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  1. Looking for a Tour Spider either black or red, slant neck, & preferably with a single sightline. 33 - 34” would be ideal. Must be good condition with a headcover. Would also consider a Spider X or My Spider. Budget up to $215 shipped to 49201 depending on what you have to offer.
  2. Odyssey XG 2 ball putter - 34” for sale. Not too many of these around in this condition. Matching magnetic headcover included. Parts of the headcover flaking away, but works fine. $old
  3. New Odyssey White Hot Pro #3 for sale. It’s 33” long, 1* flat, and standard 69* lie angle. Matching headcover included. $OLD
  4. Very nice Bettinardi Queen B #9 putter - 34”. Black shaft limited run. Matching headcover included. Deep etched Bettinardi grip. Just picked this up here, but unfortunately it’s not going to work for me. Beautiful putter, but I do better with a larger mallet style putter. One very small ding on the hosel seen in the pictures. SOLD
  5. Is the top clean & at address too? Can’t see that view.
  6. Thanks....does the Sim have the same shaft adapter as the M6?
  7. Looking for shaft suggestions to try in a Sim Max D head 10.5 loft I just got. SS in the mid 90’s I think. Average drive around 235-245. Fairly smooth transition. Lots of options out there. Hoping I can narrow down my search. Not looking to spend a fortune. Any help is appreciated!
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