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  1. hello, has anyone played it recently? Was curious how swampy the course has been lately.
  2. Would you recommend tpc stadium or raptor grayhawk? We have time for one round.. and have only played tpc champion. thank you in advance
  3. This is exactly the type of feedback I was looking for. Thank you
  4. Hi guys, which terra lago course is better, and is that a better choice over LQ mountain?
  5. Would you guys rather play pelican south or oak quarry if prices were the same?
  6. I'd love to but pretty sure can't persuade the group to cancel Bandon lol, you guys have some beautiful courses in central oregon
  7. had no idea, but thank you for the heads up spud
  8. Hi guys, going to bandon in April and planning to play Pronghorn on the last day before heading up,, are there any better choices to play on the way up keeping course conditions in mind in April? and do you guys have any bucket list type courses we should play on the way down from Seattle? played nearly all courses in WA so maybe something cool in portland. I've played pumpkin, langdon and reserve. pumpkin is a swamp this time of year.
  9. Hi all, traveling to Cali in a couple weeks. Unfortunately pelican north is closed for maintenance while we’re there. Is the south still worth the price in terms of playability, conditions, views etc. thanks in advance.
  10. Which is the better course to play if you can only do one - Troon pinnacle or monument?
  11. visiting scottsdale end of Feb with few buddies and playing 4 rounds, trying to keep it relatively close and not too expensive. so far have verde, wekopa seg, tpc champions, and talking stick (spa for wives).. do you guys see any I must replace with another track? Thanks
  12. Lol $100 for 5 minutes of pictures and 10 min drive to the post office, where do I sign up?
  13. > @"Ben Berube" said: > Well done. Smart too. Honestly give these a week or two and they will be under water. Lol post of the year
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