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  1. The Con by MarvelHey I saw this cover on a UK site. It's like a criminal with handcuffs made by Marvel. The site doesn't ship to US but I can't find another site. check it out: http://www.thegolfshoponline.co.uk/index.c...;productId=1238 any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. T.P. Mills putters are the best. Sorry I've been MIA from golfwrx.com but felt compelled to say that. Been putting with mine since I received it (a year ago?) wow. They are amazing.
  3. Lucerne... so good actually about Nesquik... I left a bottle in the car during a tournament, came back to the car and it was hot like hot chocolate..... so i drank it. best drink of my life.
  4. whadda ya doThis situation came up yesterday.... again I come to golfwrxers for the answer. What do you do if one golf ball is right behind another (within a few centimeters) in the fairway. Yes we thought to mark it but the mark would have been hit by the other person's swing so we did one club length. SO.... Which ball do you mark first (closer or further one) and How do you do it?!?!? THANKS a ton!!!!
  5. thanks for the replys missinglink and bjackson, i appreciate it!!
  6. questionHey all, What does it mean when a letter says "express my interest in recruiting you" and "looking forward to beginning the recruiting process with you" Are they saying that they want you to go there 100%??? Also, how many letters do you think the coach sends out expressing interest in recruitment, it's a D1 school. Muchos Gracias!
  7. University of Texas' course is a beast!! It is amazing though, really beautiful, burnt orange is everywhere. The club house is cool, part of it is under construction but there are little things that make the course/ clubhouse special and very Texas. There are some amazing views of the hill country but the major downside is how secluded it is. Yes there are houses and stores around it but the road you drive to get to the course is kind of scary, it's not super convenient but it's amazing. As for the best college home course in my own opinion, Mount Holyoke's Orchard Course is ranked high. I
  8. I was in Edwin Watts a few days ago and they had all of the current headcovers for sale at $25. Check with some of your local stores, I'm sure they'll have one for you.
  9. state last season, I went as an alternate and missed the Damien Rice concert which I heard was awesome.....
  10. I did paintfills a long time ago and Testors paint works really well. Take a toothpick and put it on the letters so it fills up the stamp. Take some of that brown tape and tape off the area you're doing if you're using multiple colors to keep it clean. Let it dry completely, even though it takes longer, I think letting them dry prevents messiness. When you get paint, get the Testors paint thinner, fold a paper towel into a little square and pour some paint thinner on it. Just lightly go over the excess paint, always refolding the towel so you don't go over it with a dirty side, after a while t
  11. 1) Girl Interrupted 2) Edward Scissorhands 3) Beetle Juice I'm a HUGE Winona Ryder fan. I love everything about these movies, if someone asked me to, I could recite every line from Girl Interrupted, yeah it's pretty bad.
  12. haahha!! that's hilarious, she's super funny.
  13. Ben Taylor & Brandi Carlile- All You Have to do is Dream (Everly Brothers)
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