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  1. I'm using Scrtach wedges since 2010 I still use my 50 53 and 58 8620 (this is a second set, the first is gone9 but I just bought from a German seller (I'm in Italy) a 53 and 58 forged that I'll use only when the others wedges will worn out. I also have a combo set 4-6 AR1 and 7-PW SB1 I bought this for my 50th. birthday as a gift to myself, unfortunately I'm not good enough to play them, but they are so beautifull to look at ....
  2. Thanks to Chip Usher, I'm playing since last september a Tad Moore Pro 1 S , he was able to increase the headweight up to 340 grams (and to me it feels just perfect) and also to make me a top line . . I'm now waiting to receive a new Pro1S with a black shaft a black oxide finish , 340 headweight and a topline . I must tell you in my opinion the work Chip makes on these old Tad Moore heads is a real piece of art and you can't beat the value for money he is able to offer you. I own two Scotty but I must tell you that they do not feel as good as my Pro 1 S . Last week after some awfull front
  3. [quote name='Hayang' timestamp='1445382877' post='12484456'] Well, I think what makes the 009 look good is that its curved shelf right behind the topline [b]is not slanted inward[/b], and it has straight vertical cuts down the center. It's also always cut well (obviously) Aside from the original ansers, which are quite rounded and antique-looking, I've not come across many that truly look like the 009... [/quote] Buy this and you'll thank me later http://www.ebay.it/itm/Tad-Moore-Milled-Pro-1-S-Satin-Chrome-Putter-Scotty-Cameron-Newport-Anser-35-/151757836879?hash=item235578d24f:g:oj8
  4. Finchi5 , I'sent you a personal mail
  5. [quote name='proamateur' timestamp='1437940925' post='12023000'] Google 'Chris Finch Golf' and have a look at some of his impressive work. Just an enthusiast, I'm led to believe. [/quote] Thanks proamatuer I really appreciate you taking the time to answer to my post !!
  6. Thank you Mahonie I really appreciate your help ! I'll check them out . Nobody else have an address for my beloved putters to be refurbished ..????
  7. I have them in my Bstone J15 CB and love them . Smooth feel easy to elevate a very good fit ..... for me !!
  8. I cannot play fairway woods at all, I'm a decent ballstriker but woods are my enemies. I tried in the past and I have a bunch of woods and sometimes I put them in the bag but they last one round and they go back in tyhe garage. I preferr hybrid and for the last three year I played Adams XTD TI (the grey one ) in 21 and 17 of loft and I really never looked back. Last week , just because I was bored to look down at my old Adams I switched to the new XTD TI (the back ones with the stock Matrix shaft ) in 20, 24 and 16 and I took the 4 iron out of the bag. I can tell you that the 16 even if s
  9. Trade for a combo set Scratch AR1 4-6 and SB1 7-PW ??
  10. Check the "Lesson with Brandon" thread on this exact page , and you'll see there is a lot of informations . To me the same feeling worked perfectly in my last four rounds .
  11. This drill works !! I watched the Noturn cast drill before, but it never made sense to me , I tried it on the range but didn't work. Then last thursday I saw the video of Brandon and Monte and the day after I was at the range and I was blown away!!!!! My usual miss was a ball starting left and curving more left , while doing the drill I couldn't go left , and the harder I tried the strighter the ball was going. Here in Italy we've had a 4 days national holiday. Saturday I had a 18 holes competition and I played with this swing only and ...... a nice 76 + 1 on the front and +3 on the
  12. I've you exact handicap and speed, I played all the driver you've listed (except the opti 440 that I've only tested at a range) in my opinion and for my swing the best combination is the Opti 460 with the diamana S+ stiff . I then changed the S+ with a Kai'li and it was even better , but you being on budget I think you can go with the S+ . It shouldn't be difficult to find this combination on ebay. Just my opinion .
  13. Sorry for the dumb question, reverse overlap is index of the left on top of right pinkie ?
  14. Check Matt Christian at Elite golf performance.net , he is very focused on slowing down the back swing . Fantastin instruction IMHO
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