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  1. That is where I am too. This concept helps clean up some things i have been working on. My iron play/consistency is as dialed in as it’s every been. Very good impact, powerful ball flight. But I struggle being consistent with the longer clubs. It just doesn’t feel like I’m squaring throw club as naturally. Which results in a bad 2 way miss. It’s frustrating bc if my driver was 70% as reliable as my irons are right now, I’d be playing the best golf of my life.
  2. That's where I am, but I am an average golfer. My clubs had weird gapping in the area that should be my absolute 'go' scoring zone. So I eventually had to go with different lofts to make things easier. And also clubs with similar weight/feel in my wedges.
  3. I'm biased, but some of the best irons I owned. I love the 565s, but the ZX5s are better in every way except feel. (slightly clickier)
  4. I moved from my PING to a Srixon driver....but still not quite sure.....
  5. I have the ZX5 which have the same specs. I had the same gap issues with a 50/54/58. I ended up going 48/52/56. Yardage gaps are perfect now.
  6. I need spend my some with it and get over the mental hurdle with it. My 5-iron has always been a mental line of demarcation in my bag. I am fine with my 4H. LOVE my hywood...it has become my favorite club in the bag. But give me a yardage at the 5-iron, especially when it's not off the tee and I'm not comfortable.
  7. Driver right now. I've just been in a driving funk since getting rid of the G400 Max. Driving went from a strength to a 2 way adventure. The other club is the 5-iron. Love my 4H. Like my 6i. But just not confident with the 5-iron. The driver is the bigger issue though. Gotta drive to score.
  8. Malaska is really good. I'm a hack, but my swing issue has always been that the clubhead drops behind me and come too far from the inside. And rather than early extension, my issue is trying to hold and angle way too long. 90% of the stuff out there is fixing OTT or early extension. I think a lot of online golf instruction is about trying to course correct the issues players struggle with. So what resonates or seems way off base comes from when someone is emphasizing one or highlighting a fix or correction to one side of the puzzle. You kind of have to pick what works for you from some instructors when you know what you are trying to fix. I got one nugget from Christo on the initial of the downswing where Malaska is talking about forearm rotation that resonated more than Malaska. But a lot of the stuff with silly names (Shangra-La) went out one ear and out the other. Decided Christo's stuff wasn't worth a subscription. I think another reason his stuff is appealing to golfers is it's marketed as a success story. A guy who was your typical bogey golfer who remade his swing to become a good player. That's the brass ring of hope that sells guys like me a whole lot of golf equipment, instruction, articles, etc...when it's usually just a lack of talent issue, lol.
  9. That's interesting because he helped me grasp a Malaska concept. Then it all clicked. We'll see how it continues. Online golf instruction has always been a challenge for me. I'm a total hack, but my problems are opposite of most golfers. Sometimes you want a guy to help you get from A to B. I have no delusions of ever swinging like Hogan, so I took all the marketing with a grain of salt.
  10. Yikes! I fell across some of the clips that gave me a different way to think about something I was working on and had some success. I was absolutely striping my irons at the range and played really well my last three rounds. I was considering getting the whole series. My take on this thread as an average hack trying to get better. 1. I understand the high level of esteem many golfers, especially those in this forum, have for Ben Hogan, but it's 2021. I think a lot of golfers aren't swayed by Hogan's mystique as a selling point anymore. He's an all-time great ballstriker. But being as few people have been able to replicate his swing in decades....they aren't expecting to get it from YouTube. 2. I've taken lessons from a lot of instructors, and it never was a consideration if shoot scratch or better in a VLOG. There are a lot of guys who can pass a PAT who suck as instructors. One of the best lessons I received was from a golfer in wheelchair who never had a traditional swing. It's more about being able to effectively convey information to help my game than what you shoot when you play. (BTW, the few times I've had an instructor hit a shot or club in a lesson, the results usually weren't a tour level shot. And they dropped some line about 'the worst thing about teaching is I don't get to play anymore' with a chuckle'.) 3. As long as there has been golf, there have been people peddling their systems, books, training aids, etc. The internet is no different. Everybody from MSE to Scratch Golf Academy to Eric Corgona to Chris Ryan to Mike Malaska to Monte S. and others are selling golf improvement online. Golf consumers know it's caveat emptor. Most of this stuff costs the price of a round of golf. You get what you pay for. The energy and venom on this thread almost felt more like a personal vendetta than the review I was first searching for.
