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  1. On 1/25/2022 at 8:48 AM, MtlJayMan said:

    ...scores ranging from eagles to doubles and all it takes is one misplayed shot to see that disparity 


    Isn't that also Yas Links #18?


    TH hit it into the bunker.  Then played an approach to an adjoining fairway.  That might have been his best option given the lie he had but he didn't have to hit the darn thing in the bunker either.


    I sort of like this hole.  Lots of width off the tee but it forces you to make a decision with driver right away.  Have to play the hole backwards from the green.  He didn't do that well from the jump.  Wasn't it Mike Tyson who said everyone has a plan till they get hit in the mouth?  Well, he got hit in the mouth by driving it in the bunker.  Mentally strong golfer doesn't blow a gasket and tries to make the best shot given the lie and circumstances.  Don't try and do too much if you have a crap lie.  Get back to where you have a good lie and saw some of that distance to the hole off.  All you can do sometimes.  A par from the fairway bunker would have been absolutely doable and been a fine score given he hit it in there.

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  2. Toss a repair tool in his direction.  They sell those cheap stamped metal ones at the register most places I am allowed onto.  If he tries to give it back tell him to keep it as you assumed he didn't have one.


    We need more of the "fixes 3-4 other ball marks" guys to balance out the "never fixes ball mark" guys out there.

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  3. 1 hour ago, golfortennis said:


    Captains do have some part to play in success, but more importantly, isn't it a bit early to say "their guys aren't better than the current crop of Americans" as it pertains to the RC?  They've split the last four, and it brings to mind the old adage when the baseball team loses, "the other guys are paid to be out there as well."  


    Completely agreed on your money sentence.  For whatever reason, there isn't the same benefit to sponsoring an ET event as there is a PGA tour event.  Still think it's tax related, but have never been able to confirm.


    I paraphrased Montgomery.  He said as much when he mentioned world ranking.

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  4. On 1/17/2022 at 6:38 AM, Ferguson said:

    Jimmy Roberts should be banned from golf and assigned strictly to mid-afternoon Olympics' coverage that no one follows. 


    I don't need him spoiling my biathlon coverage with some fluff piece about the athlete from Belarus.

  5. There is Golf and there is golf.  In the US, most play golf.  Rarely do we play Golf.  Also, we sort of have this resentment of authority bred into us.  We bend rules if not straight up break them as we see fit quite often.


    "All those stuffy rules don't apply to me.  They are for those starched britches guys playing golf on TV."


    Then guys start getting outside of the weekend buddies group and into some flavor of competition and it sort of smacks them upside the head.


    Read the handicap thread that is also up near the top and you get to see the attitude.  it isn't that it is wrong necessarily but just different than how the UK does golf.

  6. 16 hours ago, Forged4ever said:

    So, what are your thoughts on some of Colin's views?


    Regarding overall distance I tend to agree with him in the sense that it has sort of excluded ways you can win.  You can no longer be an average or below average driver of the ball and be an accurate iron player and good putter and win.  You can't be average or below average driving and have a great short game and excellent shot-making and win.  You must be first and foremost long off the tee, and then excel at another aspect or two of the game to win consistently.  


    Because of the above it has made the game one dimensional to a great extent.  Once you are driving it 310-330 in that range you are going to have a short iron or wedge in your hand more often than not.  Why waste time grooving mid-iron accuracy and shot making when you are likely only going to be using it on par 3's.  If you follow the data shooting par on them will have you at or beating the field most times.


    You see some guys still making shots though.  Justin Thomas comes to mind.  He hits it both directions and high and low as it is required.  But he also has the distance to compete.


    Money is killing the Euro Tour.  And what money isn't killing, covid is.  That's all I care to say on that.


    I have no opinion on the Ryder Cup issues he brings up save for better players will beat inferior players all else being equal.  I'll let Europe figure out why their guys aren't better than the current crop of Americans.

