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  1. My guy got in his fitting heads and I was able to hit all 3 over 2 Sim sessions. What a great looking release, all 3 heads look even better in person ! I said to my guy that the 221 wasn't a feel stand-out IMO ( YMMV ), which is really another way of saying just how good the 223 and 225 feel. The head size of all 3 are also highly "agreeable" I was initially thinking of a 221-225 combo , but now I'm just going all 225 5-GW. I bought new T200 5-GW at end of season, so I will continue down the Players-Distance road with also a set of 225 in a bag. I've been playing Steelfiber i95cw Regulars for many years over several sets, but wanted to revisit a mid-weight steel shaft with these Mizunos. They were never on my radar, but I am having great results with the PX IO , specifically the 5.5 over the 6.0. I was think Modus 105 and 115, and DG 120 would be my winner, but I'm liking that PX IO 5.5.
  2. .355 https://accragolf.com/iseries-steel/
  3. My first 2022 purchase will be MP-221 / MP-225 5-PW combo set Though this will be my first set with 2 x 7i
  4. I'm not concerned. Going back many years, I've always thought of my hybrids as a separate class of clubs, not as an extension of my irons. Now as I have aged, I even think of my 5-6i as a separate class of clubs -> they can be "differrent".
  5. I do a lot of tape build-up on the lower hand so I believe that tightens the fit. I do notice occasional twisting on my CP2 Wrap Mids, but that is quickly remedied be another blast of air. Sure I can still blow-off taped grip, but the inside of the grip usually has tape residue that is near impossible to 100% remove. I can't see changing from my air compressor and no-tape method. YMMV
  6. For stubborn grips that were installed with double-side tape, I use an old grip with the butt cap cut-off and sliced down the middle. I overlap it with the butt end down the shaft to fill in excess space when I insert a 1.25" pipe over the grip. This prevents unnecessary expansion and the grip bursting inside the 1.25" pipe. All that said, I often wonder why I bother to try to save such stubborn grips as it is still work and time.
  7. A lap of black electrical tape is what I use.
  8. MEK is readily available in Canada, at most any hardware store in their paint department. it readily dissolved whatever hot-melt was in my TS3 driver head. I had accidentally dropped some “unofficial” DIY weights into the weight port and they got stuck to the face with the gravitational pull of a black-hole. MEK to the rescue.
  9. Wow those ZX7 are transformed ! Nothing wrong with the stock look, but I'm liking them naked ! I'd be curious as to their head-weights now as I found my ZX7 set about 2-3g lighter than my usual Mizuno MP sets.
  10. Howard posted the Steeelfiber balance points in this thread below. You will see that the i95 BP is lower than the i110 BP. I can also vouch that the i95cw will SW 2-3 points heavier than the i110cw
  11. I've somehow hoarded 3 x JPX-900F gap wedges -> I love its ground leading edge and have hit many great shots with it, either full swing but mainly greenside up & downs.
  12. 2021 T300 5-GW with Tensei AV Blue AM2 arrived yesterday Placed my order in late October , so a long time coming , but thank you Titleist !
  13. The Mini head would be heavier as it is meant to be attached to a shorter shaft. I'm a longtime Titleist woods guy and always buy extra weights for my Driver, FW, Hybrids. You never know what combo of head-weight, shaft, shaft length, and grip yields the magic combo.
  14. I was debating doing a 221 / 225 combo set with 2 x 7i but don't have the courage to pull the trigger on that one. So I'm going to order MP-225 5-GW , Modus 115 Stiff , CP2 Wrap Mid-size. But also order a single MP-221 7i to experiment blending in with the above set, and also to see if the MB feel is worth it to me to consider 221 7-PW. Fun times ahead !
  15. Sweet build ! And thanks for the head-weights.
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