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  1. Pre-groove rule: Miura CB-201 2004 RAC CB Miura forged Bridgestone J33cb Post Groove rule Mizuno MP-63 Miura CB-202 (conforming) Bridgestone J15cb
  2. He probably just got sick of the feeling on PX shafts. They are horrible feeling compared to DG X7. Some of us have been playing X7 in the wedges for a while. I finally moved over to hardstepped and tipped SPBs instead.
  3. A good start, so long as those 90 and 100g shafts are actually fairway shafts and not hybrid shafts. Now, make them in TX and actually make them available to the public, and I'll be more than impressed: I'll be a buyer.
  4. Anyone that wants to play their drivers and give up 10 yards over other OEMs, I'm happy to play for some $$$.
  5. I'd say in Mr. Palmer's case, his good definitely outweighs his bad. IBTL, and I love lamp!!!
  6. I'll let you know the first day it's warm enough to hit. I have one curing with a Callaway tip to try in my Epic Sub Zero. It'll be going up against my Graphite Design P9003 TX and a Matrix F7M2 LTD XX. I had the same thought. The PYPE was never what I would consider a "low spin" shaft compared to some of the stuff out there. Definitely low launch. Can the Sub Zero bring the RPMs down enough to make it work?
  7. So that makes everything OK? Seriously!! WITF does that have to do with anything??? Great question �� My Best, RP It means it's okay to degrade women there. And you are a xenophobic, racist bigot if you dare tell them that they can't beat on women. In the Middle East, your pimp hand must be strong...
  8. Maybe he just likes b!tching about Muirfield since it's the one time he couldn't make the cut at the Open Championship...
  9. Macgregor blade irons made between 84 and 86 and they have a guy named Nicklaus's signature on them :taunt: Further proof that MacGregor was a bunch of misogynist bigots. Thank God we all took a stance and drove them out of business... :rolleyes:
  10. UAE gets a pass. They aren't white men. And unless you are boycotting white men, it's not on the SJW radar... :rolleyes:
  11. If this was 1740 the English king would just declare Prima Nocta and this whole thing would be over and done with King: Prima Nocta guys, that oughta fetch us the type of golf members we want Guy: Excellent idea my lord! King: Is it???? 3 hours later, everyone happy It is my noble right...
  12. Hadn't heard that there were 125TX. Only 120TX
  13. Does this mean that I can now go sweat up the weights at a Curves? Can I freely go stink up the Ladies room with a nice, smelly dump? No? Oh well... Here's what I don't get. What did this movement solve? Even when Augusta decided that they would allow women members, they didn't go out the next day and find one. It happened when it happened. One of my best friend's fathers was offered a membership at a US Open course. One of the elite courses in the area. He turned it down because he didn't want to be the "token." (His words) He wanted a membership where he would be accepted not
  14. Low launch and spin? Miyazaki Kusala Black 83x or Fujikura 8Z08 X The only two shafts I had a hard time elevating that weren't LDA shafts.
  15. The bigger question is where can you get heavier weights for the Epic? All the ones I find are for the 815 size weights
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