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  1. Modus black 105 stiff 355 taper tip 5-p Played STD length SST Pure’d CP2 Midsize wrap Last photo is longest and shortest $old
  2. Also curious about who did the work. These look great!
  3. According to the Mizuno site the 51/08 is the “standard bevel” and the 56/10 is the “aggressive c grind”.
  4. No trades please Forged tec raw irons 4-GW +3/4” length STD loft & lie MCC Std align grips w/ 3 wraps 4-p have c taper lite X 115 soft step 1x Gw c taper stiff 120 straight in $425 as is $375 $300 heads only $250 Mizuno T20 51 & 56 51 is 35.75” 56 is 35.25” Both have modus 120 x flex $125 for both $100
  5. Pm for PayPal info. Only trades would be for some Srixon 585 irons. MP18 Fli hi 4 & 5 SC 6-p Std loft and lie Asking $300
  6. I have these with c taper lite and love them. I soaked mine in vinegar to raw them and they came out great but the original black finish is really nice too. I was really surprised at how good these are.
  7. Wow. Haven’t seen one in that good condition in a long time. Very nice.
  8. These were only used a few rounds. Clean pulls with no tape inside. Sold
  9. 13 pulls in good shape. Probably about 10 rounds on them. These are 100% authentic, not the fake ones from eBay. $75. No trades please. ***SOLD***
  10. Great looking putter and a great deal at $300. Should be gone soon....
  11. Fresh pulls. Clean cores, no tape. These were installed and used for 1 practice session. Some were never hit. Picture shows 12 but listing is for 13. Last one will be pulled once sold. Asking $125 or trade for V55s. Drip to $110
  12. Great set here. You’d be hard pressed to find a smoother set than Mizuno with Modus. I can bend to any spec at no charge and cut down and regrip for just the price of the grips. The grips are worn and I can replace with Mcc midsize white or Mcc +4 align std for an extra $25. Pm me for more info. Here are the specs currently: 4-5 Fli hi 6-p SC Modus 120 stiff +1” 2* up MCC +4 Midsize grips Some face wear in the short irons but no rust. Long irons are very clean.Asking $400 obo - No trades please
  13. Pm for PayPal info. No trades please. Tensei Pro Blue 80TX 42.25 with TM tip with Z crod Align std $140 lowered to $130
  14. Pm for PayPal info. Only trades would be for an Axis Rose Putter or swap the grips for Mcc STD in similar condition. Tour Issue TS2 10.5* with xxxTxxx serial #. Hz smoke yellow 60g, 6.5. Comes with Stock grip and headcover. Very good condition as shown. Only a couple rounds on it. Head Sold, $75 for the shaft. 11 Golfpride mcc +4 Align midsize grips. Used for 2 rounds. I’m near new condition. SoldTM shafts $75 ea A. Hzrdus smoke Blk 6.0 70g 2* tip. Z cord align std. Logo down at 1 notch lower. B. Rogue Max 65 TX 1.5* tip. Blk Iomic Evo 2.3. Logo down at uprt loft. C. Motore Speeder TS 6.2 Stiff 2* tip. Z cord align std grip. Logo down at 2 notches higher. D. Hzrdus smoke green 6.0 70g 1.5* tip. Stock z grip. Logo down at 1 notch lower. Sold E. Speeder 661 Evo II Stiff 1.5* tip. Tour velvet std. Logo down at std.
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