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  1. In pretty good shape a few scratches on the bottom edges of the lenses. None of them can be seen with the glasses on. I tried to get the angle that makes them look worst. 90 obo.
  2. These came out a while ago it is in good used condition no snags fits a 460 driver nice and tight! 50 obo not really sure what they go for so if you want it just shoot me a message!
  3. I have been gaming a odessey tour design black number 4 and a ping iwi b60 for the better part of 15 years. And finally I am making a change. I have always loved wide soft bumper anser heads. This just fit the bill.
  4. The pic with the grip is the one that had me worried. I am guessing it is just a bad pic.
  5. So drunk me decided to buy sober me presents. I don’t normally buy new stuff on eBay. The guy is a long time seller on eBay. His feedback looks gtg. I am probably just being paranoid. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Bettinardi-Queen-B-5-Putter-35-w-cover-Head-in-Factory-Plastic/283989074087?pageci=ea24c101-e7ab-42aa-ae79-33b603cf7cc3#vi__app-cvip-panel
  6. Low spin bomber has the plus sign. 200g on the dot. Sound is great nice and muted. When I got this head there was a slight wave in the crown don’t know if it was a dent from prior to me or a flaw in the casting tried to capture it, but it is very very minor. Never effected me playing it. There are also a few scratches. Also a small amount of epoxy residue.at the hosel. Nothing that can be seen from address. Tried to take good pics. 100 obo shipped and paypaled.
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