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  1. How much hot melt needs to get added to these to make an acoustic improvement? Does it get to the point of diminishing returns? Would 4 grams be enough? Would going above that make a difference? Was there a sweet spot with the G400 Max?
  2. The Kaili is one of my all time favorite shafts. I wonder if this will share any similarities. I see MR70 on the blue. But, looks like a black profile too? I agree confusing. But, excited to see what comes of it.
  3. I know the SIM gets a lot of love. Rightfully so. But, I know some people who just could not get enough spin out of it. If the Sim2 is more stable and a little higher spin, it may appeal to a broader audience. Plus, the deeper face definitely puts it on my radar now. I did not care for the footprint of last year's model.
  4. I hadn't played the G400Max. But, from what I have seen the new Max and LST are pretty similar in spin? Was the 400 Max close to the 400LST in spin too? I guess I have seen nothing but glowing reviews on the stability of the head.
  5. It's an amazing shaft. I am tempted to keep it myself, haha.
  6. Haha, that’s my same thought process. The shaft upcharges are crazy low. Unfortunately I’m not in an area that has any custom fitting options. So, part of the fun is buying new stuff to try out. I did hit the G425 Max briefly and it does feel super stable.
  7. I’m kind of in the same boat. Thinking of ordering blind. Not sure how much hotmelt it will take and how much the sound can actually be improved upon with it.
  8. Yeah, I had big dreams of sticking green side shots right next to the hole. I just forgot that I didn’t care much for the really low bounce, haha.
  9. That driver looks so sweet. And the Ventus is amazing. Glws
  10. Alright guys, let's get these last few items sold! The Mavrik 4 iron is a perfect UT option. It's a stronger loft bomber. The Vokey is a spin machine. Can't find these kind of grooves anymore. Especially in a wedge that is in this kind of shape. No trades please First is the amazing Mavrik SZ Triple Diamond. 9 degree head and it’s in amazing shape. Very little wear. I took good care of her. Comes with stock weights, headcover, and wrench. SOLD Next is one of my favorite shafts. The Ventus Blue 7X. Plays at 45” in a Callaway head. Tipped 1”.
  11. Hmm. I was thinking about a Ventus too. But, I think I am going to stick with a CB shaft of some sort.
  12. Oh, cool. That's a pretty cheap option to ensure it's as close to spec as possible.
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