it feels natural slowly move back a foot at a time keeping the feeling of the one foot putt. Tension is a killer and if I miss a short one this is the cause. Hope this helps
  13. Another vote for the Ping Ketsch TR Cadence Heavy (388g). Another site had a putter shoot-out last year and this was the run away winner. I drank the cool-aid and bought one. Best cool-aid ever and after a year firmly in my bag. A buddy also bought one after trying mine. I do want to roll a Direct Force though.
  14. I also always had problems with using the arms/hands and not the big muscles like your shoulders. It wasn't until the read the threads here on Golfwrx and watched the YouTube videos on Mike Shannon did I have any success. Once I used the setup he teaches the shoulders are in a position to easily work and the arms/hands are harder to use. Not exactly what you are looking for but it did help me.
  15. TundraToad

    J40 CB WIn!

    "old sticks" ? "old sticks" ? had these babies (dpc) since release and they are the easily the most secure club in the bag. Almost want to buy a back-up set but in 5 more years I will probably change just for the heck of it. Favorite irons ever for a guy that has been playing for 45 years.
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