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  1. Mine was an Edel fitting, and yeah it was great in every way, but my $450 custom fit Edel putter is sitting in my garage. Meanwhile, today I played 9 holes with my bargain bin putter and had 12 putts, making 52' of putts in the process. Really good putting, but not particularly unusual.
  2. I got a putter fitting a few years ago. It was thorough and impressive. It greatly improved my ability to aim the putter, and also helped me control distance. I paid a buttload for my custom putter. I played that putter for months and months and never made a putt with the damn thing. Today, I putt with a $90 putter I got from the bargain bin at my local golf store, and make way more than my fair share of putts. Lesson learned. I think the concept of putter fitting is solid--it just didn't work at all for me.
  3. Short version: the non-dominant swings are very important. Don't skip them.
  4. Not getting golf instruction because you got a bad lesson is like never going out to eat because you once had a bad meal.
  5. Yes, I am a long-time Edel wedge player and I hate these. They are very heavy, and the leading edge sits way up off the ground (this is the C-grind--supposedly a "shot-maker's grind). I am very disappointed.
  6. I recall seeing something about that but can't find it now. How would it work? I get a standard lefty adaptor and swap the top ring with my current adaptor to get to -2 loft? Thx.
  7. I have a Cally Epic SZ 10.5 and would like to get it down to 8.5º. Right now I have it set at -1, and hit it ok, but still would like to try it at a lower loft. I have ordered a Green Dot (aftermarket) adapter and am wondering if I can just take the cog from Green Dot adapter and swap it with the -1 from the Cally adaptor. Would this work? I would like to avoid pulling the adapter twice if I don't like the -2 setting and want to go back to -1. Thoughts?
  8. My driver has started making a creaking/cracking sound from time to time. It is like a creak, but sharper. Anyway, it has a Callaway adaptor that came with the shaft. The ferrule has a tiny bit of space between it and the adaptor, and I think the sound may be coming from that. I will be taking it apart and re-gluing everything, and prolly installing a bushing ferrule if I have one that fits. Any ideas about what may be going on? Thx
  9. I agree 100% with @nel55. I have had many nets over the years, and they always develop a hole (I only hit irons). After a while, I starting hanging a large towel right in front of the net and that solved the problem. The towel took the brunt of the force and was easy to reposition if it got worn.
  10. Yeah the temps everywhere have been below average this year. Our bermuda wants to perk up , but can't get anything going due to the big swings in temperatures--both day and night.
  11. Thanks for updating us on your progress. I find it very interesting!
  12. This has been so true in my experience. I noticed this years before I tried any underload/overload training. My latest attempt at this is to swing the blue stick 8-10 times, with good technique, a few times per week. I am seeing increases on the course.
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