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  1. Have some Cameron Custom shop shafts as well if someone wants I could swap one out for a few bucks more.
  2. Pm for PayPal info. No trades please. 1. Sim max 3w. Fuji Pro 2.0 TS 8x. This shaft is a $100+ upgrade from TM ($150 I think) Mcc standard white grip. $250 Sold 2. Cameron Newport 2. 33” with Super stroke grip. I can swap for a Pistolini plus grip and/or extend if you need. Comes with the cover. $250
  3. Pm for PayPal info. Only trades would be to swap the 54* for a 56* M grind in matte black. 1. Toulon Garage San Diego slant. Red white and blue paint fill. Comes with garage shaft band and headcover. 34” with red Lamkin deep etch grip. Has some small marks as shown. $300 obo. $250 2. Vokey SM8 50&54. Used about 10 rounds. Stock LLL with stock DG shafts. $225 $185 3. Mcc Mid blue. 12 grips. Used for about 10 rounds. Show some wear but plenty of life left. $old
  4. Pick any 5 for $95 shipped. Or take all 10 for $150. All worn a few times but in good shape. Pm for PayPal info with the numbers you want. 1. Bonobos medium 2. Greyson medium 3. matte grey medium sold 4. Greyson medium sold 5. linksoul medium 6. adidas medium sold 7. lululemon large. Sold 8. travis Mathew medium sold 9. Gavin green medium. Fits like euro med. 10. Gavin green medium. Fits like euro med.
  5. Sorry but someone beat you to them. They are pending to WarrenG. You are next in line.
  6. Pm for PayPal info. No trades please. 1. Cameron lot. 3 new pistolini plus, 1 CT used pull. $old 2. MCC+4 Mid. 16 pulls in good shape. $old 3. RTX4 raw set. 50,54,58. $150 50-36.5” PXLS6.0 120 8i shaft soft stepped 54-36.25” pxls6.0 120 8i shaft soft stepped 58-36” pxls6.5 125 7i soft stepped all with MCC mid grips.
  7. https://proschoicegolfshafts.com/counterfeit-shaft-warning-2/ Here is some info from Pro’s choice. They are the US distributor for graph design. Have a look at this and contact them with info.
  8. These are new pulls. Pulled before they were used. 14 available. These retail for $17.99 on the website. 7 for $105 ($15 ea) 14 for $150 ($10.70 ea)
  9. Shafts are $50 for the first, $30 for each additional. Please pm for PayPal info. First has a matador midsize, the rest are raw.
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