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  1. Had one of my buddies in my normal foursome who is a major TM fan get fit for all new clubs over the weekend. He ended up getting fit for a G425 MAX 10.5* with a Fujikura Motore X F3 and he can't wait to get it. With how much he is talking it up; I'm very tempted to order one sight unseen.
  2. TA marked heads are like the old TP line Taylor Made sold back in the day; tour models made for retail. Some of these might still be in the tour van TC (Tour Custom) marked heads are the ones that would be the true tour van heads
  3. Glad you enjoyed my review. The 65TX Raw Orange definitely sounds like a shaft you should give a hit.
  4. 1a. Kevin Burns 704 (gamer for 10+ years) 1b. Bettinardi BB0 DASS flow and sound slot (current gamer) 3. Kevin Burns 9304 heavy head with hidden insert
  5. I played the IZ in my driver at -1* in loft and the Raw Orange at standard loft. If you are looking to take the launch and spin down from the IZ the Orange is worth a shot. If you don't want to lower your spin I would stick with the IZ over the Orange. I've played a few Mitsi White profiles before, but I tend to favor a stiffer handle profile than the white line offers. The Raw Orange loads differently than the normal white profile in my hands.
  6. I don't think the Raw Orange will help increase launch; I launch it lower than what I came from. If you want to launch it higher I would look at a Graphite Design IZ or find a shaft that helps you increase your attack angle
  7. Now up to 15 rounds in with the AV Raw Orange in the driver and 7 rounds in with the Blue in the 3 wood. The Orange is still amazing and a perfect fit for my swing. I've hit a lot of great shots with the Blue in the 3 wood as well, but not as comfortable with it as I am the Orange in the driver. Handicap is down to another all time low for me to +3.6 and shot a -5 (74.5/137 course) a few weeks ago for my low round of the year. These shafts just plain work.
  8. 8th round with the Raw Orange in the driver and 3rd with the Raw Blue in the 3 wood today. Shot my low 9 holes of the year with a 31 on my last 9 holes today and a -4 for the 18 and a lot of it has to do with the driver. I was -4 on the par 5s with a birdie on all of them and was on in 2 on three of the four. I can't say enough great things about the Raw Orange for a driver shaft; it's pinpoint accurate, smooth, predictable and easy to feel through the entire swing. I hit some great shots with the Raw Blue in the 3 wood, but still need some more time with it to convince me that it is bette
  9. I first visited (now have been 3 times) right around the time The Hive first opened and learned a lot about my putting stroke and why I like a certain style of putter. I went for a custom putter just to get exactly what I wanted. Not saying it's only the putter fitting but my handicap is down 7 points from when I first visited. The times I've been there, The Hive has about 30 putters available right then and there with a bunch of different rare, tour and Hive only headcovers. They also have all of the normal line there and can custom fit you for any of them. As for the divot tools and ball
  10. Got the Raw Blue 75TX for the 3 wood to match the Raw Orange in the driver. Too early to give a full review on the Raw Blue in the 3 wood but I will say my first shot on the course with it was off the deck from 260 that reached the green. The same straightness I saw in the Raw Orange seems to be in the Raw Blue as well.
  11. I would say they are in the same ballpark, with the Raw Orange being slightly stiffer. The biggest difference of feel between the two shafts is that the IZ has more of a linear load.
  12. 4th round today with the Tensei Raw Orange 65TX and I still am loving it. Played a much longer course (7159) this week and was able to hit driver 9 times with fantastic results. Had 4 GPS measured 300+ yard drives with the longest being 332 yards setting up an iron into a 550 yard par 5. Fairways hit was 8/9 with the only miss being slightly left from a pull. The best attribute of this shaft is the straightness I get out of it. I thought it would be a tough challenge getting the IZ 6X out of my driver but it's no doubt the Tensei Raw Orange is the better shaft for my swing. The Tensei Raw
  13. The CK Pro and the AV Raw feel completely different. The AV Raw is SO MUCH smoother than the CK pro.
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