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  1. We don’t know that the sole is metal. They may have just decided to paint it a flat color rather than translucent to let the carbon fiber shoe through.
  2. Just painted over maybe. Just because you don't see the carbon doesn't mean it isn't there. But, could possibly be metal too. Who knows.
  3. The people like us that are clamoring to see the next driver makes up a very low percentage of their bottom line I’d imagine. I am pretty sure them waiting an extra month to shore the driver has absolutely nothing to do with it. Not everyone who wants to see it is nearly as emotional as you appear to be about it. And they’re dedicated seeing different results. It’s not like all of these new golfers are going to disappear.
  4. They'll show it when they're ready. They're showing pro shops and retailers because they're placing orders for the drivers right now. We're talking a matter of weeks until we see it. You are not entitled to see it. That's the point. It's their product and they're the ones marketing it. They want a specific message surrounding it. Now, if you think Taylormade is somehow alone in this, you are mistaken. This song and dance has been going on for years from all golf OEMs.
  5. So, I just wanted to put some of the speed gains in possible context. I haven’t hit it so not sure what I’ll see when I do. But for a little bit of anecdotal evidence, my buddy and I played a simulator round yesterday on a uneekor system. He had a ping g425 lst that he hits pretty well. I have an OG Sim. He was hovering around 160 ball speed with his driver. Handed him mine and he immediately picked up 5mph ball speed. I owned a 425lst and switched to the sim because I found the ping to be a lot shorter. So, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that someone see some significant gains depending on what they’re using now.
  6. Haha, within the rules and equivalent to what everyone else is using. Besides, if I struggle to hit fairways now, I would hate to have to play with lesser gear haha.
  7. This is kind of what I have been trying to elude to, but not as well as this haha. If, and a really big IF, they are somehow able to increase ball speed on center strikes, it would have to be in a way that "fools" the CT test. Like you said, if only some of the layers flex during the test (which isn't done at high impact speeds), but more layers are reached during a real golf swing, it could theoretically happen.
  8. Done! I mean, kind of a match made in heaven. Radispeed has a nice ring to it
  9. I am so pumped that the triple diamond will be part of the retail line rather than playing the waiting game to see if they release it or not.
  10. looks like a TM Original One edited and blurred to just cause a stir to me.
  11. I don't recall the view comment I guess. I don't doubt that some "leaks" are intentional. But, I can appreciate what goes into coming up with a marketing campaign, messaging, ads, materials. It takes time and a lot of moving pieces are involved. All brands want to be able to control their image and releases as much as possible.
  12. The “others” that are already seeing this are the ones placing orders with taylormade to fill their shops. It’s routine for the reps to go out and show off their goods ahead of time. You may know what callaway and cobra look like. But I can guarantee you at least Callaway didn’t want those pics coming out. They’ve been getting removed left and right. If it’s the first time you’ve been paying attention to other releases I understand that it may seem odd. But this song and dance has been happening for years.
  13. For sure, I completely get it and remember many marketing cycles that made some pretty bold claims. They went carbon for a reason, the CG manipulation will be interesting to see. How forgiving and stable can they make this new driver. I am a sucker for golf club tech. So, when something comes out that is radically different, I want to see what it's all about. If it's something that forces further innovation from everyone else, then all the better since the number of good options should follow suit. I guess I am trying to keep an open mind and sift through some of the obvious noise.
  14. That's what I am thinking too. And, I remember similar discussions when jailbreak was introduced by Callaway.
  15. That's a good point. If they somehow figured out a way to work around the COR test, I imagine the governing bodies would have to do something in response. They're already preparing to dial back distance it seems.
  16. Just speculation at this point which I find fun haha. It's my silly season since I can't golf and the pre-launch hype train is the majority of my golf intake lol. Could end up being just hype but maybe there is something behind it. The ball speed retention is what has the majority of my attention. Over the course of a range session, that alone could definitely improve my AVERAGE ball speed 5+mph if it's that good. People seem to be getting bent out of shape on some level. But, some skepticism is necessary to keep expectations realistic and all. Info is sparse and a lot is just I know a guy who tried it type stuff. We won't get the full run down until a lot closer to launch which sounds like it's still 2 months out. Until then, it's just fun to hear. I haven't personally noticed a level of hype like this since the original Epic line. Like I said, I am buying this driver. But, I am hanging onto my Sim just in case. It's a performer and has earned the right to be forced out of its spot in the bag.
  17. They can only share so much. If the claims hold true, we'll see it once reviews start dropping. Really looking forward for TXG to break this down.
  18. Sounds like what my buddy at our shop said. I am usually pretty tentative to get too excited about the hype train. I buy new drivers because I want to. Don't ever really expect huge changes other than maybe better feel or fit. But, there has been a lot of talk from people who've hit it and hearing it from someone I personally know and trust makes me wonder if maybe some of it may actually be true.
  19. I am skeptical, but honestly you have to be when taking in a lot of OEM marketing. But, I do still wonder about how carbon works vs titanium. Since the COR test is basically dropping a metal ball from a short distance on the face, will a carbon face react differently on full swings than a titanium face? Theoretically, they can possibly make a face that passes the COR test but still produces more ball speed. Not saying it's the case. But, who knows, it hasn't been done in modern drivers. AI and deep learning computers have changed the game in engineering.
  20. Oh, I get that 100%. I plan on playing this club. I do not expect 4-6mph more ball speed. But, with the radical change in face material, I think there is an opportunity for incremental improvements. Especially if ball speed retention across the face is true. That alone would be huge. Slight miss hit that goes as far as a centered strike? Yes please haha.
  21. The tour numbers were from a rep I assume? Likely going to be their marketing numbers they use?
  22. I think if there was a market for them to sell non conforming clubs, they'd be selling non conforming clubs. I know it's been a while, but Callaway tried that once and I don't think it sold very well. At the end of the day, I have a feeling there aren't that many golfers out there that would play them honestly. Just my opinion that it's not some large unlocked market segment.
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