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  1. ^^^ Howard's back, great to see you here again !
  2. I'm a long-time Mizuno guy and my ZX7 / ZX5 builds have a 1/4" longer insertion depth ( or BBGM is 1/4" shorter, however you want to look at it) . A shaft pulled from a Mizuno head will play 1/4" shorter in a ZX7 / ZX5 head.
  3. Zipcore's bend quite easily. The hollow portion is below the insertion area/depth and is filled with a chalky like substance, and does not come into play during the bending process ( IMO ).
  4. I see that the Tensei AV White AM2 are a shaft option with a $14 upcharge. I think I will ask "my guy" to pre-order me 5-GW with that shaft in Stiff. I'm normally a Mizuno guy with Steelfibers, but am flirting with Srixons ZX's this season. I have never given a set of Titleist irons a serious go for the main bag ( never got onto the AP2 bandwagon over the years ) but really like the look and tech of the new T200.
  5. 221 looks like the love-child of MP-5 with and MP-37 , I like !!
  6. FYI if you need to really get the SW up you can buy 16g lead tip weights on eBay ( sellers based in China typically ). You can also get heavy ferrules from eBay seller BigFootGolf, who makes 13g stainless steel and 15g copper ferrules, along with an assortment of nice coloured 4.5g aluminum ferrules.
  7. I had a combo set of ZX7 7-PW and ZX5 5-6 to start the year with. To get more spin, I bent the ZX7 weak by 1-2* , which gave me a huge gap from 7 to 6. I ordered a ZX5 7i to fill in the gap ( planned to bend 5-6-7 1* strong ) but ended up selling my combo set before it arrived. So my set would have had 2 x 7i.
  8. My gamer this season is a TSi2 11* head with Red Velocore 6S playing to 44.75" ungripped
  9. These are my super short ZX7 / ZX5 build with Steelfiber i110cw. This ended up being a bad head + shaft choice for a short build as the Srixon heads are light ( compared to my typical Mizunos ) and the i110cw are butt heavy / counter balanced. My simple guess on the ZX's being 2'ish grams lighter vs Mizuno is that their insertion depth is 1/4" deeper than a Mizuno, hence missing 1/4" of added hosel material. These have both the Wishon tungsten tip weights and the weighted ferrules from BigFootGolf on eBay. I have no issues in playing these with so much weight inline w
  10. My ZX7 7-PW were too low on spin ( Steelfiber i110cw ) for me, and even weakened them by 1.5* to get me some added launch and spin. I now have a full set of ZX5 5-GW incoming that I will re-shaft with i95 Regular. I really liked the ZX5 5-6 in my ZX7 combo - great distance, forgiveness, feel, and good looks with not much chunk visible on the backside.
  11. Glad you found a solution. Curious, would putting the head in your freezer be an option ? Dissimilar metals expand / contract at different rates / temps.
  12. Curious, why do some prefer not to have weight inline with the shaft ? The CoG of the club head “wants” to align itself with the shaft plane during the downswing. For steel shafts, you can get 12-16g lead weights from eBay / China. Wishon / Diamond Golf make very nice, and short, tungsten weights for graphite shafts. BigFootGolf on eBay USA makes heavy ferrules out of aluminum ( 4.5G), stainless steel ( 13g ), and copper ( 15g ). I recently completed a 1/4” increment build of ZX7 / ZX5 and have a ton of weight in the tips along with heavy ferru
  13. A brass bending sleeve is a must to protect the hosel. To protect the sole from getting dimples, I cut up strips of thick clear plastic. Think of all the crap we buy that comes in plastic packaging where you need a utility knife to cut open as its so tough. Use that stuff.
  14. Check in at TorontoGolfNuts forum and also Kijiji. I recently bought a Red Velocore 5 Regular via Kijiji, from a golf course pro shop out of Winnipeg. They also had Velocore Blue and Black but they sold quickly. My Red Velocore was a factory Callaway upgrade shaft, with Cally tip and grip, since replaced with a Titleist tip.
  15. I usually insert an extension as much as I extend, be it steel or graphite So a 1" extension has a 1" insertion depth A 1/2" extension has a 1/2" insertion depth. My reasoning is that there is such little force exerted at the very butt end of a shaft. While I'm temporarily experimenting with say over-long driver shaft length, I will readily insert a 1" extension ( very tight fit ) and not even bother with epoxy.
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