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  1. I just received my order, it’s a mixed bag for me. I agree with DFW, the 2 tops I bought are a bit smaller than I would expect. One is a LayLow hoodie, the other is the Cruz hoodie. For reference, I’m a Large in UA Loose fit, and XL in UA Fitted; I bought XL in Devereaux, and they are probably closer to an UA Fitted Large. So, I can wear them but I better lose a few extra Covid LBs.... They are a very nice material and seem fairly high end, I like the quality. I also ordered a pair of Passport pants and Ford 5 pocket. The Passport seem perfect for their listed purpose - they’ll be
  2. I put stuff in my cart at least 3 times before actually ordering, just did so. But the website was so annoying on my iPad I almost didn’t. One suggestion for Devereux - guys who want to buy pants want to know what the top of the pants look like. The front pockets, the back pockets, the waist. It’s fine to show what the pants look like with an untucked shirt hanging over them in one picture, but not in every picture.
  3. I have a Bushnell, and I’d look favorably on a different battery system. The CR2 works until it doesn’t - no sense that it’s running out, just dies. And, if the screw in battery cover isn’t screwed in perfectly (using a quarter to turn it exactly 1/2 turn, assuming it was seated perfectly), it doesn’t work. Very annoying.
  4. I look at all the various anser style putters - tour Scottys, Byrons etc, and think "yea, it's nice, but whatever. Not sure why anyone would pay that". But this putter....I get it. It is gorgeous.
  5. Most of the BST ads are for more than the new price now. Pretty funny.
  6. For me, there are two sets of rules....are we playing for money, or are we not? If we are playing for money, we’re playing by the rules. If we aren’t playing for money, I couldn’t possibly care less how many drops you take, or what score you write down on the scorecard.
  7. I’m with you on actual custom clubs. I just laugh out loud, though, at guys who change the color of the sight line and the dots on an off the rack Scotty and want a “custom” premium. Dude....c’mon. You spent 6 minutes and $.17 putting orange paint on a putter and want an extra $250 for it? Please.
  8. I honestly don’t care if people flip stuff....willing buyer, willing seller, not my business really. I can’t be bothered to do it myself - I see stuff at Marshalls all the time that I know I could sell for double on BST. If someone else has enough time to do it, I don’t care. It’s the bullish!t explanation that I can live without.
  9. LOL, that’s not a reason...
  10. One that cracks me up is the “custom” putters you see in the BST. Obviously, some are ACTUAL custom putters, but most are a standard off the rack Scotty with different color paint some guy dropped into the dots in his garage. For $400 over retail. Please.
  11. I love the ads for items “that I received for my birthday” - 4 shirts that are sizes Small, Large, XL and XXL, shoes that are men’s size 8, 10W, 13, 17, and women’s 6, 9, and 11. No dude, you raided the clearance rack at Marshalls or TJMaxx. We all know it, we’re not stupid.
  12. If you love Ballyowen (and who doesn’t....), you may want to take advantage of the Crystal Springs 30 day trial membership. It’s $500 for weekdays, $700 for 7 days per week, unlimited golf at all the Crystal Springs courses. Includes carts, range balls, etc. My trial ends tomorrow, and its been quite worthwhile. I did the weekday “Covid quarantine I’m working 30% of normal” version, and I will have played Ballyowen 5 times and Wild Turkey once. I absolutely love Ballyowen, its a fantastic course. I’m leaning toward joining somewhere in Morris County, since Ballyowen is 40 minutes away, but i
  13. You should add it to your “No-Go” list because it’s a dog track.... :) No reason at all to play there when the Morris County courses are markedly better.
  14. Actually, Comrade Murphy did away with the “one person per cart” rule a couple weeks ago. So they are just enforcing what I’d imagine were their rules pre-Covid.
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