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  1. This post here. The rest of the thread is just noise, frankly. Interesting noise, but noise nonetheless. I would take issue with one point though. They get a good year's worth of butt kissing corporate sponsors in. They just do it over the course of one week.
  2. Guys in the midwest forum who have played it. Just struck me as odd, is all. Haven't played it, just going by things I have read.
  3. Heck I have heard that one of the "foundations" that promotes a certain segment of health makes $100 million from "certifying" products as consistent with promoting the health of the particular issue.(Don't want to name cause they wouldn't be the only ones, just using an example that that stuff is bought and paid for.) I know a former GM whose course went from off to on to off again on one of those lists, Said it was completely related to the number of comps he handed out.
  4. Looks like there was some consideration to courses that advertise heavily. Both courses of the Loop at Forest Dunes? Most reviews I've seen have said the one direction is much weaker than the other. Many resorts with multiple courses have multiple courses on the list. Haven't known too many resorts that have had all their courses be that strong. And any list that We Ko Pa Saguaro does not make is suspect at its core.
  5. The advice on calories is the surest if losing weight is your goal. Go for days on bread and water and watch what happens. Not saying it's the right way to do it, but it's food intake far more than anything else. But MtlJeff touched on something as well. What is your goal, really? Is it simply the scale, or is it body composition? Ie., are you looking to be 220 again, or would a built 240 be ok? a 3x3x3" cube of fat weights far less than the same amount of muscle. Replacing fat with muscle won't help the scale necessarily, but it will look and feel better. The guy I point people to, Mark Rippetoe, boils his strength program and nutrition to this: If you're skinny, you drink a gallon of milk a day, lift, and when you've reached the end of the novice program, you cut back on the intake. If you aren't skinny, you eat clean, and lift, and you will see the comp change significantly, even if the scale doesn't necessarily do the same. If you are lifting heavy, you need to eat a ton to get big, because that is how much it burns. If lifting isn't an option/choice, and you are bound and determined it will be cardio, a couple of other options would be to run hills(run up, jog/walk back down, repeat until you do whatever number you do), or push a prowler(weighted sled). You put enough weight on there, you won't be running, but you will feel as though you have run through a wall. If you are near a sand dune that is 20-30 feet tall, that will be great for repeats, or any decent incline will do. Plus they will be easier on the joints than doing all those miles. My 11 cents, anyway.
  6. Somehow I don't think that will get pulled off. Australia is probably a 30% chance of happening. Who knows what will happen with China. Heck who knows what will happen with our Canadian race. Strange that they didn't work Miami and Canada into the same trip. China, Miami, Spain..... then after Monaco, Azerbaijan, Canada, Silverstone. ??? I know they came to Canada as a one off before, but making a second trip in the spring seems .... suboptimal. I don't know what I think of triple headers. Nice on one hand to have races, but they also air while I'm on the course April-October, so.... wouldn't be upset with a little more spreading out. Interesting they don't seem to know if they will race at Paul Ricard or Imola. Wonder what they deciding factor will be.
  7. Don't let Ferguson see this. I was torn watching that on record. It was great to see him winning again, but part of me wanted a competition, and not a procession. I have no idea what he was thinking on that par 5. That could have been an 8 very easily.
  8. Whether I agree with you or not is secondary to the fact you changed your avatar, and that is just wrong.
  9. Yup. I've been called names for saying that if the organizers thought a "lefties vs righties" format would bring in more money, you would see that change. The money is the reason it isn't going to go away. Very few people's lives would be seriously affected. Some players, and a few suits who need these events to give them the opportunity to like they are important. WAGS who would have to actually shop for a fall wardrobe rather than have it given to them. Oh, and the port-a-potty contractors would lose a lot of business. It would be a crappy thing to do to them.
  10. Actually I hadn't. Topics = Forums. Thank you. That is a great tutorial.
  11. I have to admit, it's only the last few years I've even heard of the "simply split the bill" thing. Maybe I didn't attend enough group settings or something, but everything I always went to, I paid my own, and people paid their own. I assume this person's invite will "accidentally" get lost next time?
  12. I was just wondering if the last part of Hass was a freudian slip...
  13. Ok, not sure where I read that. Or maybe I imagined it. Btw, are you purposely spelling his name wrong?
  14. Actually, apparently the Nascar Haas and F1 Haas are not the same. The principals may be related, I can't recall, but they aren't the same team like McLaren. (At least, I could swear I read that somewhere.) I don't know that F1 is much more after the top few guys though. Based on https://racingnews365.com/formula-1-driver-salaries-2021 only a handful make significantly more than what they can make in IndyCar. And currently you aren't racing as many times in IndyCar as F1, and it's all within NA. Unless you're offered one of those big contracts, I can see why a guy may not find F1 all that attractive.
  15. American or not, they haven't been very successful. And while I think F1 is somewhat stacked against newbies beyond the normal growing pains type stuff, they still haven't made inroads. There was a good discussion somewhere where the question was asked, why would an American driver want to deal with all the stuff involved in F1 when they are probably making very good bank in IndyCar, and not dealing with 15+ different countries? Yes there is the "prove yourself stuff", but given the politics, etc., as well, you likely have a ride in IndyCar. As for Mazepin, pops isn't sending him anywhere, IMHO. If he weren't related, maybe, but I can't see it. Closest I could see is buying the whole team, getting one driver who could contend(if they get the car right), and then keeping his son in the other car. Just can't see it.
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