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  1. what are you wanting done? i do putter refinishing.not working regular job because of virus,so my turn around is less than a week after receiving putter, can do bead blasted finish , flat black and semi gloss black, been doing it as a hobby/business for 20 years
  2. i have a box of new steel driver shafts from a purchase i made years ago. pm me if you want me to see what flexes i have, they are dynamic gold
  3. I dont think its fake, but definitely has some aftermarket work done to it, finish and engraving, not sure about head cover
  4. Pro platinum putters were never faked.

    Fake TeI3??

    I have not seen a fake tei3, there are imitations without the cameron name on them.
  6. Looks real with the sole sanded down and sand blasted poorly, will be really light weight ..probably worth $75 -$100 to a person who wants a 320 gram putter, would probably play fine with some 30 gram weights.
  7. they look perfect to me ,maybe 4-6 rounds of use, I see no problems,plus with ebay you always are protected for any concerns for at least 30 days if not more, if they are not as described, plus use ebates and save another 2.5 percent.
  8. Ive always liked Las Sendas but i dont see people talking about it much.
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