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  1. Early extension is not necessarily bad and I disagree that pro's are incapable of it. A guy named Nicklaus was fairly effective with it over the years. If you put a circle around Rocco's hands at address on the screen, watch where his hands are at impact. They moved out to the ball. His swing takes no divot. The point being made was a swing like that is very dependent on maintaining levels, which both Smith and Ballard discuss. If there is a little extension ala Nicklaus, it might lead to thin pushes with Rocco's backswing. Nicklaus took care of that with his transition move of increasing width of his hands and arms, and had a weaker grip than Rocco and felt a lot more release from the top. Fire those wrists and get the legs up and out to avoid burying the club in the ground. The main point I was trying to make is that Rocco is an incredible athlete.
  2. He no longer works with Ballard, that ended a few years ago. He is an incredible athlete with unbelievable hand eye coordination. When you watch him hit a golf ball, it is clear he is a touring pro, while he does not seem long, that draw runs out there a long way and he is super consistent with the wedge. Not sure if that swing is one necessarily to copy. However, the movement of his club would produce nice draws every time. It also might make you prone to thin shots out to the right if you early extend a little. Good tour pro who would have won more if he had no back problems. He has given up the grape and weighs about 140 now.
  3. Grind is more important than bounce. My 50 degree f grind Vokey has same bounce as my previous gap wedge but different grind. Contact and spin are night and day.
  4. Just reading the book or watching the videos is not enough. Go see Andy Plummer or a certified S and T instructor. While there is a system, it is applied differently for the needs of each player. There are no limitations in the system whether it is short irons or drivers. It also will not cause pain more than any other golf swing. A lot of golf instruction on youtube or instagram adopts stack and tilt stuff that has been around for years. Get someone who understands the system and you will improve.
  5. I have putted this way ever since watching Crenshaw in a playoff with David Graham in the 1979 PGA. I can see no reason why feeling the clubhead accelerate after impact would be helpful. Short backswings get yippy. When I putt poorly, longer backswing and shorter follow thru always works.
  6. I went to Andy a year ago for a 3 hour lesson. While I prepared myself that I would end up being told to look a certain way, that never happened. Andy like all great instructors has the eye. He also is patient, makes sure you understand and boils everything to simple thoughts after a lot of work. S and T is not cookie cutter instruction. Its focus is simple, good contact, clubface control and power to play the course. My swing improved in all three areas.
  7. He has worked with Andy Plummer since the U.S. Open.
  8. I have been reading this thread from inception. I conclude that golfers are the most gullible humans to marketing ever. So a company starts out of nowhere making ridiculously priced clubs for five years. Then, during a pandemic, they drastically cut prices and specifically market a lower line, 0211, which sells considerably in 2020. Then in 2021, they redesign it, lower the loft to kick up distance, make it look prettier and sell it at the same price. Then, without warning, add 15 bucks a club at the end of the first month so people start getting anxious about buying it. And then a scramble on line or over the phone to buy the thing. Frankly, unbelievable that golfers fall for stuff like this more than any other group. My set is being built now after a great fitting at PXG. sigh.
  9. 1. Minneapolis, Minnesota 2. 13 handicap 3. Ping g410 plus with Oban tour limited regular flex shaft 4. TD 60, regular flex 5. I have KBS iron shafts that are amazing, want to try the wood shafts 6. I would be open and honest with an expert from kbs
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