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  1. I’m looking at playing a mixed set of Srixon 585’s and 785’s. I’ve got Modus 105’s in the 585’s and I’m trying to acquire the 785’s. That’s an uncommon shaft in the 785’s. The Modus 120’s are from more common. The question is: has anyone played a mixed set with different shafts? This would be more like different weight shafts honestly.
  2. I got z585's for this year and I have to say they're top notch.
  3. I’m going to get Titleist TS2 hybrids. Any noticeable differences between a 17° turned up and a 19° Turned down to a similar loft? Same question for the 21° and 23°.
  4. I think the limits are fine where they are. My point is that if you make everyone use the same driver setup DeChambeau uses (since it's the longest driver on tour) is that "fair"? Chances are lots of other guys will lose distance and accuracy. Regulations to ensure "fairness" aren't always successful.
  5. The more you restrict the equipment, the less fair you make it. As of now tour players must choose clubs on the conforming list. For drivers that's mainly 460cc head and .83 COR. (There's a shaft length limit but I don't know what that is off the top of my head) Beyond that everyone is free to choose whatever they want. When you start setting arbitrary limits you eliminate people from the pool of likely winners. (and you'd better believe they'll be more or less arbitrary guesses based on little-to-no evidence or information) There is no problem here. DeChambeau won a tournament by over
  6. If you can't suck it back on those greens after all the rain then you are hitting absolute knuckleballs. Is there anyone here that wouldn't play him for money if he's getting 8?
  7. Troll thread? He hit two solid shots all day. There were multiple holes where he had to hit three off the tee. He chunked the majority of his approaches 30 yards short of the green. You're telling me that if you play in an ABCD and a guy shows up with an 8 and does that you aren't wondering?
  8. Is there anyone that thinks that Brady's 8 handicap is in any possibly way legitimate? In the entire match he hit a total of two shots solidly and towards the target. Three if you count the eagle putt. In my opinion there's no chance an 8 handicap this that many fat or that many off the planet never to be seen again.
  9. I have definitely seen new people at my local course. While I agree it will probably be a temporary surge it is helping my home course weather a very difficult time. My home course is never in great shape financially, so this surge will help.
  10. I have a rule I live by now because of mistakes I've made in the past... Never, under any circumstances, sell a putter. Of the very few I've sold I've either bought another of the same model or still want to reacquire one. So here's a question for everyone. Is there a putter that you sold that you regret selling? For me it would be the Ping Doc 17. There was one that sat in the pro shop I worked at for about a season and a half. I finally bought it because I had putter with it on the shop carpet during slow time and I really liked it. Played it on and off for most of the season then put
  11. Right now I have a golf course that is about 10 minutes from my house. Anything past that is 45+ minutes. We barely get by most years and now with this forced shutdown I'm worried they'll just never open back up. Has anyone heard of any grants or loans (maybe a tour player with deep pockets) that may be available in case? This is an absolute gem of a course setup, especially for the area. Due to location though it just never makes enough money to really get in the clear.
  12. Due to the current restrictions due to coronavirus my practice regimen is severely limited. I've got room for a hitting net in my yard and I'm looking for good options for that, or suggestions for a better way to practice than hitting balls into a net.
  13. 4 and change handicap right now. In the bag right now I have a set of Callaway X14 pro 5-pw that have been in there for over a decade. I do however have a set of brand new Srixon Z585's 5-pw sitting in the closed down pro shop of a local country club... which I cannot access as long as we are under Coronavirus restrictions. Ugh...
  14. I’ve hit the entire srixon line on trackman and I’ve decided that the z585’s are my best bet. I hit the demo 7 iron 15-20 yards longer than my current set. Should I expect a 15-20 yard boost in the pw too? If so, I’m going to have a pretty big gap in the 110-130 range that could be an issue. Anyone who currently plays these have any insight or possible solutions?
  15. City and State (US Only): McConnellsburg, PA Handicap: 5.0 Current Irons: Callaway X14 Pro Series Favorite Feature of the New P790 irons: It's a players iron from the modern era. My current irons are targeted towards the better player demographic but they are almost 20 years old. I am interested in the differences the newer technology make. If selected, do you agree to participate in a review thread? We would ask you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide a review of the clubs? That's a big 10-4.
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