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  1. My Big Bertha (USA) 3 wood or original Steelhead will find their way into my bag. The Steelhead is the best sounding metal wood ever produced.
  2. Going to look at a local Art of Putting Santa Fe. Looks good pictures and the finish has mostly come off. What are the signs of a counterfeit? Was counterfeiting a Santa Fe even around back when they were made?
  3. Long shot here...anybody have a Vector 3 shaft lying around you need to part with? I have a nice set of Apex II black cameo but the E was re-shafted with an unmarked shaft with a different step pattern so definitely not a Vector. I guess a 9i or E shaft would work. Thanks.
  4. Looks like she was just a party girl all along. Perhaps it was our perceived hood girl golf image of her that is the issue.
  5. Seeing as I play a Studio Design #5 and the black pearl finish has held up well, I'd expect the same from Mizuno.
  6. Curious as to the durability of the blue and black finish.
  7. Just picked up a set of 1-SW NOS heads. I've been told 1989-90. What shaft size do these heads use? Anyone have the specs?
  8. I think maybe the Goodwill store you go to have people that aren't too bright pricing golf stuff... The stores near me have nothing but junk ^^^ This is the same for the stores in my city. Nothing but junk and they have everything higher priced than I see here. Individual irons are $4.99 or more, old golf bags are like $14.99, old woods/drivers if any are $6.99 and only see the small headed old drivers or knockoffs. Most of the time it is junk. Good clubs go quickly so it just becomes a matter of luck to be there at the right time. It has been several months since I found anything of val
  9. New black Vokey 46 SM6 $3. Cleveland 52-56-60 Rotex 2 $3 each. Ping i3 3-9, $3 each.
  10. Watching the Scottish Open and I don't see the crowd size I'd expect. I went to the Thursday round of the Zurich and saw a substantially larger crowd.
  11. Just saw the Workday commercial with Snedeker and noticed the tee markers represent minie balls of Civil War era. Anybody know the course?
  12. TM PureLite stand bag in great shape for $8. PING Anser 4 SS also in great shape for $3. Flipping the bag for $50 tomorrow.
  13. Doesn't he use Nicklaus Golf Balls?His grandson used a TM ball with a Nicklaus logo to hit his hole in one.
  14. Old website. Lists last putters as 2005.
  15. What putter is Jack using? Plays a TM ball.
  16. The new Hogan Equalizer wedges have peaked my curiosity. I've never played KBS shafts. I've always played TTDG or Apex shafts. Teach me the ways of KBS shafts.
  17. You can sand those names out and it doesn't look too bad. I've done it on those irons. You should grab 'em - still among the best irons ever made, I'd jump on those Pings. I'd like a set. All the country club kids on my HS team had the Eye 2 irons and I was a little jealous.
  18. Ram Golden Ram Vibration Matched Tour Grind 2-SW for $10, bag and mismatched woods included.
  19. Callaway Hawk Eye Big Bertha 3, 5, and 7 woods for $15. Normal face wear, stock shafts with no wear of graphics.
  20. Could you post a pic of what the irons look like? Thanks. Like this... I walked into a golf store in Mt. Vernon Illinois last weekend and I think this set of clubs is up there for sale. I would go confirm for you but its about 45 miles away from me and I'm not sure when the next time would be that I would be up there. They wanted $75 for the set but the set was missing the wedge so I passed on them. They were in good shape. It might be worth a phone call for you though and see if they would send you a picture of them. Tell them they are in the back of the store in the trade i
  21. Passed on a set of Arnold Palmer Personal irons. Did not take a picture but the back was his name in cursive and the sole had "Personal" with the club number. Nice muscled back iron. Missing the 3i and PW. Figured it would be too hard to track those down.
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