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  1. Just 2 items this go around. The Scotty is immaculate and ready to go, the Whip is not getting used of late so it’s off to a new home. What is in the pictures is what is included. For Trades: I am looking for some wedges. I would love a set of new Cleveland’s or possibly Vokey’s. PXG’s, and Hogan’s are fine as well. I do not like TM MG, or Callaway wedges. I am also open to a good conditioned Hi-Toe 58. I might be open to a TSI 3 or 4 wood with a Tensei White Stiff. Otherwise Cash is King… Here are the goods: Scotty $old Shipped: Standard or Long Orange Whip $80 Shipped
  2. I think I know someone looking for a psi 4 iron… I will pm you if I find them.
  3. I think some people are still waiting on theirs… way to rub it in
  4. I know you said no trades... but what about my first born? He’s a real hard worker. Very strong, like an ox...
  5. I am not sure it’s a common thing, I wanted to have it shipped to Oregon, and they worked it out to buy it through DD’s.
  6. I think my 7iron was in the 85 range. Can step on it, and still it was very stable.
  7. The order is in through Discount Dan’s! I will drive out there to pick them up, since I have yet to visit. Just learned this: if you order a putter with pxg the build time for your whole order is rushed to 2 Days build time.
  8. Introduction This week I was able to have a PXG Full bag fitting with Caleb at Columbia Edgewater in Portland, Oregon. I had seen the Gen 3 full bag price of $2995 and decided if I sold my gear that was laying around I could scrounge up enough dough. I had played the previous generations, having purchased it all second hand, so I at least knew the product worked I went in with an open mind and cobwebs in my swing but had decided that waiting would be annoying and I wanted clubs that worked where I was. A little about me, I am an 8.8. I am a lefty. I am a dad to 2 amazing kiddos, and a lucky husband who’s wife of 12 years was excited for me to do this. My game: With wedges I play to scratch, my driver is that of a 15 handicap, and irons I would say are true to my handicap. My putting is on a ride at Universal Studios. I love blades, but can’t hit them in my long irons, and I hate looking at chunky short irons. I had every intention to do a combo set, not knowing what that would look like in the end. Meeting PXG To start the process, I signed up on their website and paid $50 for the fitting. It listed 90 minutes, which seemed like a long time to be hitting balls, but we will get to that. The morning of I drove to the course, listening to Matt and Ian’s list from TXG of what to do during a fitting. It helped get my head in the right place, even though I only remembered a couple things they mentioned. As someone who tests a ton of gear, I had my mind closed to some things and was inclined toward others. Caleb’s cool demeanor and subtle suggestions got me where I needed to go, but I have a feeling I was not his easiest customer! Irons and The MMT’s The weather was cold and wet, which is typical for Spring here in the PNW. Caleb was already there with the van and a tent, and had the clubs laid out like high end weaponry on display. He let me warm up with my trusty Orange Whip, hit a few balls with my clubs, and then started trying the 7 iron in the new 0211 ST. It’s pure. It’s as good of a feel as the 20’ Apex Blades, but much more forgiving. Bladed misses were still carrying and launching well, and only losing 5-7 yards. That’s really impressive. My guess is the blade length is longer, but it is by no means big. It’s very nice. We tested it with the KBS 120’s, S300 120’s, SteelFiber 115CW, and the MMT 80. My numbers were really good with the MMT’s and they felt much more stout than I had imagined. A smooth stout. The Guinness of iron shafts. That’s what I am looking for, but the only time I have felt it was with Accra iron shafts and SteelFiber’s. Accra felt like the loaded from the butt, which gave me a ton of confidence when I was swinging them, and the SF were just solid but not elevating as much as the MMT’s. The MMT 80 Stiff in the 7 at 37.5” (plus .5” for my normal was really what sang when I hit them. The tip section is strong, and on miss hits I was still carrying and getting the descent angles and spin I was looking for. I am a pretty low spin low launch player who feels more comfortable with low spin and launch shafts. So having something that felt this good that got up in the air (15ft higher than the KBS Tours, and 7 higher than the SF’), was what sold me. Since they are stock shafts (which is an amazing deal), my pocket was happy as well. We tried a few heads, the new 0211’s, the Gen 3 P’s and T’s, and the ST’s mentioned above. The best launch was with the T’s but the P’s were not far behind. The new 0211’s were really low launching for me. The 7 on a cold morning, was carrying 20 yards past my most recent 7, granted that 7 was at 34* and this one was 28* I believe. All of the clubs I tried were best in class for feel. I would say the 20’ MB’s though are as good as the best feeling PXG when struck perfectly, but that was not consistent enough for me. A slight miss would drop 8-10 yards or more. I am also in the rough often off the tee and blades struggle to get what I needed (a lawn mower and a chain saw would be best, but a little more mass will do). Proto Hybrid The fastest decision came when we tried the hybrid. I hook hybrids and was convinced I was going to walk out with a XF Gen 3 3 iron as a hybrid/Driving iron. He handed me the new Proto hybrid with a Hazrdus Yellow. The look of no offset on a hybrid screamed no hook. I proceeded to hit my 5 best shots consistent distance with little to no curve. I think the last one actually was a high fade. Miracle! Proto 3 Wood We went to 3 wood, and at this point I was cold and started hitting off the heel. I landed a couple good blows but my hands were wet, and the temp was right around 43*. I looked at my watch and we were already nearing 2 hours. Caleb reassured me everything was good time wise. The 3 wood struggled though, so did driver. I only hit maybe 10 balls