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  1. New grip on the Spieth flat stick. Looks good with the putter so far.
  2. How is Louis O second alternate here? #18 in the world has to hope 2 guys pull out to tee it up at the Zozo?
  3. Bubba was going through an illness and some personal problems right after he signed with Volvik. Super unfortunate timing for Volvik.
  4. I'm fortunate to be a member at a club that has hosted half a dozen PGA tour events in the last 20 years. I've worked the range for many of those events. Following a long rain delay, on a Tuesday there were a ton of players out on the range warming up to resume their practice round. By the time Vijay got out to the range the only positions avilable were at each end of the hitting area. He didn't want to hit balls in those spots because of the angle of the tree lines. We have more than 18 holes at my club so Vijay proceeded to take two large mesh bags of balls to an unused hole adjacent to the
  5. Wrong approach from Brady, but some of the responses here are completely void of perspective. Grammar shaming? Really? Some of you do realize that quite a few KFT players actually depended on their countries' stimulus/wage subsidy program to get through this shutdown period? This is an emotionally fueled response from someone worried about paying the bills. The available pool of sponsoship dollars are down significantly and the ripple effect of that is enourmous for the guys on the fringe. I'm eligible to go to the local food bank and grab some staples, but because I can also afford to buy gro
  6. Emailed them first to ensure it was available, then put a note when checking out to ensure "No Ping Logo".
  7. I purchased it from Just Say Golf. Ping drop shipped it to me. I believe all of the other colors are available without the logo as well. No extra charge either.
  8. They completely ripped off the Raptors ad campaign... they stole the whole We The North marketing points and turned it into We The Union.... LMAO. What a crock.
  9. What type of balls are you hitting at the range? Deflighted balls are not thin face friendly.
  10. Heard it while watching PGA Tour Live coverage on Thursday. Can't remember who was teeing off on 16, but Damron definitely started laughing.
  11. If you think any attention is good attention then sure I guess it could be construed as a positive. In my mind it was meant to be a form of mockery, much like someone might yell "get in the hole" after witnessing a shot that is clearly headed for the grand stands.
  12. Going off of career PGA Tour earnings, both Brian Davis and Briny Baird have over $13 million in earnings without a PGA Tour victory. In terms of perceived talent, I would say both Jeff Overton and Graham DeLaet would top the list of players that most surprise me for not having won given their careers. Overton was a Ryder Cup player in 2010 and DeLaet played on a President's Cup team.
  13. Heard one fan ask Bryson after a tee shot "How do you get your shirt over those biceps?" This place is like the antithesis of everything Bryson. Wouldn't be surprised to see him skip this event in the future.
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