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  1. Thx Howard. I picked up a nice used set of 2019 P790 irons with the regular flex recoil shafts and will do side by side tests again in about one week.
  2. So I’m at my local Golf Galaxy getting fit for a 6-AW set of new TM P790 irons and have gravitated to the recoil shafts in R-flex. I’m 60 yr old, play to a 10 handicap, hit the driver 200yds and a 7-iron 130yds. I currently play Ping “G” irons with Project-X 5.0 shafts. I generally hit a soft fade and keep the ball in the fairway. My short game is better than average playing four Vokey wedges. So the club fitter sees me hitting balls into a simulator with my usual consistent fade; I’m +/- 5 yards from the centerline on a dozen shots. He sets me up with a plastic lie board and begins tapi
  3. Overrated: Flightscope Mevo + Driver / Underrated: Flightscope Mevo + Wedges
  4. Info here: http://www.golfalot.com/equipment-reviews/taylormade-m3-fairway-wood-review-3947.aspx
  5. Really? No response? I’m a soft fader but prefer a 3-wood with a little bit of draw bias. And no F-Max please...
  6. Which 3HL fairway wood is more "drawable," a non-tour M4 or an M3 with the weight moved to the heel, all else being equal?
  7. I'll even consider an iPhone app where you can save locations using its GPS hardware, even though it won't be as accurate. I spent a good deal of time yesterday looking at apps but couldn't find that feature.
  8. I’m looking for a feature that was inherent in the now discontinued Golf Guru where you can save your own target locations, like the "tree near the end of the fairway", the "top of the depression" or the "place where the bridge stops." Does anyone know of this function on a newer platform?
  9. 9.5. Ping "G" Rifle 5.0, 7-PW, then hybrids
  10. Has anyone ever seen a Ping Eye LW?
  11. Ping Scottsdale model "69" putter. It's been in my bag for nearly fifty years. Original hard, slick Ping "Pro-only" grip too!
  12. Flightscope had a $5000 model (Xi+) that captures spin rate. Is this the cheapest model that has the capability to measure spin? Are there lower priced competitors that sell a quality unit?
  13. Has anyone had any luck getting Callaway to replace a dead uPro with a new/used/reconditioned unit? I really liked mine and now it won't turn on. Battery is file but charging lights (red or blue) won't light up. Won't power on either. Charging cord works fine on another device.
  14. You young Fellas... Jack"s 1967-8 MacGregor VIPs made playing Wilson Staff blades "game improvement" clubs. Raymond Floyd's early Bridgestone J-driver, the "Professional Weapon", was the most difficult to hit driver ever built. Consider taking a modern driver, turning it upside down and sticking a shaft into the sole. All the weight in the crown makes for consistent worm burners...
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