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  1. I got a demo ZX5 through the $30 Srixon demo program. I REALLY wanted to love it, but it just wasn't a good fit for me. Feel/sound isn't normally a top criteria for me, but the driver just felt 'clangy'. I had a two way miss with it and didn't hit it anywhere as close to as good as my PING over two range sessions. I think the EvenFlow Riptide may not be the best fit for me. I'll give it a few more range sessions, but right now it looks like it'll be going back. I love the demo program though. Being able to hit a club multiple times outside suits me better than hitting it into
  2. My 52* Black CBX2 (Black Betty) and a dead hand wedge shot is my go to for anything 25-80 yards.
  3. You'll definitely want to regrip them. I wouldn't overthink it as a new player with a set you're just learning on. The two biggest things will be to make sure you get the right size and the right material for your part of the country. Grip sizes are standard, midsize (bigger) and jumbo (biggest). (You can add wraps for custom sizes, but that's not something you need to worry about until you figure out what works for you.) A general rule of thumb is you want to your fingers to lightly touch when you hold the grip. (I played for over 20 years with grips that were too small and always strug
  4. As nearly everyone has said, wedges are very personal. It also depends on the strength of your short game. Personally I think a lot of golfers with average short games can really benefit from a CBX2 wedge. They provide a lot of the playability of blade style wedges, but are designed to be very friendly to use.
  5. Early in the pandemic, many of the courses here in Texas stayed open but required everyone to walk. We all loved it. And waxed philosophically about how this was how golf was meant to be played. And that we were playing better golf. And questioned why we were riding all the time. The spring turned into summer and when it was 95+ degrees and humid, we quickly remembered why we rode. Thankfully by that time the restrictions had eased up to allow us to ride. I don't mind walking on a nice day. But when summer hits, no thanks.
  6. My worst play through story was when I was in my mid 20s or so. I picked up the game right after college. I was playing as a single at twilight when 8 women from the local college golf team were about to go out. They were all around the tee box and said to go ahead and play through since I was a single and it was fairly open in front of them. Then one of them said 'but if you better hit a good tee shot!' And of course I top a ball about 80 yards....and do the walk of shame while being heckled.
  7. Golf fitting is a waste of time for most players. The quality of fitters varies, with few quality ones out there. And then they are trying to fit amateurs with swings that vary from swing to swing, day to day. It's like trying to get a suit fitted for somebody who may gain/lose 20 lbs each week or get taller/shorter. A simple fitting for length, club head and shaft would do for most golfers.
  8. I have always been a 'hands along for the ride' guy..... But think i may have it backwards. What say you?
  9. Count me as another one who's lukewarm to the whole fitting process. I think there is some value in drivers. There are a lot of adjustments that can be made and different shafts, weights, lengths can help somebody maximize their game. But iron fitting seems 90% length and shaft fit for most golfers. Fitting irons off a mat seems worthless as you don't play golf off a mat. I do think the Mizuno shaft optimizer is a good tool to find out what shaft works for a swing. But once you know the shafts that are a good fit for you, I think most golfers can self fit. T
  10. I use a midsize grip, so I generally expect to regrip 90% of the new or used clubs I buy. So it doesn't make a bit of difference in my purchase decision.
  11. 2 if I used the same rule....
  12. I was a PING guy for years until I got on the Srixon bandwagon. They are fantstastic. PINGS are great too, but just like Srixons. The ZX5s have a thicker sole than the 565s. But it doesn't matter with the v-sole. I play in Texas where this time of year is nothing but thin dormant Bermuda and they have been just fine.
  13. I used to be a demo day junkie (met a fellow WRXer at one over a decade ago and we've been good friends and played countless rounds since.). Golden Bear (now the Highlands) used to hold a big one each spring with just about every OEM out there. It was a good chance to try everything across the board. The downside is the quality of rep makes a huge difference. Some are really knowledgeable and are great at helping you find a fit. Others are just there to get a check. I had a bad taste in my mouth about one OEM for years solely because of the salty product rep they had who alway
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