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  1. Oh, lol. That's where I got the initial one. But, I pulled it to my PC and zoomed it in. Didn't know I could do it on Getty. Rookie move Someone else mentioned a X Forged. This is obviously an Apex. Also appears to be a long iron with a screw in the toe. Wonder if it's only part of the story.
  2. October is their typical CB/MB release time. Based on an earlier tweet it looks like mid October.
  3. It looks like they have the badge covered. But, Getty images can be a great place to do some sleuthing!
  4. There are some significant differences in offset and club length. Lofts are different too. But, not a huge amount. Edit: Just realized that you very well were likely referring to the driver lineup. Having not seen the B21 driver in hand, I cannot comment on what the differences are. One is the head shape for sure as easily deciphered by looking at pictures. From what I have heard, the B21 also has a more closed face and draw bias. The slice killer as they say. But, cannot say for sure since I have not seen it in person.
  5. I can only assume that these new irons are what's being referenced in the tweet below. So, mid-October would be my best guess. Or, maybe the Reva line? I don't know. I got an email from my club that referenced a new wedge as well. So, this could be about the Mack Daddy CB too.
  6. Anyone peep some pics of the new CB yet?
  7. Oh, nice! I really like the shape on this one. Don't mind the weight. Actually think I kind of like it. I know it will turn some people off. But, it reminds me of the Adams MB's from years ago. Plus, if it means accurate swing weights on custom orders, even better!
  8. Can you speak to the finish? Do the mb and cb match in that regard?
  9. Can't find these things anywhere anymore. Anyone know where a guy can get some yellow ones?
  10. Not with the Apex MB and X Forged. They're typically early October.
  11. 1. Large 2. Kirkland, FJ, Under Armour 3. Every 2-3 rounds 4. Durability would be the biggest thing I would change. The only reason I switched to Kirkland gloves is because they're significantly cheaper and actually last longer than any other major OEM glove I've had recently. Hate spending $20+ for a glove to stretch, rip, or have stitching come out in the middle of it's first round.
  12. It should work fine. I'm pretty sure it's the exact same adapter.
  13. I'm finding it more neutral than my standard Mavrik and hitting more fairways as a result. It goes left on bad swings. But, my draws don't seem as drastic. Mine came with a 14/5 weight combo. But, I ordered it at 44.5" hoping for more weight. Interesting that some have spec stickers on theirs. Seems to be those that ordered from places like JD's Clubs and other fitters. Mine came from Fairway Golf USA and was built by Callaway.
  14. I am on the verge of doing a bag shake up to accommodate 2-3 tee shots on some force layup par 4's. I converted to a UT a couple years ago because we get a lot of wind and I prefer the lower ball flight. But, joined a new club this year and there are 2 holes that absolutely kill my scores. They both are short par 4's that dog leg left with a giant tree at the corner taking a driver out of your hands essentially. I can get my 5 iron over the trees, but they're not long enough to get me safely to the fairway. So, I am trying to decide if I want a 2, 3, or 4H in place of my UT. I am trying
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