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  7. On 1/17/2022 at 10:25 AM, platgof said:

    Tennessee should have hired RTJ instead of Nicklaus as the courses have only done so so compared to RTJ's courses. 


    I'll go geography.  Alabama is a north and south oriented state (news flash I know).  Couple benefits from that I suppose.  Alabama is most of the whole trek for a good deal of people heading down to the gulf coast.  Those courses make a nice stop to stretch your legs on the way down. 


    Next thing is you can sort of pick how far south you want to go to find decent weather in winter.  From southern KY I can choose to go all the way to the coast, Montgomery, to B-ham, to Huntsville of Muscle Shoals and hit some RTJ courses.  Conversely TN, being an east-west oriented state, you don't get a ton of variation in temp to suite your fancy, though there is a considerable difference in Memphis and Johnson City most seasons.  But still not to the extent you can see in Alabama.  


    And then the major difference.  RTJ courses are not all that far off the beaten path or interstate for the most part.  The Bear Trace courses are off the cut, by design, but that has (if the goal was to make money in general) not proven a good idea.  IIRC the idea was to bring cash into the areas where these rural state parks are.  And it probably has to an extent.  But at the cost of revenue as a whole I bet.


    I live one mile from the Ky-Tn state line and spend most of my waking time in TN.  Closest Bear Trace course is at Cumberland Mtn.  2 hours and 24 minutes.  They aren't convenient to access.  Really only Chattanooga is decently close to most of them.


    How many have closed?  TN state parks website is only showing three now.  I thought there were more? 

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  8. 7 hours ago, MelloYello said:


    That's not a logical statement. 


    Playing by the rules doesn't mean I wrote the rules. I didn't invent the game. 


    I don't see value in treating every rule as if it's sanctified. There has to be a logical basis for it and it has to be consistent with the framework around it. 


    I'm still yet to hear anyone justify this tradition of not touching the ball. It doesn't really ad anything. It's not more fair. It just embeds further variation and difficulty. Some are claiming that's good. I disagree. 



    No there doesn't.  "That's just like, your opinion, man."


    Keep in mind this game was dreamed up (and codified) by drunken Scots (redundant?) with ample time on their hands likely whacking rocks and sheep poo about on shortly nibbled grass near the sea using sticks "ill-suited to that purpose."  it is as logical as lacrosse.  Take a breath and enjoy it.


    The tradition of not touching the ball is sort of a fundamental tenant of golf.  Me thinks the idea behind it is the mindset, "you hit it there dummy, now take your lumps and see if you can whack it back towards the target from there."  You are the beneficiary of your own proffer.  It can imbed further variation and difficulty in the game or it can offer you an advantage.  You may find your ball in a quite advantageous setting.  You are the beneficiary of whatever lie you have struck your ball into.  You did it and no one else.


    Fundamentally, if you remove the variation in lie you have sort of dumbed the game down to Top Golf or a driving range with mats type of experience.

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  9. Going big it seems.  The two courses in Canada, Port St. Lucia and I just got an email that they have acquired World Woods in Florida and will be re-naming/re-branding it Cabot Citrus Farms.



    Edited - Please delete.  Did not see the previous thread discussing this.

  10. On 12/30/2021 at 10:29 PM, grm24 said:

    All of the majors pay the professionals that miss the cut. Masters pays 10k.


    The Masters, Open Championship and PGA Championship all have invites for past champions. 


    Again, make the cut at The Masters (in the weakest field) and cash 25k.  You stand to make more, more easily, at The Masters.


    How long do the other major's invites last for?  PGA Championship is for life like The Masters.  The others have sunsets.  (Open 60yo, US open is 10 years.)

  11. 4 hours ago, AntLockyer said:

    That's a good graph. My coach said to me yesterday "Easily hit 12 fairways and 14 greens. All you need." So I guess I would be taking the 250 down the middle, especially when you see there are still scratch golfers hitting it 230 yards.


