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  1. What was the guy's name, under2hrs? He would not approve of your time taken to play that round. He would cite you for slow play.
  2. I'm sure the 20 seconds included the foreplay.....
  3. It's only an outlier if you believe you can't do this consistently.
  4. I was skimming, and thought I saw Gucci at first... Burton. Ok, that is better....
  5. Would that be considered golf bedazzling? Sometimes the bling is what gets things over the top.
  6. I've installed with air for the last couple years, and no problems so far. I use NDMCs, and a trick from a clubmaker for those types of grips(may work with many others?) Poke two little holes in the the rubberized lower portion of the grip. The little holes do not affect performance at all, but they do allow just enough air out so that they don't balloon. I'll let others decide if I simply trust a master clubmaker, or personal experience. Grips go on in about 5 seconds. A little soapy water on the end to start them, and away we go. I personally leave them to "return to normal size" for a few hours before I swing with them, as they are ever so slightly expanded for a moment to get them on. But as mentioned, no problems here. I am given to understand that Winn grips are not really compatible with this method.
  7. I have to admit, while I'm no fan of the number of pitchers used in games anymore(they may need to change the rule on eligibility for ERA title if this keeps up), it was pretty neat to see how the Dodgers forced Kapler into making decisions with the lineup. Still would prefer smaller roster in the playoffs so you can't keep subbing guys(does anyone double switch anymore?), but considering what was riding on the game, I was ok with it.
  8. So I posted that a couple of days ago, and completely unrelated to that post, I came across a video of a guy searching for copperheads and cottonmouths. Was looking up something else, saw a snake video, and you know how that goes.... Anyway, he was saying the stuff you said here was "a myth people believe".... that the babies can hold back as well. Not saying he is right and you're wrong, or vice versa, was just funny I came across that. I had actually forgotten about posting that until I saw you replied. All I know is baby or adult, as much as I am fascinated by snakes, I'm ok with having a glass between them and myself.
  9. Careful card, only a CEO can drop names like that.
  10. What is interesting is the talk of Colton Herta getting the seat. Supposedly it would require some kind of exemption because Herta doesn't have enough points on his superlicense. FIA rigs it so that F2, and possibly even F3(which they run) get more points than IndyCar. Talk is Liberty Media really wants an American driver and thus would pressure to make an exemption. Although I'm not sure Herta would be the guy you would want. Not saying he wouldn't be a good driver, I'm just not sure how marketable he would be. Might be a better driver than Rossi, but Rossi seems like he might be more marketable.
  11. So new TV provider and still learning the ropes. Including how to set up a manual recording so that you go beyond the programming window to catch a race that goes over the scheduled time. Inputting the wrong channel is one of those ropes apparently. So rather than coming home to see a race, I get a replay of a football game from the night before I really didn't care about. Grrr..... Buddy of mine said the race was pretty processional, but glad to see Hamilton gave some entertainment value. Hamilton is most certainly not the gracious sportsman when he doesn't win. His team makes many mistakes according to his radio.
  12. I would check on that, but I'm afraid the ump won't let anything be checked....
  13. Just curious, baby copperhead season is important why? Are they more likely to hang around? Strike at anything? After two years of not being in the southern US, I'll have to recondition myself to watching for snakes. Always like to get more educated on them.
  14. What a great announcer. First one to show me how much better a broadcast can be when announcers don't believe they are the show.
  15. Why is it that so few people seem to understand that if the members of a course don't want to deal with what comes along with hosting an event, the discussion ends there? Amazing how people are so quick to tell others what to do with their property.
  16. I wouldn't write yourself off in terms of being able to fix that. You have it in you(or you never would have played as well as you did--that wasn't luck), just a matter of finding it. Could there be some mental game work necessary? Yeah 2.5 hours is wonderful, but not very realistic after the first couple groups. Course owners have two problems: 1)they pack the tee sheet as tight as they can, thinking volume is what they need, when last year was a real life experiment showing that spacing out the tee times is what promotes good pace of play, and 2)they have this annoying mentality that if they piss off the slow group, they lose that group's business, not thinking that the 15 groups being held up are a lot more business that they will lose by tolerating the slow play. Especially now when the demand for golf is so high, I do not get why they would continue to think that way. Take a few weeks off, maybe go bowling(I just had a dream about it so, I'll say it was a sign )... and if you still don't have the itch, maybe a longer break is in order. I went about 3 years barely playing in the oughts. Getting away has its benefits as well.
  17. So one of the guys I play with has a go to prescription when guys struggle. Take 2 weeks off........ then quit. Seriously, a bit of time away will do you a world of good I am sure. Heck, being mid-October, maybe wait till next spring. You're too good a player to have suddenly completely lost it without an easy fix being the likely solution. Slow play, I don't have the answer other than pony up for a private club(which would have been a better option two years ago I am sure.)
  18. If they didn't weaken from the Tour S(which is what I have), they are great shoes. I also believe they would be the starting point if metal spikes were to ever come back. Modern technology makes for comfort.
  19. Or pay for the 4th spot. Wasn't a huge deal though. I had already played Lochenheath on that trip, which is what I really wanted to play. Been some time but I think I actually ended up better off not playing anyway. Might have gotten some rain, or something. Things happen for a reason...
  20. Oh I'm sure the positive outweighs the negative, despite how he has been portrayed. I'm just saying he put CBS in a position that you really don't want to put your employer in.
  21. Got my set Friday night, took them out today. Coming from Nike VR Pro Blades. First impressions: seem quite light. Had KBS Tour in the Nikes, have the DG 120 in these, so weight is the same there. Not uncomfortable, just lighter. Also, the launch angle seems to be much higher. The ball just jumped up off the face. Again, not a bad thing, just different. The one spot of concern, if it should be one, is I struggled to work the ball. Seemed to want to go straight off the club. I'm sure that is just a matter of getting used to the clubs. When I could take dead aim at the flag, it felt like the ball would go nowhere else but the target.
  22. I do a drill in our short game area. People laugh at me for having a shag bag, but they go quiet when I ask them if they would play with a range ball. I have older balls that I wouldn't play with anymore, but will do fine for short game practice. I put little stations of 3 balls at various distances, and I make sure there are three targets. The longest shots to back target can approach 65 yards. I hit one ball from each station with a 52*, choosing a different target so I never hit the same shot. I keep score as follows: -1 point if the ball misses the green, 1 point for hitting the green, 3 points for getting within 10 feet, 5 for 3 feet and in, 10 for holing out. It's not a perfect scoring system, but if I don't get near the usual score level I know something is wrong. I do that so I have a feel with all of them. Almost a guarantee I won't use the 60* from the longer distance on the course, and the 52* close in, but I want that comfort level that I have shots if I'm stuck with a club and the bag is somewhere too far to change clubs(although this why I carry whenever I can). Our course in particular has many holes where you can't really play run up shots from a distance because the ground remains soft, so I like to be able to carry all that stuff. I think the biggest thing is determine if you are more of a feel player or mechanical. If you are the latter, then the clock thing might be your thing. I just like to practice and get the feel for it.
  23. Well considering all the businesses that talk about "deepening their relationships with their clients," and "connecting with them".... you could say it's the companies' faults for that. As I said, Titleist would play the "loyalty" card. Their own corporatespeak has created the environment where someone would take it personally. As to TM, TM is marketing clubs far more than the golf ball. Titleist is 90% ball advertising.
  24. What about it? It was one thing when they jumped in the actual pond. Now, with a purpose built tank, plus the obligatory "who is all jumping in with you".... it's jumped the shark. As always, either lawyers or marketing people ruin everything.
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