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    CEO's beware!

  2. http://www.golfclubatlas.com/forums2/index...d=26713;start=0
  3. Life is situational. My guess is there are clubs that would love to have you as a member and some not because of your racial profile. I was once a member of a "Golfing Without Real Estate" golf club where a white member (I am white, but played basketball all my life with black friends) made a crack about a black member being mistaken for a caddy at one of the private golf clubs that we played at. I am still disappointed in myself that I did not rip the white guy in the meeting, because when I said something to the "President" afterward, he just shrugged. My suggestion would be to go directl
  4. Philly gets hit pretty hard with humidity, so the Supers probably play it safe, and of course most members and customers like green over brown. Simple case of we are smart and they are dumb! ;)
  5. I passed, it was something like $350 and is built on the old airport. It is dead flat. Wild place we basically stayed on property for everything except for one sailing trip. Glad I did it once but not in a rush to go back, prefer the "out island" experience.
  6. Made the same basic move today, now waiting for them to come in... new Cleveland wedges.
  7. Don't take this as a negative. Putting up your own capital will focus you. The above is very good advice.
  8. 44 including a couple of 9 holers and 4 rounds in Florida in January.
  9. It is time for you to leave the golf business. I am trying to help. Golf is a release for your customers. Go try something else, the hospitality industry is not for you.
  10. When it first opened after the renovation, I played it from the tips for the obvious reasons but I just dont have the game to play it from there. Basically it turned into a Par 80 for me compared to before the renovation. I would always play the white tees now. Bethpage has some of the greatest shots that you will see on any course, second shots into the greens at 2, 5, 6 15 are all world shots to me. Driving has been hindered too much by narrowing the fairways and making the rough so thick. Why have the everyday player take a wedge from 200 out? Let's give him a chance to go for the green w
  11. GM has seen its Buick sales chopped in half since 1999. The division, once the top car seller in the U.S., last month reported a 29.5% drop to 16,654 vehicles, less than half the number Hyundai's once lemon-filled lineup sold over the same time frame. http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/buic...64D27CC3F719%7D
  12. Let them ride! Also find a 9 hole mom and pop short course where most people walk and let them walk there.
  13. Putter in hand 200 yards out does it for me.
  14. http://www.standrews.org.uk/welcome/history/local_clubs.html
  15. With the concept of "going west", the SW is more touristy and the NW is more Irish. Don't try to see everything. Pick 2-3 "bases" and make day trips from there. Otherwise you are packing and driving too much and never settle in to the Irish pace.
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