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  1. I thought your contention was they were, not that they were perceived that way? https://golf.com/news/brooks-koepka-unhappy-ryder-cup-blowback/?utm_campaign=forecast&utm_source=golf.com&utm_medium=email&utm_content={date(&user_email=b312748ff3d87f9fc4fb336f7746be17ed20d58e8cb52ac75ea801af83313832&utm_term=GOLFcom Top Stories Newsletter Top reason why guys don't want to talk to the media. If you are honest they skewer you. If you aren't and roll out some "coach speak" they call you fake. I mean the media, they are great. And Tiger, he never had issues with the media either. >
  2. I don't think many Tour players would make that argument, if they are being truthful.
  3. Can't say I blame him. This is exactly one of the reasons why guys don't want to talk to the media. Golf is boring. Golf media has to make it entertaining. BDC says he is training for long drive and he gets the bus rolled right over him. Azinger = golf media Regarding athlete or not or whether he deserves/wants/needs to be there or not, I was trying to find a player with more major wins on either side than Bruce but couldn't. (Rory ties him with four.)
  4. Open the face a touch and ride that fade right back into the fairway. A CONSISTENT 5-10 yard fade with a driver is not a bad place to be.
  5. Currently wearing a brushed Land's End rib knit quarter zip at the office. May be a touch heavy for current conditions on the course. Also, no pockets in this one. I have two grey Under Armour 1/4 zips with pockets. Very handy. Big fan of the 1/4 zip. Who has a nice brand and model they would like to share? You can even throw in a cardigan if the mood suites you. I like those too but wear them less often as they get me funny looks at the office.
  6. Is WAG "wife and girlfriend?" If so that number seems light for getting them both there.
  7. Whether it is or is not is not germane to how his comments were perceived.
  8. That is how you inferred it. I didn't read it that way. To preface, I am not a Brooks fan at all, so there is some context for my proceeding comments. I read it that he didn't feel like he, or maybe anyone else, would be able to give it their very best due to the fact that the additional impositions cut into a tried and proven routine. That the lack of flow of the event or week were so far removed from a typical tour event or major that it would impede players' abilities to get into a rhythm that they are used to. Those guys are used to arriving to the course at a certain time and doing a certain warmup and range routine before a round. After a round they have their set ways of cooling down or heading back to the range to work on things from the round before. That dynamic does not exist at the RC. That's all I took from it. From a writing standpoint, the author/editor can choose to inject direct quotes into the piece as he sees fit to serve his purpose and tell the story as he wishes. Short sound bites taken out of context can do the same regardless of the fact they are the person's own words verbatim.
  9. Some companies contend that fewer hammer forging steps is better.
  10. The air isn't salty. I don't know these guys but if you care much about using data to predict play or make choices they do some wonderful deep dives, just not super often. https://datagolf.com/course-fit-tool
  11. The "hybrid pants" are a 5 pocket style. They have a "jeans style" front pocket if that is what you are after. It does look like they have changed the fabric from the ones I was remembering. ETA - Here is the old thread >
  12. That was the opposite argument actually. They care what their pro career is because that is how they get paid and how we measure them as professional golfers. Majors, tour wins, money and somewhere down the list is Ryder Cup performance. If Ryder Cup performance finally has to be brought up to attempt to make a compelling argument for a guy, chances are that guy isn't all that good save maybe one week every two years. With that in mind it shouldn't come as a shock that a PGA tour player doesn't really care as much as we think they should about the Ryder Cup, President's Cup and/or the Olympics. That isn't how their bread gets buttered.
  13. A double cross. Runner up only because it happens more rarely, broken club.
  14. I'd like to see red as the predominate color for the final day. Pull the Tiger power red card on them. Needs a sweater vest and cardigan option in there too. Also a day with grey slacks. Draw some inspiration from Seve and find an all navy combo.
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