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  1. That's sort of my point. You can't create that uncertainty. They show up on Monday for a tournament that starts on Thursday. They are at the same course they played last year. They've bought the best yardage book and greens book available and two people (at min) who are professionals at scoring on golf courses have dissected those books and developed a game plan. On the day of the round they are given a sheet that tells them exactly where the holes are cut. I don't blame them, their livelihoods depend upon their ability to score. But professional golf bares little resemblance
  2. The "Jim Furyk Olympic Club 16th" approach. How do you create that day after day and on more than a few holes? How about Forest Dunes?
  3. How do you reconcile that 30 years ago, at around this hypothetical rolled back distance, you didn't see guys attempting this 180 ball speed proposition? If guys throttled back then, and they are, as you state, throttling back now, why would they not do that in the future with equipment that would get them roughly the same driving distances as 30 years ago? That gets back around to the argument that some make that distance is paramount now. With shorter equipment it would be even more important they contend. But with the benefit of hindsight that wasn't that case? I don't see h
  4. I agree with your premise. And I agree with the mindset and the way you have framed this. But there is one aspect I find fault with and it is more of an omission or incorrect line of thinking. "But, If you ask them something different, put a premium on iron play and accuracy into greens." The single best way to be more accurate into greens is to have a shorter shot. The single best way to ensure you have a shorter shot into the green is to hit the previous shot farther. How do you put a premium on iron play? Firstly you can take the driver out of their h
  5. The Kyle Berkshires of the world are not taking over the Tour. Wouldn't they have already done it if they could? I went back and graphed the driving distance info from 1980 to 1990 cause I'm a nerd. Eleven years worth of data points. Longest average driver in that time period was at 285.7 (1986). Longest, shortest average driver was 246.2 yards in 1988. The longest mid point and longest tour average for drives was also in 1988, 263.4 and 262.9 respectively. For more grins I charted the years 2000, 2010 and 2019 just to compare. The shortest hitter on Tour in 2019
  6. Zoysia tee boxes that are kind of fluffy. That tee doesn't get the ball all that high really. 1/4 to 1/2 ball above the crown. I drove the ball like crap yesterday afternoon. Interesting article: https://www.golfdigest.com/story/par-5-jerry-tarde-last-shot?utm_medium=email&utm_source=102120&utm_campaign=ggcontent&camp=EML:GG_PRM:10212020_10212020_C_GolfDigest_Editorial_GG:LINK_24&customerkey=B312748FF3D87F9FC4FB336F7746BE17ED20D58E8CB52AC75EA801AF83313832&mcid=385383828&AthleteID=&hdpid=895054d4-13e1-4d3a-9540-59fcd46a026d
  7. I use a 2 3/4" tee with persimmon. You can still get better results with an upward angle of attack. You just flirt with it going sideways on a slight mis-hit. That being said, gentlemen and ladies, I am out and off the computer and headed to the course to walk nine with my persimmon and old hogan irons.
  8. Doesn't the current (or past version) of the handicap system allow for T scores to flush that stuff out? I am not a handicap mathematician but my understanding is the T score application was supposed to stop people from showing up at events and miraculously scoring magnitudes below their handicaps. I get it would not be fool proof but it would have to help some. There was an article a few years back regarding the big amateur tournament played in Myrtle Beach. It was a guy from Louisville as I recall. He played in a regular league on a tough course from a box farther back than h
  9. This thread wouldn't be about Tiger, it would be a comparison of that era's players (sans Tiger) to the current. Apparently, the former was crap competition. Nothing like what we have now. Also, the courses. The courses now are much more challenging than those from say 96-2010. We should examine that.
  10. I think this deserves another thread just to discuss the competition. Probably another to discuss the courses.
  11. I don't think so. And here is why. So what if he is the next tour player. If he is able to do that with that equipment more power to him. But I have watched enough of his videos to have formed the opinion that he can't. He isn't on tour now and doesn't look like he will be given the rest of his game. He has to give up some of the distance via re-focusing his game on the other parts he is not as good at. He is a good golfer but he is not PGA Tour good. I hesitate to even put him in KF Tour caliber. His game is like BDC's but with much worse short game and putting and some really questi
  12. Except there are guys hitting their 3 woods as far as he is hitting that persimmon driver. I hit my modern three wood on average farther than my persimmon drivers. Much higher flight as well.
  13. RTJ and Dye. Coupled with TV as mentioned. Before that who really cared if the rough was rough? I think there is a psychological thing going on too. I don't know how to characterize it but as evidence I give you how modern golfers approach divots and bad spots in the fairway. To them if they hit the ball right where they intend to and in the fairway they are entitled to a good lie on nice grass and certainly should not have to play out of a divot. The game was predicated upon how you overcame obstacles put in front of you. Dropping out of a divot is not overcoming that obstac
  14. What more can they do? They mow it back towards the tee to decrease distance. Maybe they can bake it out so balls bounce and run like crazy. You'd have some guys who could adapt and still drive it 340+ on certain holes. You'd have still others who would hit shots that bounce and run into the pine straw or into a hazard. I doubt they go opposite direction and mow it taller. They'd adapt to that with approach shots. It might stem some of the rollout but it would also aid them in staying within a smaller spot nearer where they land their drives. It's a second shot co
  15. DJ, one of the longest guys on tour, carrying it 275 and total around 290-300 is about where I think the equipment should get you. 300 yards should be the 100mph fastball. Doable but a very, very rare and impressive feat. So, yeah, approximate the playing characteristics of persimmon and I think the game will be in a better place.
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