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  1. Picked this set up the other day. According to Ping, manufactured in 1984. None of the 14 clubs has ever touched a ball.
  2. > @dcopp7 said: > I need a RH Karsten I Ping 5 iron please!!! Single or dual numbered?
  3. Think those are the remakes from the mid to late '60s. The '50s model had "Silver Scot" directly under Armour's name. Beautiful clubs, either way. Congrats. > @dcopp7 said: > > > > Scored a set 3-PW 1952 Tommy Armour Silver Scot 915 forged stainless irons today!
  4. Vern is still with us but is in a nursing home with Alzheimers. His wife was taking care of him until it got to be unmanageable. She is now in an assisted living facility. They sold the shop and its inventory to another elderly couple and it is still open for business. The auction was of Verne's personal collection at his home. I stumbled across it on Facebook purely by accident. Not sure why the auction company didn't advertise it on some of the major golf sites. Not sure if the pictures are still up but the auction company was John T. Henry, out of Conway. johnthenryacution.com
  5. Just curious if anyone here bought anything from this auction. This was the personal collection of Verne Green, the owner of The Old Golf Store in North Myrtle Beach. I won three lots and drove 3+ hours to pick them up. There were 660 hickory shaft clubs, including 5 long nose clubs along with bags after bag of classics, mostly putters. One of the lots I won contained a Wilson Designed by Arnold Palmer, an original 8802, a couple of Dalehead Ansers, 7 Tad Moore's , a Bobby Grace handmade, and many others. Also, about 25 wedges in the lot.
  6. Picked up a set of his irons. They very closely resemble Macgregor 985's .
  7. I have a Hogan iron that has an Apex DB shaft in it. The band is silver just like the Apex Pro. Any ideas?
  8. I used to have a 44" drill bit that, I think, came from Golfworks. You could remove the grip and drill the pin without cutting the shaft.
  9. Everything in the Charlotte, NC area is $1.99. Every once in a while they may have a newer metal wood or putter that will be priced higher.
  10. Anyone know when True Temper introduced the Dynamic Gold shafts? The Apex II's ended in 1983.
  11. Struck out with Bettinardi, as well. If anyone comes across some, even 1, I am very interested.
  12. Beautiful clubs. Anyone else notice how thin the 9 iron sole stamp is compared to the rest of the set?
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