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  1. Those Fuji practice shafts are great. I have one in an old 7 iron and hit balls with it all the time. Really good for tempo.
  2. No trades please. Ok for PayPal info. UB 7X Used for 1 round Srixon tip No tipping Plays 45.5” Can switch to TM, callaway, Titleist tip for no charge. Great shaft but I’m sticking with my HD. $225
  3. Pm for PayPal info. No trades please. Both shafts are basically new. Built and tested indoors. Never hit outdoors. Both play 45.5” in a Srixon driver. Can swap to TM, Callaway or Titleist tip for no charge. $225 each
  4. Each set is $109 shipped. All .355 taper tips. 1. Tour FLT 130 SOLD 4-p Sst pured Good condition Tour velvet grips with a few extra wraps 2. Ctaper lite 110 stiff SOLD 4-p Iomic sticky grips except for the pw Good condition 3. Dynamic gold amt white s300 SOLD 4-p Mix of mcc +4 and velvet 360 Only a few rounds on them 4. Modus 105 stiff SOLD 6-p Velvet 360 Only a few rounds on them
  5. Pm for PayPal info. No trades please. 1. Z grip align mid 13 grips Only used a few rounds Clean pulls, no tape residue $100 2. Tensei pro orange 60tx TM tip 44.25”, will play 45.25” installed Tour velvet std $150 SOLD 3. Scotty Cameron grips 3 pistolero, leather wrap, baby t, studio Pistoleros are in good shape. Studio is a little slick, baby t has some tape on the inside, leather wrap is well used. $200 4. Apex pro smoke 3 iron Hzrdus rdx 80 6.0 shaft $80 5. KBS tour 125 S+ New pulls 5-p Played std $125
  6. 2 dozen balls and 2 hats for $100. Pm for PayPal info. Both hats are adjustable. No trades please. SOLD
  7. Pm for PayPal info. SM8 50F 56D Kbs $ taper 130 Std length 1* up but can bend to any loft/lie $100 ea or $175 for both Sold Ventus Blue 6x 40” long Tipped 1” No grip $100 Sold Atmos Black Just under 43” Not sure on tipping Mcc white grip $100 Graphite Design TP7s Just over 41.5” Tip 2” No grip $100 Sold Cameron grip pulls 2 matador midsize and a pistolini plus In very good shape $100Sold
  8. Pm for PayPal info. Scotty Cameron Camo matador midsize and Circle T pistolini. Both in very good condition. $75 each BOTH SOLD Pro v1. 4 sleeves V, 3 sleeves of X. X sleeves have Team Titleist logo. Not splitting up. $65 SOLD Footjoy waterproof jacket. Medium, Navy. Only worn a few times. $75 Footjoy quarter zip. Medium, sea foam greenish. New, without tags. $50 SOLD Galvin green quarter zip. Large, fits more like a medium. Dark green. Work once. $50
  9. 2 dozen balls and 2 hats for $100. Pm for PayPal info. No trades please.
  10. Pm for PayPal info. No trades please. Clear golf balls 1 dozen black, 20 green All new in sleeves Sold as a lot only $100 SOLD Golfpride v55 cord grips 7 58x, 1 60r All used for about 10 rounds Plenty of life left $80 SOLD
  11. Pm for PayPal info. No trades please. 5-p C taper 120 stiff Std length 37” 7i Std Loft Lie but I can bend to whatever you want. No grips but I will install your choice of tour velvet cord, z grip, or tour velvet align. All grips are saved but in good condition. Can install with whatever wraps you want. $400 SOLD
  12. No trades please. Pm for PayPal info. 12 z grip align std. 5 are new pulls, the rest have a few rounds on them. $85 SOLD 9 Tour Velvet Align std. In good condition. Probably about 10 rounds on them. $65
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