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  1. I probably have 10 pairs of Banana Traveler pants. They’re awesome. Pretty sure I’ve never paid the sticker price of $90 each, generally on sale for half that.
  2. The sizing question totally depends on what your basis of comparison is. My running shoes have been Kayanos for the last 10 years - the ASICS golf shoes are comparable sizing. I wear a 10 in both (and NB, and Adidas) If you are comparing them to Nikes, they are probably a half size bigger than normal Nike golf shoes, and significantly bigger than the Janoskis. Those are tiny.
  3. Between this thread and the “graphite design free upgrade” one, I’m very disappointed in the WRX members. “Please don’t call the vendor, I want to make sure I can take advantage of their mistake”. WTF? I’m sure there are plenty of posts from these same members detailing how honorable they are on the course, and how golf is a game of honor, blah blah blah. It’s laughable.
  4. I bought a couple dozen because I like throwing a pink ball into the mix sometimes, and there’s not many options on a tour ball. I think Volvik had one a couple years ago, but none of the big boys. The UPro is fine, but it definitely doesn’t spin like a tour ball off wedges and half wedges. My course has quite a few elevated greens where you need to spin something green side (or, maybe, I need to short side myself less…), but the UPro doesn’t spin and sit like my usual TP5 and XV. Distance wise it’s shorter than both, but 5 yards either way on a drive isn’t the end of the world. The short game manners is, for me. For the price, it’s fine. Not really a fan of the mental mates either, they look like blobs of bright paint, not easy to tell what they are actually supposed to be.
  5. I’m a sales rep who spends at least $25k per year taking customers to dinners. I also was a waiter for several years in college. I agree with the OP - the server should tell you the price of the specials when he describes it. The price is a consideration when I’m buying anything, including golf clubs. I can afford PXG Gen 4’s, and if I wanted them because they were the best fit I’d buy them. But if I’m between Gen 4’s and Pings and really think they perform the same for me, I’ll buy the less expensive Pings. It’s all about opportunity cost - I can drop $3k on Gen 4 irons, or get the same performance from $1500 Pings and buy another driver and a mountain bike instead….or just save $1500. So if I’m interested in a dinner special and I’m between that and something else I’m considering, I want to know the price. And I shouldn’t have to ask what it is - I don’t have to ask what the price is for anything else on the Covid disposable paper menu you printed this morning or on the bar code Covid menu I scanned into my phone. You can add the specials description and price to either easily. Why are you afraid to be transparent? To the restaurant workers who’ve weighed in stating that some customers will be upset if you mention the price of the special, a question - do you have prices on the menu? If so - why? Aren’t your customers upset that you list the prices on the regular menu? Shouldn’t it just be a surprise when they get the bill?
  6. I’ve placed 3 orders and spent hundreds on 2nd Swing since this was first posted. Thanks, I think
  7. Berkshire Valley is really nice and the first 5 holes are really challenging.
  8. As I think about it more, this list is ridiculous. Keep in mind how much more expensive golf is in NY/NJ than the rest of the country - I’ve played Knoll West, Twisted Dune, and Architects many times - there is no way any of them is in the Top 100 courses in the US under $150. Consider a $150 course in NJ is probably $75 in middle America - you’re telling me there aren’t 100 courses in the country better than these three? Please.
  9. Posted in wrong thread
  10. Bethpage Red is nowhere near being a Top Ten value course in the country - I’ve played it twice, and honestly wouldn’t play it again for free. Twice had tee times mid day, twice didn’t tee off until 40 minutes after my time, twice waited on every shot for over 5 hours. Never again. Maybe the course is fantastic, I don’t know, because the horrible experience overshadowed everything else. Couldn’t wait to get off the course, but that’s the same way I’ve felt about the Blue and the Green. Bethpage is run so poorly (or at least was 5 years ago when this occurred) that I promised myself I’d ether play the Black or go somewhere else. The Black is another story, one of the best courses I’ve played at any price. It’s a slow round also, but not interminable. I’ve played Twisted Dune many times, I like it. Not amazing, but worth playing if you’re in the area. Not sure I’d say the same about Knoll West - it’s a lot better than the shooting gallery at Knoll East, but it’s not great. By far the best public course I’ve played in NJ is Ballyowen. Perhaps it’s not included because you could be over $150 at certain times, but there are plenty of times when it’s closer to $100. I did a one month membership there last summer and played it 7-8 times, it’s a really nice course.
  11. I would go with cash, meeting at a police station.
  12. I would imagine the original PXG purchasers were perfectly fine with $60 for shipping, in a fancy box. After all, they were buying an experience and an image, and the fancy box is part of that. Guys buying current generation PXG probably feel the same way - you’re paying $2500 for irons, who cares about $60? Their close out sales of prior generations, or the 0211 line, are aimed at the more cost conscious buyer, however. They might be wise to have a second shipping option for the value customer.
  13. Most of my shirts are RLX and PM, just discovered Greyson. I wear a Large in all of them, and an XL in the quarter zips and jackets.
  14. I’m more likely to play something from Cobra now, since the rep put the smack down on Bryson. He’s uber annoying.
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