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  1. I asked what the role of the caddie was for a pro in another thread. Several folks indicated that they really do not talk like that and few have the leeway or sway to pull their guy aside and keep him from hurting himself. I always kind of thought the caddie could save the player from himself but maybe not.
  2. Do pros rely too much on their caddies? For my tastes yes. For the amount of money that is on the line and what is within the rules, probably not.
  3. Google search "calamity jane putter" and take a look. I can't see how you have as much mass with it compared to a modern putter nor could get much out of it without a wristy stroke. I won't say that the old guys were better putters, but I will say that putting was way more of a stroke compared to today's putting, especially on the bikini waxed, flawless greens the PGA guys putt on. They just get it rolling on the right line with the right speed. It seems a lot less likely that you get bad mechanics involved than the old jabbing style of putting.
  4. smashdn

    dopey hat

    Imagine sitting across from us at a job interview and not getting a job because of your appearance.
  5. When they measure me at the doctor's office they do not ask me to remove my shoes. Nor do I play golf without them.
  6. I watch Fred Couples swing when he was younger. Pretty smooth too. You never know about injuries as you may just be predisposed to them. I do agree that Bryson will have issues. I don't disagree with his current approach but recognize that he will have a very short window with which to use it before he will eihter be unable to swing a club or have to revert back to a slimmer build and different style of golf.
  7. Tiger's blow up (and Spieth's) got me thinking about this the other day. There is "the way" to play that hole. It is pretty well accepted that you want to play to the middle of the green at the narrowest part of the hourglass (several articles out there on it). The thought being if you come up short but straight you are in the bunker, long you are in another bunker, left maybe a little long but still on the green and if you come out you are right and short and dead. Watching these guys hitting shots and pulling them back into the water, is this hole easier to play as an amateur
  8. Tour players get/got sent a ton of stuff by companies other than who they are sponsored by. It shows up on fleabay but I doubt it will have the player's name on it anywhere.
  9. smashdn

    "Mud Ball"

    I forgot casual water. The most memorable shot I had season before last, maybe even in my golf career, was a shot off of hard pan. I had hit a pretty decent drive up the left hand side of a par 5. It just happened to stop where the carts drove off of the fairway and was on bare dirt. I didn't see any reason to move it. Pulled a five iron and hit a really nice draw into the green to about 10' and made the putt for eagle.
  10. smashdn

    "Mud Ball"

    Ground under repair and the putting green are the only ones I can think of. Ground under repair is a manmade phenomena. Personally, I think GUR is used too widely based upon how I have seen some local courses apply it for matches. Hardpan or thin grass is not GUR. An area around where a sprinkler head has been changed is GUR. A recently sodded section of ground is GUR.
  11. smashdn

    dopey hat

    Are you allowed to wear joggers and blade collars together? (Asking for a friend.)
  12. It was more to defend the point than anything. I think someone with the argument "the conditions didn't impact the results" is rather myopic. I attempted to point out how, but not to a great degree as of yet.
  13. I felt the same and was corrected for my viewpoint.
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