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  1. Oh man that Anser Milled is mint! Even three years ago I left my head cover accidentally on a green, and it was found in the trash in the cart barn - hanging on by a thread now Best putter I've ever had.
  2. This is exactly what the SM7 slate blue was, I was able to get blacked out NDMCs and the DGTI Onyx S400 shaft in both wedges for no additional cost - it made the upgrade to slate blue a no-brainer.
  3. I wonder if Mitsubishi will come out with an AV Raw 90 to kind of match the Ventus Blue 9.. I'm really tempted by that Blue 9X in a 19* hybrid.
  4. With the driver, I'm on the lower spin side and have a +3 attack angle. Last I checked I spun my 917D2/X-Torsion at about 2100, and I didn't want to be any lower than that with this head hence the 10* and AV Raw Blue. The TSi3 is pretty low spinning, and if I needed to I could pop the X-Torsion in there or crank it down to 9.25. I'm really glad I chose the 3 then! I was really drawn by the weight track in the back, and with it in T1 I have little fear of hooks which is amazing.
  5. I love it - it's a smooth feeling shaft, but the tip is strengthened and I feel like I can get adequate spin without the ball hooking on me. I have had an Aldila TX shaft, so felt comfortable going in this direction for quality of materials and a touch more spin than my previous shaft.
  6. Jason, it really is! I feel like it's hotter off the face - only one round in, and I was hitting it places I've never hit it on a course I've played a good bit. I'm really glad I got the 10* TSi3 - I wouldn't be able to spin the 9* enough, and I didn't get the lowest-spinning shaft in the AV Raw Blue (albeit lower spinning in the TX). The sound and feel is otherworldly in this thing.
  7. Just played my TSi3 driver for the first time yesterday - have to get used to the weighting, feel, and different shaft, but when I make a good swing it just goes and goes. Wow! Haven't had that many drives over 300 in a long time.
  8. Stoked to add this to the arsenal! TSi3 10* with the AV Raw Blue 65TX. It’ll be fun playing around with the sleeve setting and weight setting for flight manipulation.
  9. Gosh those are beautiful, especially the sheen on the 1K! I just received my AV Raw Blue 65TX in a TSi3 today, so hope to join the Mitsubishi family! May be hooked.
  10. Oh for sure - those were the sexiest early 2000s irons. My high school golf coach gamed them (former PGA Tour pro) and the sound was beautiful.
  11. I'm not sure which TX you're referring to, but I ordered a Blue 65TX in a TSi3 last week and it's shipped! Crossing my fingers it's coming with the TX and not the X.
  12. Nice! After reading reviews, I'm thinking it'll be too much shaft for me - I'm likely to order the Blue 65TX. I've already got a unicorn mid/low shaft with the X-Torsion, and a DI6 X, so with this shaft I can dial in the launch and spin from what I've got.
  13. I just looked at the Titleist custom shaft list, and for the AV Raw White the 2.0 TX shows as the TX flex for the AV Raw White, and at no additional cost.
  14. Based on your attack angle, spin loft and launch angle, I would recommend placing the ball slightly further back in your stance. Really solid speed for a 7 iron.
  15. I'm wondering if many pros like these shafts because of their stability, and that same stability helps them with improved dispersion. Casey and Brooks don't have the same tempo by any means, but both load the shaft pretty strongly on the downswing even if their takeaway is different. I've got an old D+ 60 X I ordered with my 915 - would be interested to try it in my 917. I seem to remember it felt fairly nice and did provide good dispersion.
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