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  1. The only thing I can think of is you meant to say par 3 courses? Other than that, not catching on.
  2. I see your point and don't necessarily disagree. It seems as if the USGA is returning to somewhat of an "Open rota" type schedule going forward, but they've recently broken the trend of classic courses a bit in recent years with their use of Chambers Bay and Erin Hills. Bethpage originally broke the mold and Torrey was also a bit surprising in my eyes, which laid the foundation for some of these newer places being selected. Whistling has more major history now than any of those places had at the time of their first majors. Herb Kohler, Kohler Co., and the Sheboygan, Wisconsin ar
  3. I remember going to Pinehurst almost 15 years ago. You could buy a two bedroom lakefront condo for $125k in Pinehurst. I'm not sure what they would cost now, but heck, I could have semi-retired years ago. I'm assuming if you work at Pinehurst, you'd get some sort of playing privileges. I'd work part time at the course to pay the bills, then play the rest of the time.
  4. I'd love to see Whistling Straits host. When the PGA Championship first went there in 2004, all the players that played preview rounds said that the course would be unfair, even for tour players. Players were nervous it'd be harder than a US Open when combining the narrow fairways, wind along the lake, and long fescue close to landing areas. Then the PGA made last minute changes to make the course easier and went too far, making the course too easy until Sunday when very few players shot under par. Put that course in the hands of the USGA and watch Whistling Straits come alive
  5. CURRENT GAMER: 34" Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport HOW CLEVELAND'S SOFT FACE TECHNOLOGY CAN HELP ME: My Scotty provides incredible feedback, but as an amateur golfer there are days where that's a detriment. If I'm getting all negative feels from my putter, I'm not concentrating as much as I should on my preferred line and pace and ultimately worry too much on center-contact. A putter that feels soft on all strokes inspires confidence in your stroke and allows better focus on other essential aspects of putting. FAVORITE SOFT PREMIER PUTTER: Premier 4
  6. This is WAAAY out there for an idea, but I'd love to be able to hide Classifieds after viewing them. That way I don't have to look through the same classifieds that don't interest me over and over. For example, if I'm a size large shirt with 32 waist, I'd love to be able to hide all the XXL/38 threads for eternity. Not really a complaint, and I don't find much wrong with the current forum, so basically just a wish list item from me! ?
  7. 16.5 Really struggling with my fairway wood. Currently playing a 5-wood from a competitive brand with a lower launching shaft to try to give me similar performance to a 4-wood. Unfortunately, the stout shaft (which I wouldn't normally order) and head weight have not been a good combo for me.
  8. The obvious answer was the 2008 US Open at Torrey Pines, 72nd hole for Tiger....then the 2019 Masters happened. You can't do this to me! Okay, I pick the 2019 Masters. The specific moment had to be the 70th hole on Sunday for Tiger, hole 16, and almost acing it.
  9. Thank you for some fantastic advice, ebeer! When you say you do repairs, does that include both resetting the shaft and regripping? I don't mind tinkering with stuff, particularly when it's golf club related (I never let anyone touch my own modern clubs as I do all the work myself), but hickories are a realm I've obviously never dabbled in. I've done a little research on it, and it doesn't seem too bad to do (in some ways, not so different from taping a hockey stick up!). On one hand, doing it myself sounds like a fun challenge. On the other, it sounds risky when I just want to start havi
  10. Hey Jiggered! Thanks for the link. There are numerous threads in the forum about hickories, so I'm glad there's a "one-stop-shop" for hickory info. I was a bit sarcastic at my initial reply to mocokid because I was using a variety of search terms to see if there were any previous suggestions on ways to start in the world of hickory golf clubs on a budget. My search didn't yield anything (might be my fault with the terms I used), hence the thread. I've been on the internet long enough to understand the practicality of using "search" (which I should have clarified in my original post), so t
  11. Thank you for the advice. I've never used a forum before and am new here. Unfortunately, my search must be broken because I am pulling zero results when searching the forum for hickory golf on a budget, starting out, etc. The question wasn't "where can I buy playable hickory clubs at new, retail prices?"...but, I digress. Deejaid, thanks for the recommendation. I thought of the "buy one club" idea, but have been debating the merits of how good of a feel you can get for playing a game of hickory golf by only buying a club or two. I'll keep an eye open on eBay for some rebuilt sets. I di
  12. I've become more and more intrigued by the idea of playing a set of hickories lately. The idea of moving up some tees and playing a game of shot-making sounds more fun that trudging back to the tips over and over, just because that's what the group plays. I play to about a 5 handicap and tend to play more players type clubs. But, something in my golf life seems to be missing...and I feel like hickories might be the way to go. On the plus side, I live in North Dakota where there aren't many trees on some of the courses and the wind can kick up pretty good on the plains...in some ways creati
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