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  1. Well deeper arms was the result, my feeling was to try to keep my left arm pinned across my chest and under my right shoulder in the backswing while still setting the club. Its just a feel but it definitely helped get me out of lifting and getting a little deeper.
  2. Updated swings. I figured out how to get deeper, but need to work on getting through to my left side. And i still dont understand why my right pinkie comes off the club during my backswing.
  3. Thanks guys, would there be a drill to getting my hands deeper? Another thing I noticed is how humped my back is. I believe this is caused because i try to get my arms "on top" of my chest with my elbows close together at address.
  4. Hey guys, Just wanted to post my swing. Its been a few years since I posted my swing, but I dont think my swing has gotten any better. Does anyone have any drills for flatten out the down swing? My swing thoughts these days are to try and get to my left side because I usually hit the ball with a flat right foot. Any thoughts comments or critiques are greatly appreciated. I apologize for the length of the video, the swings were sent to me and I didnt know how to trim them.
  5. Thank you Reasonability! It is so weird, how the fingers go off the club, and right before I start to swing down, I regrip at a much more shut position.
  6. I appreciate all the comments, and thanks for the praise on my dog. Here is a quick update from the range today. I am working on getting my arm more rotated, but it is quite difficult, because it seems I start to lift my arms more. Another issue I noticed, is that at impact I raise the handle extremely high, I am thinking it is because the club face is quite shut coming down. I don't feel like i have a strong grip, but after watching other videos, I noticed that my pinkie, ring, and middle finger come off the club during the end of the back swing, and I re-grip the club before I swing down. An
  7. Thanks Monte, I will work on those items. For the arm rotation, should I try to rotate immediately off the ball or is there a point where I just stop rotating? Hope that makes sense.
  8. Thanks for the reply. So I should work on a pivot centered turn, because my arms and hands are starting my swing? Appreciate the drill, will work on it. Here is a face on swing, sorry about the stripes. I noticed for the last year my roght heel stays flat through impact and past, and was wondering if that wasndue to being steep as well? I tend to hang back and I think it may be due to a Achilles tear a few years ago. Any comments are appreciated. (Ball is not usually this far back). http://youtu.be/U_xPyPiSCRI
  9. Hey everyone, its been a while since I posted. I am trying to work on my swing and cant find a good drill to get my arms flatter on my back swing, and to get my shoulders less steep down. Can anyone suggest any good drills? I tend to over swing with most longer clubs and I am pretty shut. I appreciate any help. Here is a link to my swing. Sorry I do not know how to embed the video.
  10. Thanks Monte. I have been working on shortening my swing for years. Is it just stopping the arm run off when shoulders have stopped? Or could something else be the reason for the over swing? Such as hand c0ck of left hand or collapse of right arm?
  11. Here is a DTL view. Any drills or tips are appreciated. http://www.v1golfacademy.com/SwingStore/5EBF9543ACF3.mp4 Thanks, John
  12. Hey guys, I haven't played much over the past 2 years but I am trying to get back and noticed in my swing, I am hanging back way too much on downswing and lower body just stops. Anyone have any drills to stop this? I think hitting balls with my feet close together will help , or the walk thru drill. Recorded swing on v1 but dunno how to get video on here. Here is a link. If someone can show me how to upload v1 vids here will be much appreciated. http://www.v1golfacademy.com/SwingStore/6E6045B85D8C.mp4 Thanks, John
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