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  1. This has a real Mike the Situation at a roast feel.
  2. I’m here for the people who are butt hurt about someone having enough disposable income that they can buy new clubs just because they want to.
  3. I hit my friends ZX7 a few weeks ago. They launched soooo low for me. He also bent his a degree strong. But, much happier with the flight I am seeing with the TCB.
  4. I read it as he was talking about the X Forged CB.
  5. No Trades Please Feel free to PM with any questions! Thanks! Hybrid has never been hit. Still in the plastic. Stock Recoil Dart 75g F4 (Stiff Flex). Basically a bone stock setup. Asking $240 Shipped OBO Next is a Mitsubishi MMT 60S. Standard Callaway length with a stock Tour Velvet Align grip. Also just a straight stock setup. Asking $80 Shipped OBO
  6. Yet to be seen. I haven’t had 2016 pros in over a year.
  7. They’re out there. But only through certain accounts. The few I’ve seen in social media have always been one of very few sets they’ve had available. Most of them starting it was the last.
  8. The shape and profile are exactly what I was looking for. They're not as thin as blades, but they don't have a lot of junk in the trunk either. Will be putting them in play on Saturday. Still a lot of rust though. Hopefully I can get some good impressions then. I played my friend's ZX7 last week since I was waiting on these. The TCB is definitely noticeably shorter heel to toe. Offset seems similar. TCB is thinner at the top though.
  9. Oh so they have the other diamond heads available too? That’s pretty sweet. I ended up snagging the TD. One round and I want to say it feels a little more muted than the Mav TD. Seems to be a bit flatter flight too. But, it’s my form round in like 6 months. Lots and lots of winter rust going on.
  10. Man, I should have went $ Taper. Those turned out amazing.
  11. I’m coming from 130 gram steel shafts. I was soooooo close to going with mmt 105tx since they’re 113 grams. I thought it would be too much of a change. Going modus 120 this time and if they’re an easy transition, after this season, I’m going graphite even if I have to go a bit lighter.
  12. I would reach out to them before assuming they're not an option. Could just be that their site is not listing it when it should be.
  13. Good score! Our local classifieds are pretty sparse.
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