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  1. 16.5 head Interested in the weighting, love a simple, black clubhead.
  2. Al Strang, golden valley Brent Snyder troy burne Brent Heit, Stillwater These three are best I have been to in twin cities
  3. Club Pro Guy, great insight from the Mexican tour, plus the frisky back and forth with him and Dottie Pepper would be amazing.
  4. Get the rotater from Bob Grissett. I have had frozen shoulder both sides last 5 years. Rotator has given me back old range of motion.
  5. All of them do. Stack and Tilt has three fundamentals, hit the ball before the ground, hit the ball with enough power to compete and control the clubface. All tour players exhibit elements of Stack and Tilt. Don't get hung up on whether a particular tour player exhibits everything in the book. I listened to 3 tour coaches on Breed's radio show. Every one of them talked about tilting in the pivot. I sought out stack and tilt because I was sick of hitting fairway woods and hybrids either thin or fat. I understand what I need to do to prevent it.
  6. I spent an afternoon with Andy Plummer in January. Stack and Tilt improved my swing immediately, without changing the appearance of my swing too much. Corrected a longstanding in to out problem and I am now consistently compressing the ball with my irons and hybrids. My game from 150 yards to 225 yards is leaps and bounds better. Plus, I know what I do wrong so the corrections are easy. Ignore the naysayers, find a certified S&T instructor and your game will vastly improve.
  7. Contact Bob Grissett in Boca Raton Florida. He sells an aid called the rotater which has helped me a lot with this issue. While it focuses on the shoulder, learning the feel of the right shoulder rotating properly automatically helped the spine issue for me.
  8. I have taken lessons from top instructors for the last 20 years always thinking my issue was a backswing too flat or too upright. None of those teachers touched my backswing, but all of them, including Monte, changed my my downswing.
  9. I took a shortgame lesson from him in Tucson two years ago with a friend. He cured my friends chipping yips and bunker issues in an hour. For me, my bunker play turned around as did my chipping. He has really simple solutions, can demonstrate amazing shots and is quite effective. I would endorse a lesson with Derek without hesitation, he made me at least 3-5 strokes better in the shortgame.
  10. I have been building my swing completely from youtube per Brandel. Working great. I have Snead's takeaway, Hogans pivot, Jack's transition, Trevino's impact and Weiskopf's finish. I just can't figure out how to hit a ball.
  11. thank goodness that's the reason for the lesson, I thought it was to sell magazines.
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