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  1. The producers at CBS are probably doing the Happy dance! Based on his limited poor performances, the learning curve for being personable was going to be WAY too steep! They need to clone Dottie!
  2. Slightly off comment, but Phil is probably irritated with the DeChambeau distance gains and his increased exposure. So...Phil...being the eternal controversial media hog, is probably altering his putter and stroke hoping to receive a response from the USGA.
  3. Sorry for the late response, but I recently purchased one of the P&SI-EGOS putters. It’s difficult to determine where to start the review as both the green reading system and putter are excellent individually. However, together they create a synergistic effect that will completely reform and/or improve the most important part of your game. Firstly, the green reading system. Having been educated in the AimPoint system I felt I knew how to read or feel greens...I was wrong. The system allows for greater accuracy and eliminates misperceptions. Even when I utilized AimPoint my eyes still de
  4. Has anyone removed the heavy weights is their iron and replaced them with lighter weights to reduce the head weight? If yes, please provide your experience and location whee you purchased the weights. Thank you for your reply and help. Bob
  5. Dornstar...thank you for your posts and experience. So...is the objective when allowing the high side knee to kick out to attain equal weight distribution and/or a level eyeline? Thank you in advance for your reply.
  6. WRXer's....I wanted to provide some feedback on an incredible putter that has changed my putting for the better, and my overall game. The putter is the Axis1 Eagle. First, I must preempt my comments by stating that I am a graduate engineer from Purdue and a PGA Professional. Not that this matters, but I would not want anyone to have the misconception that I would benefit in any way from providing my feedback. After struggling for years with putting and putters I decided to purchase the Axis1 eagle. The technology designed into the Axis1 eagle just made sense. I have always struggled with mis
  7. Chris...what are the added features or modifications of the South Beach Cut?
  8. Chris....pardon me for asking, but what was the customers target weight?
  9. 1. Scotty Cameron Newport Beach - 35" Long. Original grip..putter in 8-9/10 condition. Slight mark on top line which may be observed in picture. $200 shipped in US only. 2. Interactive Frontiers V1 Digital Coaching System. Package includes NEC Versa Daylite laptop w/ power cord and 5.0 professional version software. Hundreds of models included. Computer requires new battery otherwise perfectly functional and operational. Versa Daylite has special resolution to provide excellent graphics in day light. Would prefer to sell to someone in Northern Illinois for personal delivery. $900 OBO. No T
  10. Johnny...the abdominal muscle group he is referring to is the transversus abdominis. Basically, activating this deep core muscle helps to stabilize the lower core and lower body to allow mobility in the upper core(torso area) and arms. TPI and Paul Chek include exercises to develop and activate this muscle group.
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