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  1. I think the 410 and 400 Max are both very good drivers. I had owned the 400 Max previously then sold if for some dumb reason. I ended up going through a lot of drivers this year before coming back to the 410 Plus. I knew the 425 Max was coming, but the deals on the 410 are just too good right now. New drivers seem to be going for 5 bills these days. I'm too cheap to pay that much for incremental improvement.
  2. I had an outdoor Titleist fitting a few weeks ago and was fit to a 10* TSi2. It was longer and I was getting better numbers than the 10.5* G410 LST. I ended up getting rid of the LST and getting a standard 9* 410 Plus. I found it to be pretty much the same as what I was getting with the TSi2. Same ball flight, same distance, I'd say the PING was a touch more forgiving. As other have said, the 425 is coming, which may throw a curveball. Not gonna lie, I can be a bit frugal. So it was hard for me to bite the bullet and spend $550 on a driver.
  3. I'd give some serious consideration to the stock PING Alta CB shaft. They usually do a really good job of matching their shafts to the club. I learned that lesson the expensive way this year. I had a PING G400 10.5* Max that was the best driver I ever owned. For some dumb reason I sold it. I've been through a lot of drivers this year. The Cobra SZ, Srixon 565 and a Callaway Epic Flash. I decided to the G410 10.5* a try, but thought I'd get the 'upgraded' Tensei shaft instead of the Alta. It was OK....but not as good as my old G400...it seemed like I hit high spinny balls. Went
  4. I'm selling a PING G410 LST 10.5* driver. It has the original stiff Tensei Orange (non pro) shaft that PING uses as an optional shaft. It's in great shape. It's only been used for a couple of months. Just not quite the right fit for my swing. I'm looking for $SOLDshipped to the CONUS. I would consider selling the head only for $SOLD . I'm not looking for any trades at this time. It includes the original (unused) headcover. I can include a non-PING wrench that works. Thanks for looking!
  5. That's a tough one. On one hand, you want irons that you enjoy playing and never want to feel like you settled. The flip side is the 'grow into' is a trap we fall into. Odds are there are guys who are low handicappers who play all of those sets. We've all been enamored with the concept of a set 'we can grow into'. I'd bet it's rarely the iron that holds us back, unless it's just a bad fit.
  6. I bought a Cobra Speedzone Extreme in their 'tour length' model that plays at 44.5. One of my favrorite drivers of all time was a TM R5 with an NVS Orange shaft playing a 44.5 inches. The Cobra was a dud for me at that length. It felt great, but was short. The best driver I ever had was a PING G400 Max playing at 45.75.
  7. I would vote for sticking what works. The 400 series is SO good. I had a 400 Max. It was the best driver I ever owned. I also had a 5-wood. I sold them this spring after hitting the Cobra Speedzone Extreme. But I regretted it a month later. I had sold my 400 Max to a WRXer who had regretted selling his. But he said he couldn't find the magic again and sold it back to me. It was the same for me. I swear it was like she was holding a grudge for splitting up. I'm hitting the G410 LST now. I love the feel and the ball flight. I like it, but not quite as much as the G
  8. I like Monte. Had lessons with him in person. But buying this video while drinking was a very very bad idea. I am not a great golfer, but the one thing I've never struggled with is OTT....every instructor told me I shallow the club and have a good impact position. If I could just get a good backswing...
  9. That's an interesting concept that I need to look into. All my golf life my general iron shots have been either dead straight or pushes or pulls. I don't have a reliable left to right or right to left shot that would allow me to plan for taking one side out of play.
  10. I'm also in the play whatever you want camp. To me, hitting a higher off a tee is different than hitting irons off of turf. I've played a ton of SGI irons over the years. I used PINGs from the G2s on, but when they got to the G20, the sole/offset was just too big to my eye. Confidence plays a big role in role play and the idea that you trust the club to do it's job. The G25s were MUCH better and I had a set for 5 years. But it's like saying if you hitting bigger clubs, why not get a set of HiBores? I think every golfer has a line where an iron still needs to look good to play
  11. Following this one with interest. I currently play the 565s and am thinking of getting the zx5s in the spring. If I was to pick nits about the 565s, the one thing I wish is that had traditional 4* gaps at the top end of the bag. There is about a 15 yard gap between my PW and gap. And about the same from my gap to 9-iron. As an average golfer, I'm aiming at pins inside of 140 and the center of the green/safe approach 150+ out. Yet the lofting on the 565 give you 10 yard gaps in the midrons and longer gaps in the scoring zone.
  12. Thanks for the report. I'm really interested in these as replacements for my 565s. My only concern is the body construction seems to be conducive to a slightly harsher/clickier feel than the previous 5 series. Love everything about my 565s except the Nippon 980GH shafts. They launch just a bit too high for me. On windy days here in Texas, it feels hard to keep the ball down. But on a calmer day the ball just sails and just drops and sticks.
  13. PING is also happy to tell you over the phone. I've called to check or given a seriel number when asked for something I'm selling. They'll look it up and give you all the information from the original tag.
  14. Amazing how different golfers have different results. The G400 Max was my all-time favorite driver It was a fairway finding machine. I stupidly sold it and was on a driver hunt all year. I got the G400LST with the Orange Tensei and it is absolute magic. My miss had been a hook or block. I cannot hook to this club to save my life. Most balls are dead straight. If I put my foot in it, I get a mild pull slice. I've only played 54 holes with it, but it is 'almost' as good as the G400 Max.
  15. Not Covid related, but I had decided to get a new driver at the beginning of the year. That led to churning my driver more in a year than I have in the last 5. I did take advantage of the increase in used club values to sell some clubs that were I had in the backup bag.
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