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  1. Worst part is, we have to be careful talking about politics here(which is fine), but GC is making very hard with their "programming" decisions.
  2. I'm all for removing the hat, but I think an additional sign of respect is to not run your hand through your sweaty hair just before you shake the guy's hand. Although who knows if the handshake will ever return to any great degree. Seems like a fist bump doesn't merit removing the hat.
  3. I don't know what restrictions, etc., are in place regarding other activities, but North Myrtle Beach might be worth a look. I didn't get to play when I was there, but you can locate in a spot where you don't have to drive very far at all to hit a course. But if some things are open, you can head into MB proper for some non-golf activities.
  4. I'd be ok with watching finals rounds from older majors(and not just ones won by you know who). They were doing it somewhat ok this past year, but only around particular majors. I enjoyed watching the PGA championship from 1974, US Open that same year, some in the 80s. I don't know how much it actually costs to air those, but it would have to be at least as much a ratings puller as reruns of the stuff they are showing.
  5. Wouldn't that mean the American Express being co-sanctioned by the ET? I don't believe it is. I think he is missing out on points/money, but maybe he wants to focus on the FCG this year?
  6. Careful, you'll get Charles Martin after you. Or at least get fined.
  7. Hawkeye, you are such a cynic, and you are way off. People email or text these days. Get with the times, old man!!
  8. You want to feel bad for someone, how about Terry Gannon. Dude is on Maui last week, then yesterday, after I stopped a recording, the channel was on NBC. Figure skating. And whose voice do I hear? What punishment is he serving?
  9. I love the 17th at this place. Drivable par 4 but lots of risk for the reward.
  10. I was more making fun of John Wood referring to Steve Sands as "Sandsy" rather than Steve, as you know, most professional broadcasters do. * *The exception is when the nickname is so ubiquitous people wouldn't have a clue who the guy is. I.e. Bones.
  11. Watching a bit more of last night's tournament broadcast, and wondered why don't try to get Sandsy's input on the thread subject.
  12. So if I want to know I've been quoted, I have to deal with all the "reactions" as well? That's too bad.
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