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  1. Hensby ten shot penalty? This a result of him not playing much? "Mark Hensby’s second PGA TOUR event in three and a half years, the Palmetto Championship at Congaree, "
  2. My good shots often follow penalty drops. Not a recipe for an attractive scorecard.
  3. Being a big SG guy I did. It had more "bigger names" but was also not the "top heavy" list the way the SG-Driving list is.
  4. I've said, and I am sure many before me as well, golf is an easy game to play if you just hit the ball where you want it to go.
  5. Does it only tone the shoulder or does it help fill and "square out" your pecs? My pecs have gotten soft. Need to kill man boob in its tracks before I am shopping for his and her bras with the missus.
  6. Are there still "T" scores with the new system? I kind of got the impression that those were supposed to weed out sandbagging to some extent. I am not a handicap guru by any stretch. Sort fo going along with the casual/practice round questions, what if you tend to play different sets of clubs? I play about half my rounds with persimmon woods and old forged irons just because and it is definitely a different challenge than when using modern clubs. I play all scrambles and actual competitive rounds with my modern stuff. I would say it results in a difference of 4-7 shots at time
  7. Honestly, Sewanee is the only course I have had the opportunity to play down there. We'll go to Chattanooga for a weekend trip with kids every now and again and I used to go to Atlanta for work here and there but I don't get through there very regular with free time for golf unfortunately.
  8. Since we are already in the ditch and it sounds like we have some knowledgeable guys here regarding lifting, any benefit to military press and decline press in addition to regular flat bench? I loathe lifting btw but am getting that age where I need to do something to maintain what muscle mass I have and not being so soft would be nice too. From waist down and chest up including arms I am happy and still muscular. Core sucks though. Flexibility is not anywhere near as good when I was playing ball and stretching regular.
  9. ...what would it be? Not just what you would want to do because of the money, but what are you, with your current skills, most suited for? (Think hard. This could range from locker room attendant or fly mower operator to tournament director or pro caddie.)
  10. I thought about putting this in Florida but didn't because this is just a good general architecture discussion I wanted to share with those who would be interested here. You want the opportunity to see how an architect views their work or why things are done certain ways on courses, read this > https://www.golfclubatlas.com/forum/index.php/topic,69521.0.html . And just an aside, why would someone care, etc. I got into following and learning the architecture side of stuff in an attempt to get better at playing. I think most all of us can relate to wanting to score better. My
  11. Shoulders and arms. Former baseball player with a beer gut. All my fat is chest to waist.
  12. I liked it but I actually put it design wise a half notch below Legacy in Springfield. Greystone is more scenic.
  13. Living on or near the course and being out in a country setting is going to be tough anywhere around Nashville. I am not as familiar with what is available down in the Smyrna and Murphreesboro area however. Towards Hendersonville and Gallatin both Foxland or Grasslands or whatever they are called now, and Bluegrass are not in a country setting. Both those cities are commutable to Nashville though. Directly north of Nashville there isn't much golf. Same for northwest though you do get into areas that have a more country setting while only being 20-30 minutes from the
  14. Anywhere south of a line roughly st. louis, Louisville, DC will be miserably hot and humid during late august early September (unless you get into the mountains). I like that northern Michigan recommendation. Figure out the tax ramifications of what you are doing and if it goes by location you are physically working in, do the Crossville, TN recommendation and avoid state income tax for that time. Depending upon what you make and what the tax rate is where you typically work from, the difference may come close to paying for your rental.
  15. And I have more impressive arms and shoulders than he does, so point is still valid, maybe more so.
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