    What length tees do you typically play from?  What length tees do they play from?

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  12. I've made several pair of moccasins.  Making a golf bag would not be difficult provided you had the correct tools to do it with.  Having the pieces made for the purpose (hard base for bottom, ring for top, stabilizing rod if desired, etc.) would be the trick I would think.  Everything else is just cutting and sewing.


    Look at a leather arrow quiver and make it larger.  Add a divider at top if desired.

  13. 2 hours ago, AntLockyer said:

    Would YOU take 250 off the tee down the middle each time?


    No.  I'd take the 290 though.  But even that would still leave me at a disadvantage playing against my peers at times due to distance only.  I know guys driving 310 yard holes with 3 woods.  Club players with day jobs.  Why I firmly believe the distance stuff has gotten out of hand not just on tour, and not just at high level college play, this is podunk KY country club stuff.


    Everybody I play with is off of @MtlJayMan's chart on the distance side.  270 is high school player driver distance.

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  14. On 12/10/2021 at 10:57 AM, nsxguy said:

    Stats are useful but they tell you what's happened.


    We are using them predictively in this sense though.  Stats not only tell you what has happened but can tell you what the expected outcome should be, and from a choice of outcomes, how likely they would be to happen.  And the handy thing about stats is they remove all the feel and bias from the decision.  It is counting cards and assigning percentages of likelihood for the hands that are left to pop up from the deck.  When the percentages are in your favor you need to bet big and capitalize.  When there is risk you take the safe play.


    Correlation is a huge concept in stats as well.  There are several tests you can perform on data sets to determine how well they correlate one another.  Does not always mean they are cause and effect but it sort of is the smoke to the fire that warrants investigating further.


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  15. 18 hours ago, Titleist99 said:

    Tell you what, I'll take Tiger Woods and Collin Morikawa at 290 off the in the fairway ...... you take two guys from the strokes gained list long drivers at 320 in the rough.....and my iron player will beat them every time......


    Now, who you got?.........I'll wait.


    That's not how that works.  You can have your two players at 290 wherever they hit it against the two guys from 320 wherever they hit it.  At some point you will have your guys 290 in the fairway and the other two 320 in the rough.  At others you will have 290 in the fairway and 320 in the fairway.  Still another at 290 in the rough and 320 in the rough.  And finally 290 in the rough and 320 in the fairway.


    Do you a little square with the four outcomes and see what percentage of the four potential outcomes does not favor the longer hitters.




    Top two guys in percentage of drives over 320 yards were BDC and Rory (2021 season).  BDC and Rory against Tiger (healthy) and CM would be an entertaining match.

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  16. 16 hours ago, ThinkingPlus said:

    Maybe a better way of saying it would be if a bomber could hit driver into the rough on a hole and average near par, but chose to back off to 3W or less on that hole then they are relinquishing an advantage.  In that instance they overvalue control.  I would venture a guess that Jack's approach was optimal for major championships, but non-optimal for regular tournament play.  Of course with his talent it wasn't really a big issue.


    Agree that it is definitely course and situation dependent.  A course in "major conditions" is one where the scale slides towards accuracy due to the penal nature of the rough.  It doesn't devalue being long however.  It just increases the risk if you are less accurate with driver over something else.  There is a break even spot between distance and risk of rough, and it moves based upon the rough and what you end up left to the hole.



    I think what I bolded is it.  At a typical major you can par the majority of the holes and be in the hunt or perhaps even near the top.  It is about not hurting yourself.  At a typical tour stop you have to have birdies because guys are dropping sub 65 rounds on the regular.  You cannot afford to take your foot off the gas for the most part.  You need to be aggressive or you are going to get passed.


    The next thing is most of the guys who are long are also strong (or maybe just quick but the point it they get the clubhead moving fast).  Strength helps you muscle it out of the rough when you do go into it.   And, all else being equal, it is easier to hit a 9 iron from the rough than it is a 6 iron.  


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