  11. Callaway for me as well. Just never got a long with their clubs. Other than a brief dalliance with an XR16 driver, they've never found their way in my bag.
  12. They are doing a savvy job of taking advantage of the current market conditions.
  13. Mizuno Golf Scratch Sac BSCRTCH20 Black Grey 90 | Function18 I have an older version of this that's more than 10 years old. It's made literally hundreds of trips to the practice range. It's probably the best bang for the buck value golf purchase I've made. (I literally don't get how people take full bags to the driving range.)
  14. mantan

    Ping 2022

    For the first time in over a decade, I don't have a single PING club in the bag. Moved off the last one today....
  15. My stock shot is a draw. The miss I absolutely detest is a hook. I generally try to avoid any club that makes it easier. While draw biased, I don't find the Srixon overly so. I never feel like I'm going to lose it if I go after it. The PING was more a 2-5 yard draw where the Srixon is a 10 yard draw. I can't speak to workability as I generally don't try to. I need to find a way to do it on some holes. I played a local course last week where to driving holes really require you start the ball left of your target line and work it back or at least be able line up on the far left side of the tee box and hit it dead straight. I previously had a 10.5* 585 and hit it much higher than my PING. That led me to get a 9.5* this time.
  16. My mistake, it's Truefitgolf.com. Spinoff of Not allowed because of spam site that does fittings for $9. You throw in your numbers and it spits out a fit. I did it one a whim when a buddy had good luck with it. I plugged in my LM numbers from a recent lesson and info and spit out the Z585.
  17. I generally only use my stock shot. So I'm not good enough at working the ball to say....
  18. I just put the Z585 back in the bag. Long story short, I had a G400 Max that I loved and sold right before the pandemic to buy a Cobra Speedzone (big mistake). I cycled through multiple G410s and a G425 over the past year. Last August I did the MGS Truefit.com and it spat out the Z585. I used it for a month and played really well with it. But needed a 9.5* instead of the 10.5*. I jumped back on the PING hamster wheel for a months before going back to the Z565. I like the sound/feel MUCH better than the G425. It does have a left/right bias. I hit a draw as my stock shot though. It's not as forgiving as the G400 Max...to me it's a slightly draw biased G410 Plus.
  19. Watching this with interest. I'm not in love with my G425 hybrid compared to the G410. I LOVE my Cleveland Hy-wood. Bag has slowly morphed into a lot of Srixon/Cleveland gear. I'm still in the PGATourSS Playability window. I'm thinking of the ZX or Launcher hybrid to replace it....
  20. I would definitely try them before making a decision. IMO the G400 series was the best series PING has made in the last decade plus. I've owned the driver and hybrid and am not convinced they are an improvement. As always YMMV.
  21. I was the same way with the G425. I wanted to love it. i'd owned the G15 for 5 years. The G400 Max was the best driver I owned. I really liked the G410 Plus, but it wasn't the 400 Max. The G425 was marketed as the best of both worlds. But I had the same two way miss that you talked about. All things being equal I would have kept the G410.
  22. I'm close to putting my 410 hybrid back in the bag. It was my security blanket club. I just haven't found the same magic with the 425. I've hit some good shots with it. But some squirely ones as well. I just don't have that blind trust I had with the 410.
  23. Along those lines, if you are above a 5 handicap, you're not a 'good ball striker'. Maybe a good ball striker 'for your handicap'... but not a good ball striker.
  24. I went down this road as well. I had the G15 for 5 years. I got the 400Max and loved it. I tried various iterations of the G410 Plus, but ended up selling them all. I had a brief flirtation with the G425 Max which people said was closer to the 400. I wasn't a fan of the sound/feel at all. That seems to be the feel/sound of a lot of current drivers. I'm not sure any of the new drivers jump out at me. For now, I went back to a non-adjustable Srixon model from the previous cycle. I really like the sound/feel of it. But I had jumped back on the PING hamster wheel trying to recapture the magic.
  25. I'm selling a PING G425* 10.5* driver. They had replaced the 26 gram headweight with a PING 29 gram to bring the swingweight back up a bit. (I didn't realize this until I considered buying a PING headweight and pulled it out to confirm the weight) As the pics reflect, it is in fantastic shape. Edit: The shafts were sold separately. I'm selling the head only for $SOLD. I do not have a PING G425 headcover. I can send a G410 Plus headcover if you want.
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