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  1. OP I live in Waterloo, ON. if you want to check out a nice Sim facility, with lots of bays, high quality fixturung, good food and beverage, pay a visit to Golfplay in Kitchener. It’s just a minute off the 401 so easy to get to if you are in GTA. Are you by chance on the Toronto Golf Nuts forum ? You could solicit some opinions there. I have a full golf shop at home and would never consider making a business out if it. I only do my own work and occasional stuff for friends. There is only so much you can charge for your work, and golf guys like to talk, before an
  2. I've had Dan make me 3 TLT sets over the years. He has a great concept in what I simplify as a "constant stance" build. On his page "TLT in pictures”, mine is the set of JPX-900 Forged with black Accra shafts and black Lamkin grips. Dan's TLT's math can tailor a set for your specific start and ending lengths, or be lie angle-centric first and length second, etc. My discussions with Dan over the years really piqued my interest in pursuing my own club-building and non-standard builds. I've taken what I learned about Single-Length, TLT, short increments, MOI matchin
  3. Callaway stuff has never floated my boat. Their irons have always looked f'ugly to me, except their MB, X-Forged, Apex Pro. Everything else has looked cheesy low-budget to me aesthetic-wise. Mavrik is the dumbest name ever and terrible orange graphics IMO, I could never bag it. I'm sure the wedges are superb. Their drivers just never seem to be winners for me any time I demo them. I'm in the Titleist and Ping camp when it comes to drivers / woods / hyrbrids. I've never had anything against PXG but their currently marketing has them sounding more like a late night infomerc
  4. I hit enough thin shots with my MP-18 MMC short irons ( my swing fault, not theirs ), and I used to fear my lower bullets landing on the green and rolling way off. However more often than not, they check nicely. I now expect a thinned PW or 9i to stop on the green, like a purposely hit low wedge shot, that hops and stops, or minimal roll-out from what one might expect. Also, toe strikes on the MMC generally cause me little harm on the score-card. A great set in looks, feel, forgiveness.
  5. For the last several years I’ve been playing 9-LW single length at 36.0” ungripped. No issues whatsoever. If you need more SW with a graphite shaft, Wishon sells 9g tungsten tip weights. Also look on eBay for seller BigFootGolf who makes weighted and coloured ferrules. The coloured aluminum ones are 4.5g, the stainless steel are 13g, and the copper are 15g. I bought a bunch for my upcoming ZX7 / ZX5 combo build, which will be almost all-SL in an MOI build.
  6. Why does every new release of a wood entail a different shaped sole weight ? Ya I’m talking about you Titleist. Furthermore the TSi3 weight system has be the oddest implementation of adding moving weight.
  7. I always assumed that the domestic sellers just buy in bulk from the guys in China. They double the price and we are happy to pay as we can get them in a day or 2, not a month or 2.
  8. I'm a Mizuno loyalist, but following these Srixon threads have really won me over to give them a go. Yesterday I put in my order via a local fitter, though many thanks for those here that offered a great discount. ZX5 GW ( don't like the looks of the ZX7 GW ) ZX7 PW-9-8-7 ZX5 6-5-4 ZXU 4i ( will compare both 4i an 4u , keep one of them ) RTX Zipcore 54-Full RTX Zipcore 58-Mid and Full ( if I prefer the Mid, I may keep the Full for wet/soft days ) Shafts will be Steelfiber i110cw Stiff across the board. I'm going to do my usual SL and
  9. OP there's a ton of guys who LOVE the Vapor Pro Combos. I picked up a nice set of 3-PW on the weekend, only because they had Steelfibers in them which was really what I was after for another build, and was planning to sell the heads. However I hit a couple of the irons yesterday and was really impressed with the feel and my shots. Gonna keep this set and get some rounds on them in the spring before deciding what to do with them. Like a typical WRX'r I'm now sitting on 5 sets of sticks, oh well.
  10. Ya tough call. For me I'd lean towards a weaker 9i as I'd be coming in steeper anyways with a 9i so the added bounce won't do me much harm, whereas as heavily strengthened PW might dig on me. I have the same debate once in a while when I think I should get rid of a mid-iron ( thinking of 5* gaps ), such as eliminating either the 7i or 6i, and how that affects my bending options with what's left in the bag.
  11. There are plenty of threads at WRX on MOI building. In a nutshell, use 1.33 SWP per inch. Using 3/8" increments conveniently means each club would differ by 0.5 SWP 1.33 x 0.375 = 0.499 For 1/4" increments , it is 0.33 SWP per club. I simply alternate between 0.4 and 0.3 per club. I don't hit low bullets with my 5i , it still goes plenty high, but not 8i high -> we each have a different delivery into the ball, so need to experiment and figure out what works for each us. To kill some time, I built a set of MP-18 SC 5-PW with AMT
  12. Lofts are stock. Keep in mind that loft is the primary contributor to distance, not shaft length. I’ve never had trouble elevating the ball. With my short builds I still get good height and descent angle up to 7i. Longer than that then I might have more erratic peak height, but quality of contact is my far better with my 5i being 5/8” shorter than stock. Contact is King. If I was a natural low ball hitter, perhaps my build method could be problematic.
  13. For the last several years I’ve been playing 9-LW single length at 36.0” ungripped. From there I’ve built sets in 1/4” increments or 3/8” increments in an MOI build. I have great results in consistency and distance, and down to single digit cap. My latest build increments are this -> 1/4” then going to 3/8”, in an MOI build: 36.00 - 9-LW 36.25 - 8i 36.50 - 7i 36.875 - 6i 37.25 - 5i 37.625 - 4i I will be building a combo set of ZX7 / ZX5 via this method. Having the tools and measurement equipment at home makes it easy t
  14. I bought my wife a set of Cobra F7 Junior One Length. She hasn’t golfed in the last couple years, but may get back into it this season, so I grabbed these to replace her ancient ladies set. The Cobra OL Junior is 5,7,9,PW,SW. There is an eBay seller that has these for $130 $US for the entire set.
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