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  1. Update to the season. We hosted a match last Thursday and we finished first out of three teams, which is awesome. Now for the bad news. Our team is made up of 4 players from my school and 3 from a neighboring district. The neighboring district has gone online for the next two weeks and they've decided that their kids cannot participate on the golf team during that time. So that really hurts.
  2. Another question for the group. We have a home match on Tuesday but Monday the course is going to deep tine the greens. How do you handle that with rules, etc? I'm assuming that once on the green you can move the ball, no nearer to the hole, so that you aren't sitting in one of the holes from the aeration. Other than that, good luck. On a side note: thank you very much for all of the input, it is greatly appreciated.
  3. Golf pride tour velvet full cord. No glove & when they get slick I hit them with the pressure washer. This’ll make them like new at least once.
  4. I was playing a Diablo Tour when I usually play a pro V or the like.
  5. You’re going to have a hard time launching a 15.5° hybrid.
  6. I currently have a titleist ts2 hybrid with a HZRDUS smoke shaft that I like very much with one exception. The 9th hole at my club is a par 5 that has a fairway that funnels everything to the right and behind some very tall pines. My previous hybrid allowed my to hit it over these trees and often onto the green for an eagle attempt. With this new hybrid that shot is much harder. This is the only spot where the old hybrid is better so I don’t want to go back to it. I’m looking for a higher launch shaft for this shot.
  7. Why no 3 club practice round? Won’t that help them develop new shots?
  8. This will definitely be what I do. That is a spectacular idea. Thank you very much... and thanks to everyone who has replied, I appreciate the input.
  9. Another quick question for the group. Are you in favor of a compiled average for qualifying of a certain number of rounds or a one round qualifier for each tournament?
  10. Update: we had our first tournament today and placed 2nd out of 4 teams. So we’ve got that going for us. Which is nice.
  11. Scotty Cameron Inspired by David Duval and Newport Blackstar.
  12. 1. Distances 2. carry distances 3. claiming to fly it 300 but being “about a 12 because I can’t putt”
  13. Thanks again to everyone who contributed. Another question: as far as qualifying rounds, how many rounds would you take as the season goes on? I’m thinking of 5 rounds but tournaments would be entered twice as to make them more important. Then as the season goes on only the 5 most recents count. Thoughts?
  14. I’m 44 and I’m probably better now than I’ve ever been. Maybe not quite as long on best drives but definitely more consistent. I’ve learned to work it both ways and can get up & down from jail.
  15. Looking for something that’s high launch and not gonna break the bank since he’s probably not going to be on them all that long anyway. I’m going to fit him myself. Just looking for ideas that I’ve maybe not considered.
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