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  1. HELP!!! 2020 Titleist Premium Stand bag or 2021 Titleist Premium Stand bag? Any improvements at all or is it the exact same bag? The pictures make it look like the same, but was wondering if there was an expert here that would know.
  2. This is awesome info. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Haha...yep that is them. Small world... thanks for confirming. Since they were yours..is the shaft in them the wedge flex. Any chance you have the 50* degree SM8 in a F grind?
  4. I guess I'm surprised that the serial is the same on both wedges.
  5. I bought these SM8 wedges (54 and 58) from proclubs on ebay and just want to make sure they are real. The grips on them are the golf pride tour velvet BCT. Shaft bands were removed by previous owner.
  6. Would love to get my hands on some lefty Vokey SM8s...going to be awhile before they go on sale I guess...
  7. Would love to hit these. Wondering how these compare to MP59s. I have a set of MP59s with Ctaper lite shafts.
  8. I have 8-18 hole rds. w/ carts w/ no expiration dates and no restrictions (can be used on weekends). Rds. go for $94 a piece on the weekend in the fall and higher during peak season. I will take $525 if someone purchases all of them. -1 raincheck for 3-18 hole rds. (3 total rounds) -5 ranchecks for 1-18 hole rd. (5 total rounds) This is enough for two 4-somes or 8 individual rounds.
  9. I had superstroke splash w/ lime on them, but switched them out to Iomic Sticky X Evolution 2.3 (black w/ lime green caps. Lime ferrules from Cell Parts. [quote name='GauchoGolfer2' timestamp='1423188394' post='10895267'] [quote name='philstheman' timestamp='1423180230' post='10894083'] I would love these on my C-Taper Lites as I'm rocking Lime grips and paintfill. [/quote] What kind of grips? Unfortunately selection is small. I got some Sharpros. [/quote]
  10. I would love these on my C-Taper Lites as I'm rocking Lime grips and paintfill.
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