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  1. I know you said no trades... but what about my first born? He’s a real hard worker. Very strong, like an ox...
  2. I am not sure it’s a common thing, I wanted to have it shipped to Oregon, and they worked it out to buy it through DD’s.
  3. I think my 7iron was in the 85 range. Can step on it, and still it was very stable.
  4. The order is in through Discount Dan’s! I will drive out there to pick them up, since I have yet to visit. Just learned this: if you order a putter with pxg the build time for your whole order is rushed to 2 Days build time.
  5. Introduction This week I was able to have a PXG Full bag fitting with Caleb at Columbia Edgewater in Portland, Oregon. I had seen the Gen 3 full bag price of $2995 and decided if I sold my gear that was laying around I could scrounge up enough dough. I had played the previous generations, having purchased it all second hand, so I at least knew the product worked I went in with an open mind and cobwebs in my swing but had decided that waiting would be annoying and I wanted clubs that worked where I was. A little about me, I am an 8.8. I am a lefty. I am a dad to 2
  6. I got it, played it once, then got fitted for a new PXG. Lol, I think I have bagged as many 3-woods as I have played rounds of golf this year. Take her off my hands for $old shipped to your door. Also, I am also happy to trade, just take pictures and send them to me with what you value your club to be worth. We can go from there
  7. Just hit the Gen 3 Proto. Best hybrid I have ever tested. Hardly any offset, and cleanly adjustable. It’s going in my bag this year
  8. Good to know on the weight. I am leaning toward the Gen 3 T’s in the short and P’s or XP’s in the long. It’s funny but your description reminds me of the Nickent 4DX Pro Forged irons. I wish I kept them but the head just felt so light. RIP Nickent.
  9. Did you try the MMT’s? I have some SteelFibers on the ready, just in case, but the MMT’s tipped a 1/2”, might be an option. The 80g would be light.
  10. What club would you say they are comparable to? I bagged the apex MB’s from last year, loved them and then ditched them for the p770’s.
  11. Will do. I am playing a sim 2 ti, it is just hard for me to hit a fade with it. The draws are bombs though so I doubt I ditch it all together.
  12. I would also be interested in peoples thoughts on the 0211 ST’s...
  13. I am doing a fitting this week for a full bag of PXG clubs. I have loved everything I have used of theirs over the last few years with the exception of the original putters and the Gen 2 irons. Q1: Has anyone else done this? Q2: The feedback on the Gen 3 Hybrids and Fairways is limited, but I like the look and the price. Has anyone hit these? Q3: Any advice on how to best do a full bag fitting without dying by the end?
  14. Yep, I am just picky about them. PM me and we can see if it would work
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