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  1. Well, here is the last of the office collection. Down to the gamers after this. Pretty rare M10 mini in 303. Dave did 5 in the run of mini M10s (http://www.golfwrx.c...n-mini-putters/). It has never been on the course (may have carpet putted a couple) and is in new condition. It is 33.5" in length and approx. 360g. It has black shaft, stone washed blue stitch back Best grip, and modular center shaft hosel. I will include a Bettinardi limited Halloween cover since they need to go too! Paypal is [email protected] Feel free to ask any questions. $650 OBRO
  2. This is the last Machine I have in the collection (non gamer). It is #2 of 2 Garage putters I had made several years back (had both, but sold the hand bent), and I believe the first insert putters Dave did with copper (don't hold me to that, he has been in the game a long time). It is a M2A Converter with copper insert and spacer, and fatback flange. It is 33.5" long and the head is around 365g. It has a FF shaft and Machine aluminum CNC grip with black anodized finish. It also has a flamed damascus medallion. Can't remember the retail, but it was >$1000 and about a year wait. It has set
  3. Have a set of 8950GH pulls that came out of a set of CMBs. All are in good shape and the grips have a bit of time left on them even though the color may not agree with all! (I NEVER left one laying by the green!) Shaft lengths from cap to tip: 37.375", 36.875", 36.5", 36", 35.5", 35", 34.75" $110 shipped Paypal is [email protected]
  4. I agree that once the official stepped in on 5 and made a decision that should have been it, end of discussion. But do you think that ball would have moved had DJ not been fiddling about? Stepped up to address, practice strokes where he grounded the club next to the ball - this can cause a ball to move. If he had been 100 yards away do you think that ball moves? I thought it was pretty cut and dry: 34-2. Referee's Decision If a referee has been appointed by the Committee, his decision is final. Agreed. I think he may have caused the ball to move, but the referee ruled otherwise and
  5. Never once have I wondered if I get a putter made for $600-$800 can I use it for a couple years and sell it without a considerable loss. Some of the Machine putters I collected just for the heck of it have come and gone, but the scarce few I had made for the purpose of gaming them will never leave my possession no matter the offer. If you want to justify the price through game improvement then you are on the fight track. Get fit for it and do your thing. If you want to recoup your money from metal buy gold or silver.
  6. His irons are 11 degrees upright So you are saying he plows the turf with the heel? I guess I don't understand why you weight the toe open so you can dig with the heel.
  7. Geezzzzz! You put that much toe weight and a jumbo grip on a iron and hand it to me and I will KILL someone if they are standing right of the ball! No way could I turn that over! Old and weak sucks! On a side note....it looks as if his caddy should be able to tote the bag right well!
  8. Don't worry Mike......you can count on us to tank the dollar again! Get your project ready!
  9. I haven't been on here much, except to take a peek now and then to see what you guys are building and I have seen some of the frustration that has developed with the wait times on new putters. I have also stopped by to see Dave a couple times last year and saw him a**holes and elbows with putter work so I know he is busy. I also know saying this does nothing to comfort the person waiting in line for their new creation for weeks on end, but I want you to know your wait will be rewarded in spades! It is not just Dave, but almost every custom segment of any hobby has lengthy waits for work done
  10. Someone has got to want the copper.......I will reduce it to $375!!!!
  11. Two left...........come on now! Make me some offers!
  12. I hate to do this, but I had to take down the last office display and I do not have the place to keep them at home. Every one of these putters were on display inside with light handling so no dings. There are some spots of patina that I let go on the AlBz and copper, buy they could be shined up if so desired. All prices are OBRO, but don't get too carried away. Most are Prototypes or very limited production. If you need more info or pictures let me know. Not sure of all the head weights, but everything I use is in the 360g range. I would say all are in the same ball park. Paypal is weave
  13. [quote name='Ddog' timestamp='1446379336' post='12535718'] Page 60 found this [attachment=3015480:ImageUploadedByGolfWRX Mobile1446379331.336625.jpg] [/quote] Found this one in the den. [attachment=3017750:IMAG0288.jpg]
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