before asking to try the new putters. I also asked, crossing my fingers, if we could resume this another day. He was happy to check the schedule and make it work on the weekend, when the sun would be out and the temp would be near to 70. Intermission and Day 2 During the week, Sean, who I think is the regional head of their fitting team, confirmed the time and place, Edgewater was having an event to it had to be moved to The Reserve. It was a 90 minute drive and I was confident the change in weather would boost my experience and numbers. When I got there Caleb was just finishing up with a customer and greeted me. I did a little stretch and warm up and hit a few warm up shots with a sugar daddy wedge. Caleb then handed me the 7 iron to check the numbers, but my swing stopped working. Everything started shooting off the hozel. EVERYTHING. I tried some quick fixes, nothing worked. We messed around with different shafts etc, and it probably took a good 30 minutes to start making ok contact. Caleb was not thrown off, and I appreciated his patience and effort to hold off trying to fix the anomaly. When I got settled, and started hitting it more consistent we quickly confirmed the irons, the hybrid, we were set on the Tensei Blue, but tried the Diamana Limited and got straighter and higher results, still spinning relatively low (this is also a stock shaft). Driver With the driver, I was leaning toward the 9* Proto non- plus. He had me test the plus and the results were not there. The look at address had too much loft. I had used to some success the GEN 2 XF but sold it in search of gold. I never found the gold, and by the time the Proto was finished I was carrying 20 yards longer with a sweet little baby draw past the TS3 and G410 LST (both of which I was not fitted for properly). The shaft we ended up with was the Aldila NV Green. This was not for lack of trying everything else. We tried the new Graphite Design models, the Tensei’s, the Hzrdus’, In the end, the NV was beating out the Tensei Blue by 5-6 yards, and was more importantly staying in the fairway, or close to it. The weight was put in the back position, and the head setting at 9*. The length was also tricky to get right, but at 45.5” it was as good as I have ever seen for me. Wedges The wedges were almost an after thought because I am sticking my DG X100’s back in, however, after trying the Elevate Pro’s at plus .25” I think I may just keep those in there. It felt so pure. I really liked the forged model, even though the Sugar Daddy was amazing, it just was not worth 650 per wedge. With the full bag price of $3000 the forged end up being about $160 per. That is about the high end of what I have paid for any wedge I have played. I like opening up the face on certain shots, so a Hi-Toe 58* might make its way for that spot, but we shall see. Putter For the Putter, Caleb knew I was not planning on getting rid of by Bettinardi #6. He suggested trying something different, and so we tried an armlock Bat Attack. I liked it, but the alignment on the One & Done with an Armlock at 38” just seemed like fun. I got the weight kit so I could mess around with it and adjust to different speed greens when needed. Bonus Goodies The last couple items: If you buy a full bag of gear on the promotion they include a bag and hat. I had to pay a little extra to get the Hybrid bag and add the backpack strap. I chose the Blue Camo Fitted New Era. So all total I am ordering: 1 Proto Driver at plus .5” with Aldila NV Stiff D3 1 Proto 3 wood at standard with Diamana Limited Stiff D3 1 Proto 3 Hybrid and standard with Hazrdus Yellow Stiff D3 4-8 0311 Gen 3 P with MMT 80 Stiff 1* flat and 4iron bent 1* strong plus .5” D3 9-PW 0311 Gen 3 T with MMT 80 Stiff 1* strong to match set and 1* flat plus .5” D3 50, 54, 58 0311 Forged wedges at plus .25” with Elevate Pro Stiff 1* flat D4 1 Hybrid Bag 1 backpack style strap 1 weight Kit 1 hat For a grand total $3200 I am extremely grateful that Caleb helped me find shafts that worked for me. Even though I told him I would pay more for better shafts in the woods, he was not shy about putting the stock shafts in there. That saved me $$$ and ended up being the best option. I am thrifty, which has led to me buying and selling everything I can get my hands on. What we ended up with was like nothing would have ever found. I also ended up with about 4 hours of time on the trackman, hitting close to 400 balls with Caleb and all the PXG goodies. Criticism of the experience thus far It has taken a bit of time to get the order in since I guess my bag and hat requests were odd or new or something along those lines. The communication was not stellar regarding this delay, BUT other than that it has been great. I will update as things progress and will share photos as they come in. If you made it to the end of this congrats!
  9. I got it, played it once, then got fitted for a new PXG. Lol, I think I have bagged as many 3-woods as I have played rounds of golf this year. Take her off my hands for $old shipped to your door. Also, I am also happy to trade, just take pictures and send them to me with what you value your club to be worth. We can go from there
  10. Just hit the Gen 3 Proto. Best hybrid I have ever tested. Hardly any offset, and cleanly adjustable. It’s going in my bag this year
  11. Good to know on the weight. I am leaning toward the Gen 3 T’s in the short and P’s or XP’s in the long. It’s funny but your description reminds me of the Nickent 4DX Pro Forged irons. I wish I kept them but the head just felt so light. RIP Nickent.
  12. Did you try the MMT’s? I have some SteelFibers on the ready, just in case, but the MMT’s tipped a 1/2”, might be an option. The 80g would be light.
  13. What club would you say they are comparable to? I bagged the apex MB’s from last year, loved them and then ditched them for the p770’s.
  14. Will do. I am playing a sim 2 ti, it is just hard for me to hit a fade with it. The draws are bombs though so I doubt I ditch it all together.
  15. I would also be interested in peoples thoughts on the 0211 ST’s...
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