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  1. The SuperStroke counter weights fit for the Stability Tour shafts. I put a gt tour traxion on and had no problem putting the 50 gram weight in.
  2. The SBST needs a face balanced putter is a myth in my opinion because it doesn't consider face rotation in the equation along with the path. I was fitted into my pretty high toe hang putter with what is considered a SBST path because my face rotation did not match up with a face balanced putter.
  3. I have a buddy that bought one off the rack at PGA Superstore that was 34" 69* lie coming from a Ping Anser 2 at 35" 72* lie and it has helped his putting 4 strokes a round minimum! I always told him his Ping was not a good fit and that he should look somewhere else, but he never listened till he putted with the DF 2.1. His average putting before was 36 per round with the Anser and he averaged 30 per round with his first 3 rounds out with it. I'm not looking for a new putter since I love my Bettinardi, but the results and the ease I am seeing from my friend have me very intrigued in my own DF 2.1.
  4. There is a SuperStroke made to be put on the way the putter on the right has the grip installed; but the grip on there is not that one. The Wristlock is made to be put on in that manor: https://superstrokeusa.com/shop/wristlock-putter-grip/
  5. Raw blue loads easier and kicks harder; ventus blue is more linear
  6. Ventus Blue 6X in driver with a Mitsubishi Tensei RAW Blue 75TX in the 3 wood. Swing speed is 112 and I hit my 3 wood overall better than my driver.
  7. The one you post a pic of will be $750. The $2300 putter hasn't been posted anywhere as far as I know. I have a friend that will be first in line to pick up the BB8W, but it doesn't really interest me.
  8. I'm more of a picker than a digger and thin soles are the only way for me as well. I remember in a video from a year or so ago, Ian from TXG stated that shallower attack angle players are much more sole width sensitive than steeper players.
  9. The new ProV1x isn't much different to me than the 2019. LD is firmer feeling, lower spinning and lower flying.
  10. 5 Brands for me: Bettinardi: Putter: BB0 DASS Trisole Ping: Driver: G425 LST Callaway: 3 Wood: Epic Flash Subzero PXG: Hybrid and Irons: 0317X and 0311T Titleist: Wedges: SM8 50F, 54S and 60M
  11. Bettinardi BB0 for 3 years now and was a LONG time Kevin Burns user before that.
  12. I can confirm they use KBS on most of their offerings the last few years
  13. Had one of my buddies in my normal foursome who is a major TM fan get fit for all new clubs over the weekend. He ended up getting fit for a G425 MAX 10.5* with a Fujikura Motore X F3 and he can't wait to get it. With how much he is talking it up; I'm very tempted to order one sight unseen.
  14. TA marked heads are like the old TP line Taylor Made sold back in the day; tour models made for retail. Some of these might still be in the tour van TC (Tour Custom) marked heads are the ones that would be the true tour van heads
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